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A Week Of Podcasts

Life · May 15, 2019

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You all know I love podcasts! I have written about them TONS of times. In fact you can find them all here. I am doing something a little different today. I am sharing a week of podcasts. I am breaking it down day by day as to what some of my favorite podcasts I listen to each day! I do have podcasts I love that randomly come out so the day and week aren’t always consistent so I am just sharing the consistent ones today.Ā  I hope you find some new ones to listen to! Please note I do not have ones that come out on Friday’s or Saturday’s womp womp!

A Week Of Podcasts

Sunday: True Crime All The Time, How I Built This, Getting Off

  • I tend to listen to these on Mondays during my drives to and from school with Liam, at the gym or running errands. It’s a very true crime heavy day.Ā  I also LOVE how I built this to hear about how companies started. My favorites are Bobbi Brown, Glossier, and Peloton.

Monday: And The Oscar Goes To, Girls Gotta Eat, Long Story Short, Crime Junkie, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd.

  • Every other Monday, And The Oscar Goes To comes out and they pick a different year and dissect the movies from that year. It’s really fun if you are a movie fan. Long Story Short is Bobbi Browns podcast and it’s so fascinating to hear her interview different people. Girls Gotta Eat I am new to but I have been binging it. It’s hysterical.

Tuesday: The Glossy Podcast

  • This is a really fun podcast about the world of influencers, designers, fashion, and more.

Wednesday: Bad On Paper, Asking For A Friend, Girl boss Radio, Real Crime Profile, Getting Off

  • Bad on paper is one of my favorites! It’s by Grace Atwood of The Stripe and she and Becca have the most amazing guests on! I love hearing what they are reading, and love the insight. Asking for a friend is Lauren Conrads new podcast and it’s AMAZING! Getting Off comes out twice a week and it’s True Crime trials from 2 attorneys perspectives.

Thursday: Worst Friends Forever

  • This is one I have mentioned before and every week there is a different topic from politics, books, movies, TV shows, pop culture and more.

I hope you enjoyed a week of podcasts from me! I listen to lots of others as well that either don’t have out as often or I have mentioned tons of times before. I would love to hear from you what Podcasts you are loving and listening to! I always need new suggestions.

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  • 13 thoughts on “A Week Of Podcasts

    1. Jamie

      I am a podcast junkie and yet I haven’t heard of these before – so thank you very much for sharing! I’m excited to check these out!!

    2. Stephanie

      I have a few podcasts that I’ve listened to, but just don’t have the time. I can’t listen to them when I write or I start writing what I hear!

    3. Tiffany

      I’ve gotta check out True Crime All The Time. I’m obsessed with everything true crime. Even though I absolutely don’t condone committing crimes lol

    4. aisasami

      OMG, thanks for the podcast suggestions. I listen to a lot of blogging, music, and business based podcasts but new suggestions are awesome,. Going to add your suggestion to my library now!

    5. Bree

      I am just getting into podcasts. I will check out these ones! I love listening to funny things the most haha

    6. Purva

      While my husband is a pod cast enthusiast I haven’t got hooked on to them. He listens to a lot of Joe Rogan’s podcasts

    7. David Elliott

      I will have to check out some of these podcasts here. I listen to a few of them I enjoy but I am always into finding out some different ones worth listening to.

    8. Courthey

      Oooo so many great podcasts!!!! Iā€™m just getting into the whole podcast thing. I will have to check a few of these out!!


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