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Productivity Tips For Working Moms

Inspire · Mom Stuff · May 17, 2019

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Being a mom is hard. Working is hard. Being a working mom is HARD! I had someone recently tell me they felt like I always had it together and got everything done. Oh gosh not true AT ALL! I feel like most of the time I barely have it together and I never get everything done. But I do think I have a good grasp on productivity tips for working moms, so today I am sharing mine.

Productivity Tips For Working Moms

  • Make lists: I swear I will mention this a million times because I think lists are insanely important. I truly don’t know how people know what to do each day or remember tasks without them. Especially moms. We are SO BUSY. Trying to make sure everyone’s stuff is taken care of requires lists.
  • Talk to your partner: I think communicating with your partner about daily/weekly expectations, things coming up, things you need help with etc is so important for productivity.
  • Schedule EVERYTHING: I mean EVERYTHING! I schedule everything we do, anything I need to do, workouts, etc. It’s just so helpful to see it in a calendar.
  • Time block: I do this specifically for work. For example when I need to work on scheduling social media I will block out 45 minutes to find articles and schedule tweets. Then 30 minutes to pin, then another hour to write a blog post. Etc. This is also helpful if you have a lot of household tasks that need to get done as well.
  • Give yourself a break at some point: At some point you will you need a break. You have to fill your cup too. So this may mean a workout class, a walk around the neighborhood, sitting with a coffee and reading for 30 minutes. Whatever it is take a little break for yourself.
  • Meal Prep/plan: I personally find that meal prepping and planning saves us SO MUCH time and arguments about what to have, what we need etc. We plan each Friday night for the next week. Then Saturdays we grocery shop so we have our staples, and anything we need for meals. This also saves us a ton of money because since we aren’t wasting food.
  • Lay out clothes/prep lunches: Each night I lay out my clothes, Liam’s clothes, and I make Liam’s lunch. This is SO CRUCIAL for my morning sanity. I don’t have a ton of time in the morning before Liam wakes up so the fact that his lunch is made and I just need to pop it in his lunch box with an ice pack is great. I also meal prep his breakfasts so I just need to put them together real quick. Having his clothes laid out is helpful because it’s just one less thing to worry about, same with mine.
  • Delegate: This is something I am not great with. Usually I melt down and Andrew is like “why didn’t you ask for help?” So I am trying to be better about telling him what I need help with, hiring a babysitter when I need a few hours to get stuff done, etc. Delegating is crucial.

I would love to know what productivity tips for working moms you have! Share below! 

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  • 15 thoughts on “Productivity Tips For Working Moms

    1. Stephanie

      Lists, schedules, and time blocking have made the greatest impact for my family. My husband and I both work from home, so it’s the best way for us to make sure we both get time to get everything done and have someone watching the kids when needed, too.

    2. Kelly Daniel

      I love this list so much! I think open communication with your partner is so key. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t rely on my husband or being able to share with him some of the responsibilities. It’s hard to do it all and having his help makes all the difference!

    3. marjiemare

      I definitely needed an empowering post like yours. Lately, I feel like I am dragging and falling behind for everything. Thanks for sharing.

    4. pooja Malkani

      These are some amazing tips! it does get difficult for moms to work and focus on children. I love the idea about delegating and prioritizing your work. I usually delegate things and this allows me to spend some time with my little one

    5. Nati

      Your suggestions are so good! I also schedule EVERYTHING! But I fail at giving me a break… which I always end up taking because I really need it, and I find myself having to reschedule a task, every single time! I’m good at delegating though!

    6. Christa

      There are so many great tips here! I am a huge fan of scheduling. A little bit of planning saves a lot of time and stress.

    7. Dinka

      Although I’m not a mum I follow most of these tips otherwise I would drown in chaos of unfinished tasks. Excellent tips for everyone I would say!

    8. Holly

      Thanks for the tips. It’s hard to stay on top of everything sometimes as a working mom. I love meal prep.. IT saves so much time.


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