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Things I Just Don’t Get

Life · April 19, 2019

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So YEARS ago I did a post about things everyone else loves but I don’t. Recently at a Dr appt I was chatting with my nurse about something and we got to talking about things we aren’t into but other people are. So today as a fun, lighter post I want to share things I just don’t get. Maybe you can relate to some too!

Things I Just Don’t Get

Music Competition Shows: So these have been around for a long time but they just don’t do it for me. Watching bad singers and then mediocre singers. Sorry just not my thing. I will say I was never into any kind of cooking competition show until my husband got me hooked.

Game Of Thrones: OK we are probably the only people who don’t watch it, but Andrew and I can’t get into Game Of Thrones. I could probably tell you everything you need to know about the series including the red wedding just from social media though. This can also be said for The Walking Dead. Zombies also not my thing.

Chipotle: My husband loves him some Chipotle. In fact when I was in labor he had my dad bring him some and I distinctly remember NOT wanting it. I was starving and even that didn’t appeal to me!

Rosé: I love a good wine but rosé nah. I mean it’s fine but people FREAK out for it and I don’t get the mass appeal. Tell me the truth do you really like it or are you being trendy? Don’t worry I wont tell!

Most holiday candy: So candy corn, cadbury eggs, sweet hearts, etc. Just most candy that is holiday specific never does it for me. I am a peanut butter cup girl through and through….also snickers!

Now in the comments below tell me at least one thing you just don’t get!

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  • 25 thoughts on “Things I Just Don’t Get

    1. Bethany G

      I am totally with you on not getting the game of thrones, walking dead, etc. also don’t love chipotle, but I do like the concept – I just would prefer better quality or to make it at home.

    2. Erica @ Erica Finds

      I’m with you on all of these. The most controversial one for me as a runner is Disney races. You pay all the money and don’t run through the parks or get admission to them. They also have all the medals and “bling” and lots of people in costumes who stop for photos. All if these things I “don’t get” or care about one bit! For that matter, I don’t get why any adult would have any interest in Disney period. Just me?

    3. Roberta

      I agree with every one of your “just don’t gets”. I will add thongs: both sandals and underpants. They are just plain uncomfortable. I am willing to eRRntertain the notion that it’s my toes and rear end that are to blame. This was fun!

    4. maureen

      I am with you with the holiday candy.
      This next one everyone says I am a bit weird because of it–but I do not care for popcorn and I do not get all the different ways to enjoy it. I grew up in a large family and it was a big snack for everyone else–but me.

    5. Anna Sofie

      I can totally agree with you on Game of Thrones. I’ve watched one episode with my brother a year ago… nothing for me.

    6. Janet Fazio

      I’m with ya on most of these things – especially holiday candy. I always wonder how many years it has been sitting on some storeroom shelf waiting for Easter, or whatever holiday, to come around again.

      I am finding some good Roses out there though. Once I figured out I was drinking them way too cold – just above room temp seems ideal to me – I started enjoying them.

      The big thing for me that I don’t get – dark chocolate. I know I’m in the minority with this one, but it is too bitter for me.

    7. Crystal

      I have never watched Game Of Thrones. As for Chipotle never tried it. I’m a Peanut Butter Cup Girl too. I like black Jelly Beans too. However, the Peanut Butter Cups reign!! I can relate with you.

    8. Sarah

      Agreed with all except Chipotle! Haha 🙂
      Rose is too sweet, Game of Thrones, I don’t want to watch subtitles to learn peoples names, holiday candy is gross and music competitions, eh….

    9. Gabrielle

      I don’t get rom-coms. No offense to the millions and millions of folks who love them but they leave me entirely cold.

    10. Stephanie

      Yes to all of these for me too! Except maybe a few of the holiday candy. I watched a season or two of The Voice, but that’s more because I love Blake Shelton and Adam Lavine and watched the season Usher was on, another favorite. But otherwise, I am with you on all of these! I don’t drink wine at all, actually, so it isn’t just one type.

    11. Denise

      I thought I was the only one who doesn’t watch GOT. Thank goodness there are two of us! I love Rose, but only, very specifically, Rose made from Malbec from the Mendoza region of Argentina. It could have something to do with wonderful memories as well!

    12. Lydia Smith

      I’m with you on GoT. I’m so tired of it. The hype is ways keeping me from watching. I also know the storyline from social media. Any good tasting wine is okay for me. You are not weird.

    13. Angela Tolsma

      I am sooo with you on all of these! GOT not my thing… same with music shows, they are just annoying actually. I’m also a weirdo and don’t really enjoy all things Harry Potter or Hunger Games.

    14. Nora

      I agree with most of these, while I dislike the competition part I do watch all the tryouts episodes! There is such amazing talent hidden in small towns and cities all over the country and waiting to be seen heard and recognized for natural talents!
      Also, I’ve just become keen on chipotle. I’m picky though.
      I’m a wine-baby so rose and Moscato are ALL I can stand.
      I don’t get Game of Thrones but candy in any form is my jam (not peeps!).

    15. Holly

      I just don’t get people who don’t like Game of Thrones:) But seriously…GOT and TWD are on the top of my viewing list so we would definitely not be television watching buddies!!

    16. Trish Seren

      Omg music competition shows, yes agree! Why are there so many?! Who is still watching them?!

      I totally get the rose thing, I thought I liked it but it’s actually my least fav type of wine.

      I also don’t get expresso martinis, not only do they taste tuck, but they’re a brown liquid served in the most spillable type of glass! It’s a recipe for disaster!


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