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Pregnancy Weight Gain: Body After Baby

Fitness and Health · Life · Mom Stuff · May 4, 2017

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I have spoken on the blog many times about my struggles with gaining weight, losing weight, and my body image. This is something that has been a huge issue with me for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if I have ever felt 100% comfortable in my body. My biggest struggle with being pregnant was not waking up to pee 500 times a night, or heart burn, or any of that. It was gaining weight. At first the weight came on really fast. Then before I knew it I was 8 months pregnant and I had gained 50 lbs. YES 50. The day I gave birth I was close to 60 lbs that I gained. Mind you I also gained about 15 lbs doing fertility treatments, which is completely normal. This means I had 75 lbs to lose. 75!!!! Pregnancy weight gain has been hard but here is my plan.

pregnancy weight gain

Pregnancy Weight Gain: Body After Baby

What was hardest with all of this is that throughout my pregnancy I worked out 5-6 days a week, had a green smoothie daily, ate very very well most of the time and really tried to stay healthy. My Dr told me that some women no matter what just gain weight. It just happens. You guys I cried more about my weight than anything else during pregnancy and it was really hard. I can’t tell you how many breakdowns I had in our closet trying to get ready to go somewhere and hating everything.

After I had Liam I dropped 15 lbs in the hospital right away. Another 15 lbs came off within the first few weeks.

I made a decision in my pregnancy that I was going to do Weight Watchers after. I did a lot of research and spoke to a few friends that raved about it. People loved that you didn’t deprive yourself and could eat pretty much what you wanted you just tracked points. I am someone who lives off crap like that. Back in 2010 I lost 20 lbs in about 3 months doing MyFitnessPal and working out. I also cut out all processed foods and fast food. It was so easy! I loved being able to track my food and felt a sense of accomplishment, so I knew Weight Watchers was for me. Plus, Andrew was on board to eat healthy with me. He wasn’t trying to lose weight but he was all for us eating healthy dinners. I have been on WW for about 10 weeks and so far I have lost a good amount of weight and I am actually really loving it! It’s going a bit slower than I would like, but with some tweaking of different foods and strategies I feel like it’s working well.

I also had a plan in mind for workouts. I was going to walk with the baby every single day because I love walks. I was going to go back to the gym as soon as I was cleared to workout. My trainer was putting a plan together and we were gonna go big! We have an at home gym as well so that wasn’t going to be an issue. Basically I had my husbands love and support to do whatever I needed to feel good again. So far I have managed to work out 6 days a week with an active rest day on Sundays (aka long walks). I have been doing barre twice a week, training once a week, and workouts on my own the other days. Even when Liam has been sick I have managed to get in a workout at home.

I know in my heart that a number doesn’t define me. I know that fitting into that one pair of shorts or that one dress doesn’t define me. But I also know I am a happier person when I feel good about myself.

I am still really new to this process so I do plan to update you guys, but this is my plan. I really hope I can be back to my happy weight soon and feel great about myself. I also plan to do in depth posts about Weight Watchers and my experience as well as workouts post baby and what that’s like. Spoiler alert…it’s hard.

Did you have any weight gain struggles ever? 

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  • 28 thoughts on “Pregnancy Weight Gain: Body After Baby

    1. Em

      I have an 18 month old and I definitely understand the struggle. My body hated pregnancy which was awful during the pregnancy (gestational bronchitis?! Preeclampsia?! Multiple overnight hospital stays?! All leading to an induction I was lucky to get to) but resulted in dropping the 50+ pounds really quickly, partly due to breastfeeding. While I got lucky there, I did gain back some weight when I stopped nursing and at first it was really hard. However, my saving grace has been focusing on healthy habits, and most of all realizing that my body,, however difficult it was, conceived, birthed, and sustained a human for about two years and regardless of what it looks like now, that’s pretty damn impressive. It’s so easy to get caught up in weight and appearances (guilty!!), but by focusing on the accomplishes, I can at least appreciate where I am while seeking to be my healthiest self – not necessarily the lightest or thinnest. It was a really hard shift in mindset that I work on everyday, but is slowly paying off. I’m glad you’re happy with your results so far, but please feel free to reach out for help with your struggles or email me if you need any encouragement or support! Your body has done amazing things and is perfect just as it is and I can guarantee that your sweet babe loves you just the way you are. It is admiral you want to improve, but please don’t forget how truly miraculous it is already. You are not alone and thank you for being so open.

    2. Amanda

      Oh sista! I can so relate! I gained 75 pounds with my twins and 50 with my singleton and like you I worked out and ate right during pregnancy. I did all of the things! You know that you should do….. 😉 The struggle was real after both pregnancies, but it was possible. It took time, but it happened. I lost the weight! Your body has done some amazing things mama! It will come off. Things and parts 😉 may not go back the way you think they should, but they do go back and you will be so amazed by your body. You are a bad ass! Thank you for sharing your story! Helps women know they are not alone in the struggle.

    3. Chelsea

      I feel you. The number doesn’t define me by it hurts the confidence level. I have been working hard to focus on wellness over the numbers.

    4. Brooke

      Good on you for putting a plan into place!
      I can totally relate. Although I didn’t gain a huge amount of weight in my pregnancies I did struggle with my body image in the months following the births with the weight that I did gain and the changes in my body.
      It’s so hard living in a looks-obsessed society!
      I think you’re doing so well to be able to recognise you may not be happy with your body but you are choosing to follow a good plan that will get you to that place. Keep up the good work 🙂

    5. ejnosillA

      I can remember with my eldest child that I gained around 50 lbs with her and with my youngest… twins… I lost weight. My doctor kept asking me was I on a diet because I could not gain weight and I was eating everything and anything that I could get my hands on. So we knows.. thanks for sharing!

    6. Sade Lee

      I struggle with my weight, or more the image that i view my weight in. Im always torn between how much i love food and how i wish i could lose a few Kg’s. This post has given more some motivation, we have started a slow program and I hope to become more determined in reaching my weight goals. Thanks for a great post x

    7. Kaycee

      Girl, I hear you!!! I think I gained 50-60 pounds with my first and most of it was at the end due to some pregnancy health issues. The sucky thing was that I lost weight (probably due to breastfeeding & eating somewhat well) and was very close to pre-pregnancy weight, but with some other family & life changes I started gaining weight back and put back on 25 pounds. My brother got married when I was 8 months postpartum & an older relative looked at me and straight up said “You’re much bigger. You were skinny when you got married.” (Which was 4 years prior) I wanted to cry….like seriously?!!! Thankfully my aunt overheard & jumped right in and said “She just had a baby.” (Like in the give her a break sort of way). But, from that point, I was so self-conscious and would just cry when clothes didn’t fit anymore. Of course, as life started settling down & I started working a plan to lose some baby weight, I got pregnant again, lol. This time around, I have a plan for postpartum weight loss & control… and I’m trying not to put a number on anything. I just want to feel good and healthy and get energy back! The struggle is so real with postpartum weight!

    8. Lauren @ Oh Hey! I Like That!

      Weight Watchers has been the only diet that has helped me throughout the years! I lost 22 pounds the first time I did it and 26 the second time! Once I have this baby girl, I’m sure that I’ll be back on the WW train!

    9. Leslie Soto

      You are beautiflu no matter what but I know how you feel. Loosing weight is so hard. I struggle with it all the time. Before I got married in 2015 I was on fire with working out , eating well and loosing weight but since then, it’s been a struggle.

      Keep doing the amazing work girl! You’ll meet your goal soon with your determination!

    10. Divya

      Oh lady, I am right there with you. Only without a child to show for it. Haha. Weight has always been an issue in my life and I’ve always tied my worth to the number on the scale. As much as I try not to. As much as I convince myself not to, it’s a sub-conscious thing that may never completely disappear.

      I think my weight training over the past month has helped me feel stronger which has definitely helped in my overall confidence. (It didn’t help on the scale, but that’s a whole other issue!)

      Good luck with WW 🙂 It’s such a solid program and I completely believe in it. It’s the one thing I’ve done for weight loss that hasn’t had me feeling deprived!

    11. Lindsay at Hot Mess, Cool Day

      I am constantly always struggling to lose weight. I was overweight when I got pregnant with my first and managed to get down to the smallest I had been since HS (!!!) when she was about 10 months old. I soon after found out I was pregnant again. I was excited, but also cried to my husband, “But I just got skinny!” After having my son, I managed to drop the weight fairly quickly (probably because he was a breast feeding machine!), but then gained a lot back after he weened a year later. I’m currently trying to lose whatever you call this weight I’ve put on (he’s 2 now, so not baby or weening weight!), and it’s so odd how it settles differently after kids/later on in life.

    12. Erica Valentin

      I gained 65 lbs (yikes) with kid # 1 and she came out at 6lbs 9 oz and kid number 2 I gained only 25 lbs and he was almost a lb heavier than the first ….so every pregnancy really is just so different

      Drink lots of water though because sometimes we mistake thrirst for hunger

      Erica Valentin

    13. Brittany Ferrell

      First of all, thank you for sharing because it is hard to talk about body issues! I had the opposite problem during pregnancy where I struggled to gain weight because of my epic morning sickness. I look at my body totally differently after pregnancy. I have scars from infertility issues and oh goodness, I do not even know how to describe the deflated balloon situation after breastfeeding, but then I think…this body did something amazing! I try to keep it perspective, but it is not always easy!

    14. Kristin

      With my first I ate horribly, didn’t care and only gained 25lbs… my second I ate so well, was soooo incredibly careful, kept moving and gained 42lbs. I’m 8 months pp and 3lbs away from getting rid of it, I have def. struggled though!

    15. Neha Saini

      I have seen ladies getting worried about their sudden weight gain after pregnancy. This is a great article.

    16. Adriana Lopez

      I praise you girls that are moms, that after pregnancy weight gain is very difficult to get rid of. Everyone with this problem should read yoru article very helpful even for people that need just to lose weight.

    17. Rachel R Ritlop

      I haven’t had a baby yet, but am so nervous about this! My mom was 80 lbs heavier after delivering me than before! She said she lost like 30 lbs a week and the doctor was like “Are you eating?” so while I’m not happy about the weight gain potential, at least it should melt off (we have similar metabolisms).

    18. Annemarie LeBlanc

      Before I got pregnant with my first child, I weighed only 110 pounds. Then I ballooned to 154 pounds into my 35th week of pregnancy. 44 pounds weight gain, and my baby was only 7 pounds at birth. Can you imagine the struggle to try and lose all that weight?! Oh my, at least I was able to come within a few pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight. I was not advised to gain weight post pregnancy because I was still a bit on the heavy side for a few months.

    19. Marielle Altenor

      Both of my pregnancy were weird regarding weight. I started out at 150 with both, and by the second month, I had lost over 20lbs due to horrible Hyperemesis gravidarum. With my son, I ended up in the hospital for a week. Weight gain while pregnant has never been an issue for me. It’s the one year AFTER that is scary. I gained all the baby weight back, and now I’m struggling to lose 10lbs. Maybe I should get pregnant again lol (jk morning sickness is no joke!!)

    20. Darby Hawley

      So proud of your dedication…..I’m soooo far behind you there. And I’m sorry you just NEVER looked like you can’t that weight while preggo. You LOOKED and STILL look so teeny to me!

    21. Southern & Style

      I have heard so many people rave about doing Weight Watchers! Would you consider doing a post on it? Maybe tips for starting out, why you picked it, meal/snack ideas on it, etc.? I would love to know more!

      xoxo, SS

      Southern And Style

    22. katriza

      Our bodies go through SO much! I struggle loving my post-baby body but I’m okay now, as long as my boys and I are healthy! Though I do still need to lose a few pounds!


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