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Tips For Staying Active During The Holidays

Fitness and Health · Sponsored Post · December 8, 2016

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Does anyone else feel like their self-control just goes out the window this time of year? Usually things like pie, pastries, and donuts are once in a while things, but during the holidays it’s like every day I am faced with the temptation of sweets! Not only that but with the busier schedules we all feel like finding time to workout falls down the list of priorities. Today I want to share my tips for staying active during the holidays so that those extra pastries maybe don’t feel quite as scandalous.


Tips For Staying Active During The Holidays

Tip 1 – Schedule It In

I tend to find that if something is in my calendar or on my to do list it will for sure get done. If it’s not it maaaaay get done but more than likely I forget or slack off. So the first thing on my to do list every single day is “gym.” I also put it in my calendar. One hour each day 6 days a week. That way I am not scheduling so much that I don’t have that hour. This is so helpful this time of year when life just gets insane. I mean holiday parties, happy hours, family time, travel, it never ends right? Plus there’s that pesky work we all have to do. Trust me, build in the time for staying active and you absolutely will!. If you have a day where you can’t make it to the gym or a class, try a 30 minute walk/jog outside or meeting a friend for a walk. You could also find a workout video on YouTube to do. Even if none of that pans out Pinterest has TONS of no-equipment workouts. Just doing 20-30 minutes is better than nothing.




Tip 2 – Sensible Snacking

This time of year like I said the food situation can be tempting. It is so easy to opt for the dessert instead of the green smoothie. I love GOODNESSKNOWS SNACKABLE SQUARES for a more sensible snack. Especially this time of year. They are divided into four snackable squares per serving – all for 150 calories! The snack squares are available nationwide in three flavors:

  • Cranberry, almond, dark chocolate
  • Apple, almond & peanut, dark chocolate
  • Peach & cherry, almond, dark chocolate


GOODNESSKNOWS snack squares are nestled in a layer made with dark chocolate, and one individual, two-bite square contains approximately 40 calories. They really give you that holiday snacking feel without the bad results you might get from pastries and donuts.

With the goodness of whole nuts, real fruit, toasted oats, dark chocolate AND no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, going gluten-free is just another small step GOODNESSKNOWS snack squares is taking to go from good to great. These are great to snack on while wrapping gifts, watching holiday movies, or while on the way to a holiday party so you aren’t tempted to fill up on things that are bad for you! They are also great post workout when you are trying to not only stay active but snack well too!

To find where you can purchase Goodnessknows near you, please follow this link:


Tip 3 – Prioritize the Important Things

Sleep, eating well, green veggies, workouts, and time with family. These are my priorities all year round and while some of them may slack during the holidays with the hustle and bustle of everything I think making time for the important priorities are what keep us healthy. Both mentally and physically. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and make sure you stay really active. Staying active really makes you feel good and keeps you healthy. This is a time of year that it can be so easy to get sick. So treat your body well!


What are your tips for staying active during the holidays? I would love to know!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of goodnessknows. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • 18 thoughts on “Tips For Staying Active During The Holidays

    1. Divya @ Eat Teach Blog

      It’s like you wrote this post for me.
      I have seriously been lacking in the activity department and it’s making me feel so BLAH.

      I know the weather is no excuse because I can do something at home. I just feel like, in the moment, it feels better to stay bundled up on my couch!

    2. Amber

      I get to be so “all or nothing” it is a good reminder to just jump into a quick workout everyday.

      I love those bars. I am picking up some this week for my stocking stuffers.

    3. Jolina

      Oh dear. I have not worked out in a while. And with all the holiday baking I’m doing, I’m eating so much I could cry (tears of joy of course haha). I really should start to schedule that back in. Staying active is very important, especially in the winter when we tend to hibernate!

    4. Michelle

      It’s hard for me to keep my good habits during the winter. The cold weather here makes it even tougher but this year I’m trying to be more active and I’m also getting so many things done.

    5. Mary Barham

      So I did so good (diet and exercised) up until Thanksgiving 🙁 I have been so unhealthy and you have motivated me to not let these holidays cause me to get off my health streak. Going to have to try goodnessknows!

    6. Denise C

      I’ve been way off track since school started back up in September. I’m planning to get back into the swing of things after I get through all of this holiday junk.

    7. Olivia Morris

      I have a hard time all year long. I love food, it is my downfall and then I suffer from arthritic knees and hips, so moving is difficult. I used to walk and swim to stay active, now I can do neither…It really is hard.

    8. Anna nuttall

      Thank you for this post, I should show this to my mum. Her excuse during the holidays is by not being very active and doing bugger all. I will look out for those granola bars to try out. xx

    9. Lexi

      I have totally slacked on working out. I’ve been so drained from all of the holiday events that we have had for 4 weeks straight now. I’ve been doing really good at sticking to my Herbalife diet so I don’t feel too bad about splurging on the weekends!


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