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How To Start A Blog (And Be Successful)

Blogging · October 18, 2017

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So you want to be a blogger? That’s awesome! I think blogging is one of the most fun hobbies/jobs (whichever it is for you) out there! Knowing how to start a blog can be really overwhelming. When I started 7 years ago it was pretty much just go to and start. Now there are so many things to do, platforms to pick from, and steps to take. I am going to break it down for you in the most simple of ways!

How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog

  1. Pick a name/Buy a Domain/Select a Platform:  I think the most stressful part of starting a blog is choosing a name. Me? I’ve gone through several. I started out as Chronicles of Neely and now my blog is It Starts With Coffee. My advice here would be to pick a name you want to stick with. Honestly changing your blog name/domain is a pain! Once you have the name you love, you need to buy a domain. Trust me do this from day one. Don’t try to transfer it later. I use GoDaddy to buy my Domains but there are lots of places to do this so do your research for what works for your budget. You also need to select a platform. I personally advise people to go with WordPress. You can read why here. But there are other options such as SquareSpace and Blogger!
  2. Decide on Hosting/Secure Social Media: Hosting. You guys I know this can be a pain. So many people have their feelings on sites and I will not bad mouth one. The one I use is Deluxe Hosting formerly Liquid Web. I have had nothing but a great experience with them for the past few years and the service is amazing. I also RARELY have issues of my blog being down, and at the most it’s been about 30 minutes. You also want to secure social media. If you are using your name, blog name, a nickname what have you make sure you register the same name across all social media. It’s so much easier for people to find you that way!
  3. Settle on a design: This is NOT something you really HAVE to do before you start blogging but once you know it’s something you’ll stick with either buy a design, design it yourself (if you’re techy), or pay someone. But design is important!
  4. Connect with other bloggers: This is the most fun step in my opinion! There are TONS of great Facebook groups for bloggers. This is a great way to connect with other bloggers. You also may have a local blogger group in your city which is a fun way to hang out with other bloggers in person. I love going to Dallas blogger events and it’s always fun to be around others who get it. Social Media is also a fantastic way to connect with other bloggers.
  5. Start writing: So you’ve set up your blog. Now write! There is a myth in the blog world that you need to have one focus. This post talks about why I do not agree with that 100%!
  6. Share your work: When you post a post you should be sharing it. Sharing to Facebook groups, and all over your social media. You can also share it to personal social media if you want. I personally share every post to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, and to at least 7-8 blogger Facebook groups.
  7. Be consistent: You don’t have to post every day. Heck you don’t have to post more than once a week or once a month if you don’t want. BUT you should be consistent! If you post weekly pick the same day and time. If you post daily also pick the same day and time. I post Monday-Friday at midnight. That’s what works for me. Find what works for YOU!
  8. Don’t get discouraged: It can be discouraging to blog sometimes. Seeing other bloggers score huge campaigns, or hit huge milestones you’ve only dreamed of. But remember this “don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” That’s a quote I heard at a blog conference and always has stuck with me. Everyone is starting from a different place and has a different path. Do not get discouraged if you aren’t making full time salaries from blogging after 2 months or if you don’t have 100K page views.  You will get there. Set goals, work hard.
  9. Know your stats: Your blog stats, your social media stats all of it. Know it! Pay attention to analytics and learn to love them. They tell you SO MUCH! I personally use Google Analytics and also check stats on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I like to see trends and what people are searching for and liking. It really helps me plan my calendar.

Phew that was long! If you made it to the end I hope you found it helpful learning how to start a blog!

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What advice would you give to someone starting a blog?

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  • 19 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog (And Be Successful)

    1. robin rue

      I have people ask me how to start a blog all the time. I am just going to send them here to read this the next time I get asked 🙂

    2. Helen Little

      This is a great well-rounded article I wish I’d found at the start of my blogging career! So true about not feeling discouraged. I try not to compare myself to other bloggers. There are highs and lows as with most endeavours!

    3. Alexa

      Thanks for this post! As a newbie it’s hard to not get discouraged but I just keep trying to push through and work hard. Hopefully I’ll get there one day 🙂

    4. Katie

      The idea of having a very specific focus has always been so hard for me when as a person, I have a wide variety of interests. If my brand is ME, then that encompasses all aspects of me and who I am. For me that means, I want to write about whatever pops into my head. I guess it’s debatable if that’s actually working for me though. haha! I guess it works on some level, but not on the level where I’d really like to expand my reach, grow my blog, and at least feel like it can be a reliable second income.

    5. Brandy

      These are all great tips. I sort of just jumped into this back in December 2008, then sold that blog off in 2016 and am sort of starting all over in this bloggy world. So different than back then but these are simple tips that anyone can follow. Blogging is fun! Hard work some days, but fun still the same!

    6. Joline

      Really great tips here. And yes, just start writing! I remember when I first started I set everything up but it took me a while to actually create content. Until one day I realized I just had to do it for it be done, you know? 🙂

    7. ShootingStarsMag

      Great post! It can be tough to be a blogger, so you should really want to do it for reasons other than making money, I think. I’ve been blogging for 10 years now and I still don’t make enough to even calls this a part-time job. It’ll depend on the blog/blogger, of course, but it’s good going in to know that it’s tough!


    8. Nellwyn

      This is great advice, I wish I had read more posts like this when I started blogging a few years ago. There so much to think about that it can get really overwhelming at first!

    9. cara

      Great list of helpful tips for newbie bloggers! Networking with other likeminded bloggers is the best! I love being part of FB groups! 🙂

    10. Christine Salty Mama

      These are great tips! I also think it’s good to figure out what your goals are. It’s been so helpful to set monthly goals – whether it’s how many views I’m aiming for, or how many posts I want to write!

    11. Heather Johnson

      My piece of advice for new bloggers: Definitely do not have expectations of fame and fortune from the start. Building an audience and pageviews takes time. Expecting to get rich in the first month will lead only to disappointment.

    12. Jessa

      I love all of these pieces of advice. I am so glad that we have connected over the years. I can’t wait to start blogging again. I am interested in what facebook groups that you belong in.

    13. Ramjee Yadav

      Wow, Such a nice article for the new bloggers. This article would definitely guide beginners. In my point of view the if you wish to do blogging by using WordPress then you must use the Yoast plugin for improving the blog ranking.


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