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How To Schedule Out Social Media

Blogging · November 29, 2016

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This time of year blogging gets REALLY busy. Brands and bloggers alike are in the final push for the holidays, so things can get hectic. I feel like everyday contracts, drafts, reviews, revisions, writing posts, and social media planning are my entire to do list. I do love it though! One of the things that tends to get tough is social media. I wanted to share today how to schedule out social media so you always have things posting and aren’t left scrambling.

how to schedule out social media

How To Schedule Out Social Media

Use your editorial calendar: I have talked at length about my love of editorial calendars. I also use editorial calendars for scheduling social media. I do not so much have a different calendar, but I may put something like “Instagram giveaway 12/17” or “Twitter campaign 11/7” to remind me when things need to post. I also use them to remind me for certain pushes. For instance “schedule back to school content”, “schedule holiday recipes”, etc. This is used to schedule other blogger’s tweets, Facebook posts, and pins to share the love. I can’t stress using your editorial calendar for social media enough. It will really help!

Figure out what works best: What I mean by this is what scheduling tools work best for you? I prefer Buffer, IFTTT, Planoly, Tailwind and BoardBooster. These are all great tools to keep you organized and sane. Some of them cost money for certain upgrades, but I can tell you the $45 I spend monthly TOTAL on all tools is 100% worth the amount of time it saves me that I can be connecting with brands, and working on sponsored content. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money, to make your life a little easier.

Set aside a day: I spend one day a week almost entirely working on social media. This means everything from taking photos, scheduling pins, organizing my boards on Pinterest, scheduling Tweets and Facebook posts, and planning out my Instagram feed.  When I say I spend a day, I devote about 5-6 hours of a normal work day to this. The great part is I am usually done with it for the week. Sure I add other posts into Buffer and Tailwind as I see them during the week, but the bulk is done this one day.

Take photos in bulk: I do this for both my blog photos and Instagram photos. For blog photos I usually spend a few hours on the weekends and we take all photos for campaigns and blog posts. Then they are edited and banked for the week so I can grab them as I need them. This saves SO MUCH time during the week. Plus if you have an organized editorial calendar you already know what photos need to be taken and you aren’t scrambling at 11 PM for a post that needs to go live the next day. See that editorial calendar strikes again!

It’s pretty easy to figure out how to schedule social media and once you do it, it rolls so easy!

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Do you schedule your social media?

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  • 51 thoughts on “How To Schedule Out Social Media

    1. Vincent Carabeo

      Social media marketing is a tough job – so it’s always nice when there are ways to make life easier by having things scheduled ahead of time. Have you ever tired using ViralTag? Great company to use!

    2. Jamie Reed

      Thanks for the tips, I just recently started using Tailwind (I love it!) and am still looking for new tools to help. Social media scheduling is maybe the hardest thing for me to tackle so I need all the help I can get!

    3. GiGi Eats

      I use HOOTSUITE for specific tweets/facebook messages (ads that I get paid for) otherwise, I typically just post myself because I LOVE to press SUBMIT and I don’t ALWAYS trust schedulers – ha ha

    4. Lecy | A Simpler Grace

      These are great tips! I have always been a big fan of doing anything I can ahead of time and scheduling out social media promotions saves time in the end and keeps me from a big ol’ headache. Thanks for sharing!

    5. cara

      These are great tips! Now that I’ve made it past the year mark, I’m really looking into investing into some social media and post planners to help. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

    6. Lexi

      I don’t know what I would do without my social media scheduler. There is no way I would get anything accomplished without it. For all of my fashion posts, I shoot in bulk, usually 5-8 outfits at once. This way everything is done. I’ve got to get better at planning out my IG posts. My goal for 2017 is to focus on IG and really establish my brand. Do you have any tips? I love your feed!

    7. Jenny

      My social media planning and scheduling day is usually Sunday but like you I will add things here and there throughout the week. My schedulers help keep me sane though.

    8. Beth

      I need to get organized with all my blogging, especially social media! Thanks for these tips. Now if only I can organized enough to implement them!

    9. Moni Love

      This post was right on time for me today! This week one of my goals was to start scheduling my posts on social media so life can be much more easier and I won’t have to be doing so much work. I use Trello as my editorial calendar and still haven’t yet figured out how to organize the lists so it won’t be all over the place and confusing. Did you create your own editorial calendar from scratch? Do you have a blueprint of how you organize where your posts go and how you date them so I can get an idea? I am currently using hootsuite I kinda like it I would like to check out the others you have mentioned to see which one works well for me. Thanks so much for sharing!

    10. Michele

      I don’t so much schedule social media posts–but I do manage to keep track of them. It only gets difficult when a giveaway I promised to put on my blog by a certain date does not show up———-luckily I usually have something I can put in it’s place. This time of year it seems to happen a lot!!

    11. Divya

      How often do you spend publicizing your content? (e.g. Commenting on other bloggers posts, ,connecting in Facebook communities?)

      I feel like that takes up so much of my time and I don’t know how to shut it off so I feel like I’m doing it in spurts throughout the day!

    12. Shelly

      This is helpful! I have three kiddos and feel so guilty when I’m spending too much time on SM. I assure them that it’s all related to helping my shop grow, but still…

      …anything that will help me cut time on SM is great!

    13. Brown Rhonda

      I love the tip to do the photos at the same time! We’ve all dealt with the last minute photo during the night! Great tips!

    14. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

      I swear by scheduling my social media! It’s a total life saver! I love Hootsuite for scheduling out my Twitter and Instagram posts. Instagram is really a “pushed reminder” so to speak, but I’ve uploaded to photo, added my text and hashtags so all I have to do is hit “post” when it prompts that it’s time.

    15. Emily

      It’s so smart to take photos in bulk! There are few things I hate more than having nothing to post or share . It would be nice to have a backup stash.

    16. Nicole

      Such good info. I was doing this so well at one point then life happened. My goal is to get back to a more consistent schedule and plan out my editorial calendar going forward into 2017. I needed this reminder. Thanks!

    17. Anita Anderson

      I do schedule on social media. My biggest problem is Instagram as there really isn’t a program yet that I can program it for and publish without having to do it manually.

    18. Jennifer Ostroski

      Social media can be so daunting, even for someone who “thought” they knew all about it before blogging, ha! These are great tips. I use Tailwind but I think I need to try and branch out to some others as well.

    19. Shannon

      My gosh what I would give to be able to focus one full day on social media, but I suck at that! Ha! These are all such good ideas and ones I definitely need to work hard to implement into my blogging schedule!

      Clothes & Quotes

    20. Elizabeth O

      Aside from the enormous post-blog-production job my VAs do, I pretty much do all my social media posting and prepping myself; I have 2 of all the major accounts and 3 Facebook pages! I find the social media scheduling work very easy because I’ve developed a system and schedule that works well for me. These are all good tools, and I would encourage folks to take the time to learn about how each component that helps their blogging life works. Once we determine what we enjoy doing and can do easily, we can then go ahead and delegate the rest. We work best when we know our strengths and delegate the rest.


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