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Staying Fit During Pregnancy

Fitness and Health · Pregnancy · October 13, 2016

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I have gotten several questions about if or how I am staying fit during pregnancy, and what I have been doing to keep up with my fitness goals and workout regimen. So today I am sharing what I do to stay fit and why it’s been good for me.

staying fit during pregnancy

Staying Fit During Pregnancy

What I do:

  • Barre: I try to take it once a week at my gym, and sometimes I do it at home
  • Prenatal Yoga: Again once a week if I can (it’s at weird times, so some weeks it’s tough)
  • Personal Training: Twice a month I meet with my personal trainer. He’s awesome at kicking my butt and he knows a lot about training women who are pregnant. I will also see him after the baby comes to get me back into fighting form haha.
  • 6 Workouts A Week: Including those things, I workout at my gym 6 days a week. Sometimes 5 but usually 6. Usually for about an hour a mix of cardio and strength.

Why It helps me:

  • It gets me out of the house. I work from home, and some days going to the gym is the only thing I leave the house for. If I don’t have errands, or a meeting, or lunch with a friend I tend to not need to leave, so it’s helpful for me to have that dedicated gym time.
  • It will help me bounce back. There have been numerous studies that women who work out during pregnancy bounce back to their pre-baby bodies pretty easily. Done and done.
  • It keeps me and the baby healthy. Working out 5-6 times a week keeps my heart healthy, my mind healthy, and my body healthy. In turn it’s keeping baby boy healthy!
  • It’s a good mental escape. Pregnancy and impending childbirth stress me out. Mostly just realizing I have to give birth. Working out is such a great mental escape for me. I love putting on a podcast and escaping for an hour.

Staying fit during pregnancy is something I really wanted to be able to do. Living a healthy lifestyle is really important to me and something I hope to pass onto our kids. I don’t think my workouts are anything crazy, but they really make me feel good everyday and like I’m really keeping up with what I was doing pre pregnancy. I try to not push myself too much. Even when I’m training I speak up if I’m tired or need a break. I listen to my body. My body craves workouts, so being active is something that keeps me sane.

What is your fitness routine like?

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  • 30 thoughts on “Staying Fit During Pregnancy

    1. Christine

      That is great that you are keeping up with working on staying fit during your pregnancy. I didn’t workout when I was pregnant but probably should of. I do try to at least get on the treadmill and walk a little in the morning.

    2. Rachel

      I am pinning this to my baby board for future reference! One of the reasons I’ve stalled thinking about having kids is because I’m TERRIFIED of losing my body (that’s not the main reason! But it’s up there!) I need all the encouragement and inspiration I can get on this subject!

    3. Sarah

      Great tips!!! I’m also pregnant – 37 weeks! I will admit I didn’t work out too much this pregnancy. I had awful all day sickness at the beginning, then had a hematoma and was put on modified bed rest. I did work out pretty consistently (about three times a week) in the second trimester, though! Once I hit around 32 weeks I’ve kept exercise very light – walking, chasing my other kids, etc. I am definitely ready to have my baby girl and get my pre-baby body back, though!!

      Congratulations to you!!!


    4. roxy

      Gosh you are a beast! I am not pregnant and can’t find the time to work out as often as you do. Did you have to get special permission from your doctor??

    5. Elizabeth Ann

      I too am working out while pregnant! I feel energized and have not put on as much as weight like my first pregnancy. I am excited to see how differently the birthing and regaining my body process will be. I teach a barre class and love it! It is such a great workout for women!

    6. DT

      A great post encouraging women to stay fit during pregnancy. I love Barre, and a few pregnant women came to the classes so looks like a good choice for strengthening lower body.

      — DT | Here I Scribble

    7. Sarah Prince

      I always feel SO much better after I’ve worked out during pregnancy. I enjoyed hiking and doing a variety of strength training while I was pregnant with my last baby a few years ago. It’s truly spurred me on to better exercise habits even now.

    8. Hey Sharonoox

      It’s awesome that you’re staying fit and in shape while pregnant. I remembered attending prenatal class when I was pregnant with my son and that’s the only thing I did besides working. I agree with you that staying fit during pregnancy is important. Thanks for sharing this post.

    9. Kabrina Budwell

      That is great that you are able to do this! I found it is a bit harder the second time around when there is a toddler at home too! Congratulations on the little one, they are so fun!

    10. Keating

      I couldn’t imagine not working out while pregnant. My husband and I are really big on staying healthy and working out. Before he returned home from overseas, I was at the gym 5-6 days a week and loved it. It helped so much for both my physical and mental health. Unfortunately, my workouts are a bit off at the moment though. We spent all of September moving across the country and getting settled into our new home so now I’m in the process of getting it all back on track. It’s great that you’re keeping up your workouts and staying healthy! 🙂

      xo, Keating | Why Hello Lovely

    11. Carrie

      Good for you! Im horrible I have a gym membership but since we moved 20 minutes away I haven’t been once. I prefer doing yoga at home. But also we only have one car and most of the time my husband has it at work.

    12. Michele

      Good for you! As long as you do not over do it-the best thing you can do for yourself. I am glad to hear you have a trainer–that is very important.

    13. Elizabeth O

      I agree that it’s very important to stay fit during pregnancy and, as long as we are in sync with our ob-gyn’s advice, it’s all good! 🙂


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