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My Experience With CBD

Life · Sponsored Post · August 19, 2020

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For the past couple of years I have read a lot about CBD and the benefits of it. Of course, going through IVF and then a pregnancy it’s not something I looked into until after Charlotte was born. I want to share my experience with CBD and specifically Equilibria and give you guys an in depth look at what I use and what I think about it.

My Experience With CBD

Why Equilibria: I researched a lot of different companies and read a lot of research. What drew me to Equilibria was all of the praise I saw it get from women just like me. Sore a lot, sleep issues, anxiety. Things that I could just live with but didn’t want to. I love to work out but hate that I am sore all the time. I used to sleep great then I had kids now I hear even the tiniest noises. Anxiety? Oh gosh I have had it my entire life and throw in a pandemic and yeah. You get the idea. This is a women-owned company and a company that wants to focus on helping women. Their science is female-focused too. Everything they develop is with women in mind. Plus the quality is the best! You do not have to worry if there is anything weird in it. Everything is traceable from their farm in Colorado to the doorstep of your home! The formulation of every product is consistent and reliable!

What I use/How Often: One of the best things about Equilibria is their dosing specialists. I worked with a dosing specialist to get me started and then I checked in with her after a few weeks and she adjusted what I was taking which is when I really started to notice a difference. So you aren’t just going into it blind trying to figure out what to do and how often. Someone who is specifically trained helps you figure out the right dose FOR YOU! The right dose for you and the right dose for your best friend or sister may be completely different which is why it’s not a one size fits all situation. I started using it as needed and right now I mostly use it morning and night on my neck and shoulder. It has worked wonders. For the soft gels, I take one in the morning with breakfast. For the daily drops, I do one full dropper in the morning, one full dropper around 4 PM and sometimes a 1/2 dropper at night if I need to. I also tried their bath bombs and as someone who isn’t a HUGE bath person I loved them! I felt so relaxed doing them and they were such a little treat!

What I think/Results: I can’t sing enough praises about this company and the products. I have noticed a huge change in my sleep (I wear a Fitbit to bed and I can see how much I am waking up which is A TON LESS now). I also noticed the soreness I was feeling is much less as well. I used to have a lot of neck pain and now it’s so much better. My anxiety which I would think would have been really bad with things going up and down here in terms of COVID-19, school opening, work, kid stress etc has not been bad. I am usually a pretty anxious person and sometimes I even think “wow that would have normally made me super anxious and it didn’t.” Which I think is so great!

I would recommend Equilibria to anyone looking to help their sleep, muscle soreness, anxiety, and just overall feeling. I think the company really aims to help women and talking to a dosing specialist really helped me understand not only what I needed to take, but understand why with the timing.

If you go here and use the code neelykins you can get a great deal 15% off your first order!!! I really think anyone who tries it will love it like I do. If you are skeptical I get it. I was too. I remember thinking “well this is probably not going to help me at all.” But you guys I was SO VERY WRONG. It really has and now I can’t imagine not using it!

Is CBD something you have looked into? Do you plan to give Equilibria a try?


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  • 9 thoughts on “My Experience With CBD

    1. Stephanie

      I haven’t heard of this brand before, but my dad, who had melanoma a couple of years ago and has bad anxiety and muscle soreness, swears by it now! He had to stop working out when going through his treatments, and it changed his entire body since he was always at the gym. He uses the CBD through Young Living since my whole family uses their oils. I hadn’t thought about it for myself, but I also get stressed easy, especially now with school being so unknown for my kids and everything else going on.

    2. Beth Berger

      I’ve been researching CBD products recently and this is one of the brands that I kept seeing come up as one people love. I didn’t realize that it was women-owned. Bonus! Thanks for sharing your experiences with the products. 🙂

    3. Stephanie

      I’ve been hearing a lot about this brand, and it definitely makes me want to try it for myself. I really love using CBD oil for multiple things, but I haven’t tried this particular line. I know they’re an investment, but if they really work as well as everyone says they do, I’m sure they’re worth it!

    4. Helena Marz

      I have been hearing a lot about CBD from other people and how it helps them with their anxiety because I’ve been having bad anxiety during this pandemic. I will have to do some research on it.


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