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Pregnancy Thoughts At 9 Months

Life · Pregnancy · January 27, 2017

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Well here I am a few weeks away from this baby being born or rather 20 days till my due date. In some ways it feels like it went really quick and in other ways I feel like this journey has taken forever. I wanted to share some pregnancy thoughts at 9 months mostly for me to be able to look back on to remember this time.

Pregnancy Thoughts At 9 months

Pregnancy Thoughts At 9 Months

The last days of just us: I can’t help but think about how our marriage is about to change. Obviously for the better because we will have this little boy that we created and get to raise together. But gone are the nights of binge watching without interruption, or spontaneous dates. Gone is sleeping in, not needing a schedule, etc. We went to a movie a couple of weekends ago and I just sat there thinking that this could be the last movie we go see together without having a babysitter. Just random thoughts like that jump into my mind. However, I love thinking about our Monday nights of Bachelor watching with our little dude hanging out with us.

So much anxiety: I am an anxious person by nature. I always have been. I have anxiety about giving birth even though I fully intend to have the epidural. I have anxiety about knowing if I’m in labor – duh I’ll know. I have anxiety about raising him, making the right choices, did we get a good bassinet? Did I pick the right pacifiers? There are way too many decisions.

Will I be good enough: Will I be a good mom? A good role model? Will we raise him with good values, morals, and expectations? Will I be good enough for myself? Will I be able to work and raise him? Will I fail somewhere? Probably.

So these are just a few of the pregnancy thoughts at 9 months going through my head. I’m sure the next couple of weeks will bring hundreds more.

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  • 33 thoughts on “Pregnancy Thoughts At 9 Months

    1. Annie

      I remember having all these same thoughts. Having a baby is so scary but so amazing! I truly couldn’t stand the last few weeks waiting and wondering when our son would be here but I hope for you you can relax, do something amazing and fun with your husband, and take lots of time to relax for yourself! Congratulations!

    2. candy

      What an exciting and scary time all at once. I pray all goes well with the birth and you will soon have your precious baby to love and raise. Enjoy every moment, my youngest is now 24 and we enjoy grandchildren now.

    3. Catherine Short

      I was also concerned I wouldn’t know I’d be in labor. In the end I was induced so that worry didn’t come to fruition. I’m grateful for years of investing in my marriage because you do really pull from the well so to speak.

      Savor the rest of your pregnancy! I still miss the pregnancy kicks. 😉

    4. Jessica batista

      I love your honesty about your concerns. They are valid but because you’re already seeing the bright side about your pregnancy and marriage, I’m sure you and your husband will transition smoothly into your new roles. Good luck with your baby boy!

    5. Emily

      The fact that you are so concerned about doing a good job shows that you will do a good job. At 9 months with #2, I was thinking about sushi, a glass of wine, and deli sandwiches, lol!!

    6. Charlotte

      I can only imagine–but I think the fact that you are already questioning all of these things shows how much time and consideration you have given this. You will be an excellent momma 🙂 So excited about this next chapter in your lives (and enjoy as much sleeping in now while you can!). XOXO

    7. Chrissy

      I am sure everything will be fine and you are more than good enough! You will be a wonderful mom! Take care of yourself and enjoy the last calm days before your baby arrives!

    8. Julie D.

      I’m sure you know this but all these thoughts are completely normal. Just take everything moment by moment and you will be fine. There are a million ways to be a great mom and I have no doubt you will be one.

    9. Liisi Carr

      Those of us who have been in those shoes have also experienced those same thoughts, doubts, and fears. But the amazing thing is that a baby is one of the best things to come into your life! You’re going to fall in love, and hopefully find the JOY in motherhood. I would never change when my babies came…even though my oldest I was pregnant while graduating from collage…but my husband and I were ready.

    10. Erica Nicole

      your thoughts are totally normal and I think that every mom has the same concerns! Just know that it will be hard in the beginning and you’ll have a lot of bumps in the road but you will be fine and so will the baby!

    11. Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.

      I’m not a mom and I’m not pregnant and I’m nowhere near being at that point yet, but I do believe that there are so many others who have been in your position. Those moments leading up to the birth. That racing mind.

      But, time and time again, those women have told me, when it’s time, everything falls into place.

      <3 You'll be a great mama 🙂

    12. Rachel

      You’re SO close! And I’d definitely be anxious too (because I worry about all the things as is), but you are going to make a WONDERFUL mom!

    13. Mistle

      How exciting that your baby boy is almost here! I often think about the same things for when I do decide I want kids. There is a lot that you have to give up when you have kids but I know you’ll be a wonderful mom!

    14. Brittany Ferrell

      Yes! I had these same thoughts! You never really stop with the anxious thoughts and there is definitely a lot less sleep,but going from “just us” to “us + baby” is the most gift ever. Your whole life changes forever, but in a way that is better than you can even imagine. You will be great, mama! Congratulations!

    15. Desiree

      These are all totally normal thoughts. I remember thinking the same things. You’re going to be a great mama! Enjoy you time before baby gets here!! =]

    16. Crystal

      I had similar nerves as I neared the birth of my children. Epidurals are awesome. I waited as long as I could with the first one, thinking I should. Ummm didn’t do that again. After an epidural, I was able to nap & had some energy.

    17. Rebecca Hicks

      You are going to be a wonderful mom! You can tell already how much you love your little man, and I’m sure so many ofo those worries and concerns will come to you naturally. I know it will be tough, but I believe in you! <3

    18. Kelsie

      I am so with you, girl! We are 5 weeks out and I’m both thrilled and terrified ha. I trust that this is going to be an amazing journey, and I’m so pumped, but I am a little nervous for the unknown! Best of luck on your upcoming delivery- we will be praying for you!

    19. Alicia

      Good luck on your delivery! I am due April 3 but will likely have her between March 15 – 20, based on previous labors. I have yet to get past 37+5 weeks.


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