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September 2022 Goals

I won’t lie I am beyond thrilled it’s September. Fall is upon us and I am so over the heat. Plus I just really love fall. It’s time to share my September 2022 goals and also see how I did with my August goals.

september 2022 goals

September 2022 Goals


In August I wanted to…

  • Read 9 books: I read 10 books this month! BookTok is really
  • Have one date night with Andrew: YES! We went to the Lumineers and to dinner and it was great!
  • Do something special to celebrate the first day/week of school for the kids: We did! We had Andy’s Frozen Custard one day and special cookies another day.
  • Clean out my closet: Fail. It’s on my list though!
  • Try to organize our office better: Sort of? We cleaned out parts of it but it’s such a mess still.
  • Run 10 miles (not all at once): I ran but not as much as I wanted.
  • Work on Pinterest growth: Ehhhhh not as much as I wanted!
  • Post to Tiktok 8 times: I posted 12 times and I am honestly shocked!
  • Post to Instagram 8 times: I posted 7! So I was really close!
  • Secure 6 new brand partnerships: I got several really great ones this month. So grateful!
  • Have a nothing day: I have actually been having nothing half days. Well not nothing. Friday mornings I try to take for myself.

In September I want to…

  • Read 10 books
  • Have 2 dates with Andrew
  • Do something one on one with each of my kids
  • Check off a fun fall activity from my list
  • Post to Instagram 8 times and Tiktok 10
  • Secure 6 new brand partnerships
  • Actually clean out my closet
  • Clean out Charlotte’s closet
  • Take a walk outside every single day that weather allows (aiming for 30 walks)
  • Bake something new WITH the kids

What is one of your September 2022 goals?


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  1. Beth wrote:

    You’ve really been doing amazing with your goals. I know you’ll be able to come close to all of them.

    Published 9.1.22
  2. Linda wrote:

    Sounds like a good plan list to do. thanks

    Published 9.1.22
  3. Nyxie wrote:

    These are pretty big goals! I really hope you manage to achieve them all!

    Published 9.2.22
  4. Stephanie wrote:

    I also failed on cleaning out closets this month. We have our community garage sale next weekend so I’ve got to get on that soon. I’ve been subbing almost every day at the boys school for the past 4 weeks since they started so it’s been hard to get things done at home.

    Published 9.2.22
  5. Richelle Milar wrote:

    One of my September goals is to be able to finish reading 7 books! Last month I’ve finished 5books! Also I want to be able to buy my son a new coloring materials cause he really love painting.

    Published 9.2.22
  6. Great goals. I hope you will achieve them and have a wonderful month. I like that you use posts as reminder.

    Published 9.2.22
  7. Elise Ho wrote:

    I am pretty impressed by the goals that you set out and hope that each month you can achieve even more of what you want

    Published 9.2.22
  8. Marysa wrote:

    That is wonderful that you set goals like this! I should definitely come up with a list of things I want to get done this month.

    Published 9.2.22
  9. It’s nice having a to-do-list or goal list like this. I miss making one for myself.

    Published 9.4.22