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How To Find Inexpensive Books

Books · August 26, 2016

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I love to read. If you read my monthly goalsย posts I talk a lot about my book progress. I had a few people ask me this year where I find books that are inexpensive or free. I do not usually pay full price for a book and try to find deals where I can. I want to share my tips today for how to find inexpensive books. I think it’s super helpful for all of you wanting to do more reading and spend less money ๐Ÿ™‚


How To Find Inexpensive Books

NetGalley: This website has changed my life. A PR friend told me about it, and basically it’s a site where online influencers can sign up and request books. But they are books that have not come out yet. For instance, I had Emily Giffin’s new book 3 months before release and Colleen Hoovers 2 months before. I got to read them and then review them online. Super easy to do and fun! Plus it’s a great way to get A TON of books. Authors you love plus discover a bunch of new authors. You can download a PDF or have it sent to your Kindle or iPad. You usually find out if you get a book you request within a day or two.

Discount Book Stores: One of my favorite stores to browse in used to be Half Priced Books. I mainly use my iPad and Kindle app to read now, but discount book stores like Half Priced Books are a great way to find tons of inexpensive books. I found a bunch of great books there recently and got about 6 for under $20. I was looking for books to buy so I could donate them. They were all books that were less than a year old. That’s a great deal! Plus you can take books you’ve read there and sell them and use the money or credit to get new books.

Amazon: Obviously you can get anything on Amazon. My favorite part of Amazon is the free Kindle book section. ย There are TONS of free books, plus you can also find books in the $.99, $1.99, and $2.99 areas. Basically you can find a TON of Kindle books on Amazon without spending tons of money. I have found a lot of great stuff. Also follow my Twitter because I tweet out when my fav authors books are free or inexpensive.

Book Trades: Fun idea! Get a group of friends together. Everyone brings books they have read and you can trade. Kind of like when people do that with shoes or clothes. It’s a fun idea and a great way to find new books! Then a few months later get together and do it again! Think if you had 5-10 people how many books you could read if everyone brings 3 books.

Connect with Publishers: One of the best things I’ve done as a blogger is connect with publishing houses. I am on a lot of lists for new releases and they send me books all the time! If you are a blogger, reach out to publishing houses and let them know you are interested in reading books and reviewing them. They will send you books and most of the time you just write an Amazon book review.

I hope these tips on how to find inexpensive books were helpful! I know books can add up in price but try a few of these tips and use your money for something else!

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  • 29 thoughts on “How To Find Inexpensive Books

    1. Lori Bosworth

      Those are great tips…thanks! I hadn’t heard of NetGalley, but I’ll give it a try. Second hand stores are great places to find cheap books. I have also reached out to a few publishers when I wanted to review a particular book and that was successful too!

    2. candy

      Need to check out book trade, haven’t heard of this one. I have several friends who have similar reading tastes and we share our books back and forth.

    3. Elaine Angello

      Consider listening to books on your phone or other device. I use the Overdrive app (free) which connects me to my local library where I can download books (free). Some people may not like audio books but, you can do some serious multi-tasking if you are listening to your book via headphones off your phone!! Best part is, you still get texts and phone calls and you are able to vacuum, wash the car, exercise, shop, walk the neighborhood, etc!!! So Versatile!!! The only thing you cannot do is read, LOL!!! Reading really messes up your ability to listen to a book, oh the irony!!

    4. Sue C

      I love to read too! I bought a Kindle a few years back and have managed to acquire a huge amount of free or very inexpensive ebooks for my reader. I often get my books for free in exchange for an honest review on Amazon, which I love. Through this, I have been able to meet new authors and discover genres that I wouldn’t have read before.

    5. Rachel

      Great suggestions! I want to do more of book trading with friends! I tried a couple books on NetGalley but I still struggle big time with e-books. There’s just something about physically holding a book in your hands!

    6. Lori Ferguson at EncourageYourSpouse

      Thanks so much for the recommendations! I regularly have a few books on the go, and since we sold our house and started traveling in your RV two years ago, my Kindle is always at hand. (I love paper books, but don’t have the room in our 282 square foot house-on-wheels!)

      So far I’ve had great success with using BookBub – that might be another resource to add to your list.

      I’ve headed over to NetGalley to sign up, and already have a book waiting to be read. Awesome sauce! Thank so much!

    7. Hannah Stein

      Love this! NetGalley sounds amazing and I’ll definitely be looking into it. I’m part of something similar called Online Book Club and you get books for free to review and some of them even pay as well. I’m also a huge fan of the library ๐Ÿ™‚ Even though you don’t get to keep them haha.

    8. Emily

      I had not heard of NetGalley either! I have done a review through a publisher in the past , but am on my own now as opposed to a team of writers. So, I feel like NetGalley could be perfect for someone like me. And… You’ve inspired me to get nack out there and email those publishers. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

    9. Becky @ Disney in your Day

      Great tips! As a librarian I also want to add something. Most libraries have a used book sale (either continuously going on or at certain times during the year) and you can find a lot of great options there, usually for $1 or less. A lot of times you’ll find previous bestsellers (libraries buy multiple copies when they come out but then when they’re not as popular anymore they get rid of the extras), travel guides from a year or two ago, or even brand new books that were donated to the library but they don’t need for the collection for whatever reason!

    10. Babita

      We are a family of readers. The favorite places to buy inexpensive books is the library, garage sales and Flea Markets. However, I would love to check out NetGalley.

    11. Mar

      I’m a big fan of Blogging for Books. The titles can be hit or miss, but I’ve also found some great new books that I have shared with others.

    12. Elizabeth O

      I’m familiar with all of those options and also got a ton of review books when I was teaching. I’m a reader and over the years, I added Kindle and Audible to the mix. ๐Ÿ™‚

    13. gloria patterson

      I to am a BOOK PERSON! You never can have to many books, just think if you were snowed in and ran out of books…….. not going to happen to me. Love to get free or discounted books…….

      have to admit thrift stores are my favorite place to get books some times you get a bag full for $2.00


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