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October Goals

Inspire · Life · October 3, 2016

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Happy October and happy half birthday to me! Is that a thing? Well y’all October is here and so is my favorite time of the year. It’s officially pumpkin time! Tomorrow we are headed out of town for our babymoon/2nd anniversary vacation and I am pumped! Fear not, there will be blog posts up every weekday! Today I am sharing my October Goals as well as a look back on my September Goals and how those turned out!

October Goals

October Goals

In September I wanted to…

  • Read 5 Books – I like the number. Yes I did! I have shared a few of them in this post.
  • Get the nursery started. Yes we did! The furniture is all here (FINALLY), the crib is assembled, most wall art is here, just needs to be hung. His letters are hung, and it’s coming together!
  • Finalize our plans for our babymoon – We leave tomorrow and yes plans are finalized
  • Finalize plans for my trip to NYC with Ashley! We are going on a girl’s trip in late October. Yes all done! We have everything planned out and we are so pumped!
  • Get 10 days ahead on posts and stay 10 days ahead on posts. For the most part this happened. I am actually about 3 weeks ahead at this point. Hopefully I can stay ahead.
  • Organize our linen closet. FAIL! I did not even attempt this.
  • Plan a day trip to Canton. I went last Friday with my friend Liz. We went last year too and it was so fun!!
  • Have a fun date night or date day with Andrew. We had lots of dates this last month. We saw two concerts, went to a movie, went out to eat a few times and even snuck in a lunch date to the new Shake Shack in Dallas.
  • Spend more time with my mom. Yes I got to see my mom a few times this month. We try to hang out once a week at least.

In October I want to…

  • Read 7 books. I feel like two trips with long plane rides can help this a lot. Especially since our babymoon is very relaxing.
  • Actually organize the linen closet.
  • Make some playroom progress
  • Figure out our holiday cards – I like to mail them the week of Thanksgiving
  • Start working on blog posts for when baby boy comes. I plan to have about 2 months of posts written. The kinds of posts that can post anytime, so I need to start on those.
  • Work on more evergreen content for the blog.
  • Outside of our trip, have at least one good fun date night with Andrew
  • Have breakfast with my dad one weekend
  • Knock some items off our pre-baby house list

Do you have any October Goals? I would love to hear them!

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  • 49 thoughts on “October Goals

    1. Teresa

      I love these goal posts so much. They inspire me so much, I think I should start a series like this on my blog too 🙂 Thanks for being such an inspiration!

    2. Jamie Dalton

      Enjoy your babymoon! This month my goal is to to find something daily to be thankful for. I know this is normally a November thing but I feel like it’s something I really need right now

    3. Julie Mason

      Enjoy this pre-baby time doing what you love and pampering yourself. The trips are a great way to just enjoy the quiet. I love your goals and look backs on last month. I need to do this.

    4. Michele

      You did an amazing job fulfilling your September goals!! I am sure you will do just as well with October–well maybe that linen closet can wait until it is a very snowy day and you can’t get out anywhere? No goals here–except maybe to try and ctch up on my reading and get ahead more on writing the revoews up–a never ending battle!

    5. Kait

      Love this! You totally inspired me to share my October goals. Something about writing them down for the world to see, makes them actually happen!

    6. Lisa @ The Merry Momma

      Wow, you are productive! Congrats on the baby to come! I definitely recommend building a stockpile of posts for after baby. I did that for my second baby, and I’m so glad I did!! It was a lot of work, but it was so much easier to do before the baby came than after!
      You are doing awesome! Keep up the good work, and enjoy your babymoon!!

    7. Emilee W

      Love this! Thanks for the inspiration this morning. Awesome job with your September goals! It sounds like you have an exciting time in store. Let us know where you end up going for your babymoon!

    8. Keating

      Great job with your September goals! I very much envy you for being able to read so much. I call it a success if I’m able to read ONE book a month lol also, how on earth do you manage to be so far ahead in your blog posts?! I scheduled out this entire week last night and it felt amazing but it just doesn’t happen every week like I’d want haha something always comes up.

      xo, Keating | Mimosas and Manicures

    9. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

      You have some great goals, girl! October is my half birthday month too!! (It’s totally a thing!) I’m hoping to get my content calendar scheduled through the end of the year. It makes writing and scheduling so much easier and quicker when I have it all pre-planned and thought out.

    10. Nellwyn

      It’s great that you’re so far ahead on blog posts! I’m usually about a week ahead but I’d like to be more like 10-14 days ahead. This October I have to submit another 10 000 words of my manuscript so that’s my main goal for now!

    11. Shann Eva

      Nice job on September! Looks like October is going to be a fun month too. Have a wonderful babymoon. I can’t wait to see pictures of the baby’s room and playroom

    12. Elizabeth Ann

      These are really great goals! I am currently working on some projects for what was our guest bedroom that will be my daughter’s new room. We have a baby boy joining our family in December and we have some things to do before he arrives! 🙂

    13. Courtney Patterson

      The biggest thing to do on my October list is to clean out old winter clothes from last year and switch out our summer clothes for fall and winter and pack everything away accordingly. This is for 3 people so it’s usually an undertaking but I’m determined to get it done!

    14. Mistle

      You did a great job at accomplishing your goals last month! Good for you for wanting to write out at least two months of blog posts before your baby. That’s awesome! Good luck on your goals this month!

    15. Terryn Winfield

      I hope you have so much fun on your babymoon! We never got to take one and I am admittedly a bit jealous when I hear of others 🙂 I love that your goals involve so much reading and family time, it tells where your priorities are.

    16. CJ from Thirty30Courtney

      Best of luck with your goals! I have quite a few but the biggest one I want to get established with is having my drafts done by the weekend so I can focus solely on promotion and social media throughout the week. Wish me luck!

    17. Pam

      You have a great list of goals and so many fun ones too. I love that you are taking a girls trip to NYC. That will be so much fun. You really are a very busy person and you still manage to read quite a few books. Good for you!

    18. Kristin

      My goals right now are just to stick with a schedule. It’s something i’ve struggled with a lot over the last few weeks and needs to happen!

    19. McKenzie Allyshia

      It sounds like you did amazing on last month’s goals! I am confident you will accomplish all of your October goals ♥ I think my main goal this month is to keep my head on straight ha ha.


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