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5 Ways To Find Motivation (When You Can’t)

Inspire · Life · May 5, 2017

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Do you ever wake up and just feel bleh? I am talking ZERO motivation to do anything. Or maybe around mid day you just want to call it quits, lay down, and a take a nap. We all have those zero motivation days. Today I am sharing 5 ways to find motivation when you can’t because we’ve all been there but there’s no need to dwell on it!

ways to find motivation

5 Ways To Find Motivation (When You Can’t)

  • Change Your Surroundings: It can be easy to lose motivation if you are stuck in a dark room. Or even stuck inside. A good way to find motivation is to change it up. If you work from home and feel like you can’t focus maybe pack up and head outside if the weather is nice. If not maybe head to a coffee shop or restaurant to work. If you work in an office, maybe take a break and go outside for 10-15 minutes. Walking around can really help you relax and then be able to find the motivation to finish your work.
  • Make A List: I find that having a daily to do list really helps me find motivation. I make a daily to do list and add pretty much everything that needs to get done that day from work stuff, to home stuff, to errands and more. I find that if I am losing focus or motivation and I take a look at my to do list and find one thing I can accomplish it helps. That one thing turns into two and three and then I am motivated!
  • Refocus: Sometimes giving yourself 5 or so minutes to read an article, play around on social media, or watch a YouTube video can help you refocus. You take a good break plus if you read something informative you can refocus on that for a bit. Then get back to your work!
  • Check Your Goals: I make a monthly goals list on my blog. If I am feeling a lack of motivation, I check my goals list and find something I can work towards. If I have already met my monthly goals I look at my yearly goals.
  • Work Out: When all else fails, work out! I do my workouts first thing in the morning, but if I need to find some motivation doing a 10 minute ab workout, or going for a brisk walk, can really help. You get moving and your endorphins kick in!

What ways to find motivation do you use? Do they help?

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  • 39 thoughts on “5 Ways To Find Motivation (When You Can’t)

    1. Shirley Corder

      Hi Neely. The one way that helps me stay motivated is my daily “diary” which I update every night. I climb into bed and reach for my diary. I tick off the things on my list that I’ve done, and draw an arrow through the things I haven’t and reschedule them. I then compile a list for the next day. Today I published the next chapter of my cancer journey after a break.

    2. Robin Rue

      Love your tips. I usually get up and walk away. Doing something else really helps and then I can focus more when I get back.

    3. Kristin Cook

      You are speaking my language today!
      For the past week or maybe even two, I have ZERO motivation. I have only published one post instead of my usual three and I have slack on EVERYTHING. Today is the first day I have some pep back in my step, and I came to a coffee shop to make sure it stays that way. Thanks for the ideas!

    4. ejnosillA/RedefiningHERstory

      One way I find motivation is to call upon a friend to give me that friendly pick me up… but you do have some great ideas. I have found that I have lost my motivation on completing my thesis and it could be because I am at the end and really burnt out… I will try to implement some of your suggestions in my daily routine. Thanks for sharing!

    5. Rachel

      It’s amazing how much changing your surroundings can motivate you! I think taking a step back and recharging is so helpful too!

    6. Adriana Renee

      I’m starting grad school on Monday and it’s so hard to find motivation to read and do homework again! I am definitely going to change my surroundings and maybe try new coffee shops to make my regular to work at!

    7. rebekah

      My list and my goals definitely keep me motivated!! I get lost when I don’t have them together, which is why I’ve kinda been floating the last few weeks. Nothing beats that post workout high either. Great list, Neely!!!

    8. Leslie Soto

      Girl! These tips are speaking to my soul. I’ve been struggling so hard with motivation lately. I have so much content I want to out out there and so many home projects (which are being put on hold because my hubby & I are in the process of buying a new house) but I can’t find the motivation.

      I’m definitely going to work on applying these tips in my daily life. Thank you girl for always being so honest and motivating!

      Happy Weekend!

    9. Trish

      Great suggestions! I find making a list really helps a lot. It keeps me on target with work and I feel motivated when I am able to cross things off the list!

    10. Alexa

      I love the check your goals tip…

      For the last 7 weeks, I’ve been working out 5 days a week (I did gymnastics for 10 years so my body is used to taking a beating) and on the mornings that I don’t feel like getting up, I literally go to my “perfect bodies” pinterest board and scroll through… I can’t even tell you how quickly I jump out of bed hahaha.

    11. Jaime

      Making lists is one of the best things I do to help find motivation. Especially with a little one who occasionally doesn’t sleep at night, I need some serious motivation! Exercise is also a great motivator.

    12. Kristi

      Thanks for these tips – it’s true a list does help me stay on track and lately I have been needing that extra motivation – my workouts are a big help, too

    13. Rosey

      A brisk walk does help. Being outside does too. Nature makes me happy, especially if the weather is awesome.

    14. Chelsea Pearl

      Definitely pinning this post because I often struggle with this. But I will admit, for me it definitely begins along the lines of your blog name… it starts with coffee!

    15. Southern & Style

      As a teacher, the end of the year is the hardest for me! My poor students have checked out too-so I think this week (since we only have two more full weeks before finals!) we’re going to have a change in our surroundings. I think having class outside will definitely perk everyone up and help us find some motivation to finish strong 🙂

      xoxo, SS

      Southern And Style

    16. Hannah

      I make lists and goals too, sometimes to get motivated I tell myself that there is a reward after I finish a certain task such as having my favorite drink or watching an episode of my latest netflix show.


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