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Together Time Activities For Families

Baby/Parenting · Sponsored Post · April 30, 2020

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I would say the biggest bonus of quarantine has been all the time we have spent together as a family. When life is “normal” it’s so easy to get caught in the day to day routines and not take as much time together. This time has given us both time to focus on each kid separately and as a family together. Liam, my 3-year-old especially. Today, I am sharing some of our favorite together time activities for families that we have really loved doing!

Together Time Activities For Families

Walks: I guess if we are going to have a quarantine I’m glad it happened during good weather. We have been taking multiple walks a day as a family. I usually put Charlotte in my Lillebaby carrier and Liam goes in his wagon or walks with us. We love to explore the neighborhood and look at flowers, trees, and see what people have put in their windows. Our neighborhood has been doing an activity each week of putting something fun in the windows for kids to find (clovers, rainbows, animals, Easter eggs, etc).

Backyard Time: We spend HOURS in our backyard every day. We invested in a playset for Liam a few months ago and he loves to play with his Little Tykes baseball, golf, basketball, and soccer goal. We also LOVE to use our bubble machine and run around chasing bubbles. Sidewalk chalk has also been a huge family favorite and we love seeing what other neighbors have been doing on their sidewalks as well. Someone in our area even made a hopscotch the length of several houses with sidewalk chalk recently!

Art: Liam is a HUGE fan of art projects! Some of our favorites are the Water Wow books (a mom’s favorite because little mess), sidewalk chalk as I mentioned above, finger painting, and coloring books.

Reading Books: Something we love no matter what in this house is reading as a family. The four of us get in Liams bed and read books together every night. Liam and Charlotte both LOVE books and we love seeing their eyes get big with each story. A favorite of all four of us is “Guess How Much I Love You.” I honestly have it memorized by now.

STEM Activities: One thing that is really important to us STEM activities. Andrew and Liam do a lot of these together because it’s a huge passion of Andrew’s as well, and seeing them play together and work on projects together is wonderful! Puzzles, Magnatiles, and Science projects are their favorites.

Family Picnics: A really fun thing to do with kids is to have family picnics. We just do these outside in our yard. That way you are being safe but kids still really enjoy it!

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I would love to know what kind of together time activities your family has been doing lately?


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  • 8 thoughts on “Together Time Activities For Families

    1. Stephanie

      We’ve been spending a lot of time outside, too! In the backyard its been a lot of time in the sand table. Or we go for walks while the boys are on their scooters. I want to teach my youngest to ride his bike soon.

    2. Melanie williams

      I am loving all your ideas. To be fair we have been spending so much time outside, as we have been lucky with the weather x

    3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I wish my grandson would spend some time outdoors but because he watches the news with his mom, he keeps saying “No play outside. The corona virus is there.” My daughter keeps him entertained with books and arts/craft activities. Hopefully this crisis is over soon!

    4. aisasami

      Awesome ideas for together time. I don’t much of a family as I live by myself but I bet you moms and dads will find this post inspirational!

    5. Nati

      These are definitely some great ideas for spending time together during the quarantine! Having a backyard is definitely a blessing, we don’t have this luck. Going out every day was not an option for us as my boy is extremely allergic to pollen this time of the year, he gets asthma crisis because of it, and right now it’s not the best time to rush to the ER,. Well, we’ve been mostly doing things indoors, including workouts, dancing, playing building games, board games, and crafting.

    6. Clarice

      Love these ideas. Being in quarantine gave us lots of time to be with family. I love the idea of doing STEM activities. It’s the perfect way to combine learning and fun. 🙂


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