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55 Things To Get Rid Of Right Now

Life · Organization · October 19, 2017

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Do you ever feel like your world is full of clutter… both mentally and physically around you? Too much of “things” aren’t good for any of us. Today I am sharing 55 things to get rid of right now to make your life a little bit less cluttered. Remember, a lot of things you can get rid of like clothes and household items can be donated to charities! So when you get rid of things, take stock of them being able to be used by others. DONATE!

55 Things To Get Rid Of Right Now


  1. Phone numbers in your phone you will never need again (read ex-boyfriends)
  2. Clothes that you will NEVER wear again
  3. Those jeans you are saving that are 3 sizes too small
  4. Old makeup
  5. Expired food in your pantry and fridge
  6. Anything that upsets you to look at (unflattering pics, sad letters)
  7. Ridiculously worn out shoes you won’t wear again
  8. Old toiletries
  9. Things with trans fat
  10. Random VHS tapes (transfer them to DVD or a flash drive)
  11. Half written in notebooks/notepads that you don’t use
  12. Kitchen stuff you don’t need that are taking up space
  13. Ratty blankets
  14. Old towels
  15. Toys your kids DON’T NEED or play with
  16. Clothes your kids have out grown (especially if you aren’t having anymore)
  17. All the stuff in the coat closet on the floor (maybe this is just me)
  18. Anything in the linen closet you haven’t touched in 2 years
  19. Sheets you won’t use again
  20. Any half used but will never use again product
  21. Anyone not bringing positive vibes to your life
  22. Things that need to be shredded (upload them to google drive!)
  23. Expired credit cards (cut them up)
  24. Old receipts in your purse
  25. Those shoes that hurt your feet
  26. Baby announcements of babies that are now over a year old
  27. Photobooth pics stuck in a drawer you don’t want to keep
  28. Half of the million koozies you don’t use
  29. Anything broken that can’t be fixed
  30. Things you’ve replaced
  31. Decor you don’t use
  32. Holiday decorations you don’t use
  33. Those magazines you’ll never read
  34. Perfume samples you’ll never use
  35. Old calendars
  36. Old planners
  37. Old phone cases for phones you no longer have
  38. Random wires stuffed in drawers from items you no longer use
  39. Paperwork from college, student loans, etc that you could have digital
  40. Old business cards
  41. Stuff that just looks gross
  42. People on social media who upset you or make you feel less than (unfollow)
  43. Anyone on social media you wouldn’t wish a happy birthday to (literally how I remove people from Facebook-sorry not sorry)
  44. Half used candles you don’t really like
  45. Half the mugs in your mug collection you don’t need or use (donate them)
  46. Same with the shot glass collection from college
  47. Junky refrigerator magnets
  48. Random tumblers, to go coffee mugs etc you don’t like or use
  49. Any promotional item you got in a swag bag you know you’ll never use
  50. Tote bags you don’t need
  51. Travel bags/suitcases that are broken
  52. Broken glasses/dishes
  53. Old car insurance, random stuff in your car you don’t need
  54. All the water bottles half empty rolling around your car
  55. Anything in your garage that is not useful

Do you agree with these 55 things to get rid of right now? What would you add to this list?

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  • 38 thoughts on “55 Things To Get Rid Of Right Now

    1. Brandi Hegerty

      This list made me chuckle this morning, especially #52, because I’m wearing a pair of glasses right now that need to go in the trash! Thanks for sharing, and have a super day.

    2. Brandyn Blaze

      Great list! I tend to hold on to way too much junk (both physically and metaphorically) and have been doing a lot of purging lately. This will definitely help keep me on track! I love that you included unfollowing people on social media and getting rid of old phone numbers, we often forget how much those sort of things drag us down and add to mental clutter!

    3. Marcie W.

      Excellent suggestions! I find comfort in purging unused items and reorganizing those areas afterward. Looks like I now have a few more things to sort through soon.

    4. Brandy

      I tend to get rid of stuff often. My teen daughter on the other hand, is a pack rat. Since we rent rather than own a home, we tend to move every year or two and with that comes my annoyance that my daughter cannot live a bit simpler. Perhaps I will share this list with her, haha!

    5. Katie

      I’m in serious need of some decluttering (though most people wouldn’t think so upon looking at my place, but I may need to cross reference this list when the time comes! Getting rid of old phone numbers is something I did a few years ago (and probably need to do again).

    6. Helen Little

      Fab list! I totally agree with all these list items, and especially about excess cups. We have way too many in our house, and it doesn’t make life easier. Less stuff is better.

    7. jessica

      I need to go through and pitch stuff. I have so many clothes I don’t wear, and don’t even get me started on crumbled receipts…I don’t know why I don’t just toss them right away.

    8. Wendy

      I love this list. I have decluttered a lot in the last year. I also need to go through my “coupon and junk ” drawer in my kitchen and throw out expired ones and ones I’ll never use. And my email inbox really needs wiped clean! And how about donating old books you’ll never read again?

    9. ShootingStarsMag

      Oh, definitely a lot of good ones on here! I kept a lot of old phone numbers for the longest time, so it was nice to change over to a new phone in the past year or so. I was able to get rid of about half of them.

    10. Tami

      Glancing at your title, I thought it was a home decluttering project about to happen. I definitely do need to declutter my technology and relationships.

    11. Jayne

      All of the above! How about old dog collars, old style lingerie, straw hats not worn in a decade, belts for outfits you smartly got rid of 5 years ago,, so much more…..

    12. Jenn

      This list is amazing and so so right on point. I just went through and threw out TONS of coozies the other day and have so much more on my list that falls in this list. Makes me want to throw everything out!

    13. piknu

      I had a plan to clean up my house for winter, but I still don’t know how many things I have to do. The list save me much time. I’ll spend this weekend to check and get rid of all things on the list. Thank you for sharing!!


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