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June 2020 Goals

Inspire · Life · June 1, 2020

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June already. I swear March and April just crept by but May flew. We are deep into the summer swing here but I wanted to share my June 2020 goals and also see what I got accomplished in May.

June 2020 Goals

What I wanted to do in May…

  • Continue workouts, WW, and 10K daily steps and also lose 6 lbs- SO I continued but I am pretty much having a hard time breaking past my current weight. Clearly I need to work out a little harder!
  • Read 5 books- Yes! New book post coming soon!
  • Work on reorganizing my Pinterest boards and deleting boards that are no longer relevant- Ugh fail. I have not even started.
  • Figure out summer at-home activities for the kids (my assumption is we won’t have camps)- We ended up hiring a nanny part-time and opted to not send Liam to camp. Camps opened here but I did not feel ready for that.
  • Try to find a swim class for Liam and Charlotte once it’s safe- Yes, Liam started swim lessons last week!
  • Work on summer blog content- Yes working on this!
  • Do something special for my mom for Mother’s Day- We got her a digital picture frame and uploaded all of our pics of the kids! She loves it!
  • Have at least 2 at-home dates with Andrew (without phones)- I feel like we are getting better at having dinner together without phones and watching things together. I need to have a real date night soon!

What I want to do in June…

  • Focus on working out a little harder, lose body fat, and try to lose 5 lbs.
  • Drink more water-this is becoming a real issue for me
  • Go on daily walks with Charlotte (Liam won’t stay in a stroller) before its too hot
  • Expose Liam to more opportunities to swim and be in the water
  • Work on organizing my Pinterest boards
  • Clean up some cabinets in our kitchen-way too much crap we don’t use/need
  • Finish my summer editorial calendar
  • Read 4 books
  • See my grandparents as much as possible even on FaceTime

What are some of your June 2020 goals?


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  • 13 thoughts on “June 2020 Goals

    1. Stephanie

      I did a big kitchen cabinet cleanout last month. It was so nice to go through it all and get everything organized. I did some form of exercise every day in May and while I didn’t lose numbers on the scale, I lost 6 inches total!! June always seems to creep up on me with end-of-school activities, even with working on school from home. My oldest turns 7 on Thursday and his birthday always sneaks up on me!

    2. Elizabeth O

      Good for you overall. You did achieve quite a lot so be proud of that. I’m focused on staying healthy after a bout with illness these past two months. I’m an active person so walking daily and doing yoga continues. I’m reading a lot too.

    3. Shar

      Two of my major goals are to further work on my self improvement and self care routines. I think that’s not just for the month of June, but longer term, though.

    4. Joline

      Looking forward to your book post! Towards the end of May we started working on our little garden. The backyard comes next, in time for summer and BBQs.

    5. Melanie williams

      I can see what you are going to book swim classes for the kids, as it is a great activity to do once safe

    6. Purva Bhatia

      I am in the same space as you with regards to the weight. I seem to have hit a plateau. I need to work out more to reduce at least 5 kgs. Also, I am trying to achieve my daily goal of 10k steps. In fact, my latest post in on how to achieve the goal at home 🙂

    7. Hooda

      Great goal list! I am one of the people who have a hard time drinking more water too, so good luck to us both 🙂 My main goal in June is to promote my latest piece of content heavily.

    8. Pooja Sharma

      Loosing weight is always hard but should say that these goals could keep you motivated. I personally have no goal for June but i think I should have few.


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