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9 Things You Can Do For Self-Care Each Week

Fitness and Health · September 14, 2018

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As a busy woman it can be hard to find time for yourself. I feel personally like I am trying to “pour from an empty cup.” Not just for moms, but women in general tend to do for everyone else before themselves. I want to share 9 things you can do for self-care each week to make sure you are taking care of you!

9 Things You Can Do For Self-Care Each Week

Exercise: Exercise is really important. It took me a lot of years to truly appreciate a good workout and really see the benefit, not just physically but mentally. To me there is nothing better you can do for yourself.

Mani/Pedi/Face masks Etc: I know this isn’t needed weekly, but even a face mask or painting your own toe nails will make you feel so amazing! The other day I was so stressed and during Liam’s nap I took a shower, washed and dried my hair, and did a face mask! It made me feel so good!

Drink tons of water: This is probably the easiest thing you can do ALL week long. I can be really bad at times but I have discovered for me adding lemon or cucumber really helps and I look forward to drinking it!

Enjoy some trashy TV: One of my personal favorite past times. I love a good trashy reality show when I need some downtime!

Read: I love to read and I think the idea of escaping life into another world for a while can be really refreshing.

See a movie: Admittedly I have not watched a ton of movies since Liam has been born. Usually I am just so tired at night I can’t finish one. We have been watching more movies together lately and I have watched a few on my own. Kind of like reading, escaping to a new world is nice.

Try a new recipe: I love to bake so baking muffins has been a recent hobby of mine. It calms me to follow the directions and have a delicious product after.

Organize your closet: Maybe I am weird but yes this is self-care to me! It’s always nice to find something you forgot you have or rearrange things to better suit your needs. It’s also a great time to get rid of things you don’t wear and donate!

Treat yourself: Maybe it’s a delicious Pumpkin Spice latte (tis the season) or a donut, or maybe new shoes. Just do something little for yourself!

I think it’s beyond helpful to do a little something for yourself as often as possible because it really makes a difference in your overall mood.

I would love to know what you do for self-care each week?

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  • 25 thoughts on “9 Things You Can Do For Self-Care Each Week

    1. Carly Brower

      Love this post! I’m all about self-care. I especially love treating myself 😉 I get a massage once a month and I love it. And just listening to podcasts really relaxes me.

    2. Kiersten

      These are all great ideas! I find sitting down with a cup of tea, a good classic book, and a cat in my lap is the best self-care for me. I agree with you though, organizing your closet can be a good form of self-care. Having something organized and clean can do wonders for stress relief.

    3. Maegan

      I love all of these ideas. My husband tries to give me at least a few hours to myself each week, and it really helps me reset! I do a lot of the things on your list during my me-time. I like to work on hobbies too like painting and playing the piano. I love organizing projects for self care too.

    4. Cheryl Foley

      Great ideas! I need to do some self care more often. As a caregiver for more than 15 years my cup very often feels empty. One thing that I recommend is to go outside and be in nature. It comforts my soul.

    5. angie

      great ideas of things we can relax and do alone. I have always been told that you cant take care of someone else without first taking care of yourself Thanks for sharing all the great ideas

    6. Jennifer Enoch

      Funny you mentioned getting organized. The older my kids (not me) get the more I recognize my need for organization. I really do feel so much better and clear headed when I start my week off free and clear of a mess. I guess it also helps that I’ve got a PSL in hand while doing it!

    7. Dr. K. Lee Banks

      I am endeavoring to do more of this self-care, so coming across your blog post is timely. I like most of your suggestions and need to be more consistent about some of them. One of my recent favorite things to do when I take a break from my work (remote job), is to listen to some of the best acts from various singing shows (America’s Got Talent, The Voice, etc.). I also love to sew and quilt, but haven’t had much time for those for awhile. THAT needs to change!


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