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May 2020 Goals

Happy May! Hopefully, when you are reading this, things are starting to look up for everyone. It’s time to share my May 2020 goals, but before I do I want to share a look back at how April went!

May 2020 Goals

What I wanted to do in April…

  • Continue workouts, WW, and 10K steps daily: Yes I am less than 20 lbs from my goal weight!
  • Read 4 books (now that Charlotte isn’t up at night I don’t feel as tired): I actually read 8 books this month!! Let’s just say I got into a reading groove.
  • Work on having a date night at home once a week with Andrew: Haha well we tried. We did spend a ton of time together and watch 2 documentaries!
  • Post more to Instagram: Huge fail on posts but much better on stories
  • Work on Pinterest growth and scheduling: I would say I did fair on this
  • Work on May blog content and get it scheduled: Yes this is done
  • Go through my closet and purge clothes/shoes: yes but I am not done yet
  • Re-organize Liams clothes and purge: I did his drawers but not the closet
  • Try to find an online music class I can do with Charlotte: Fail
  • Work on Liam’s homeschool work in a more organized way: Major fail. I mean we are trying but missing school is hard on him and I am trying to not push him

What I want to do in May…

  • Continue workouts, WW, and 10K daily steps and also lose 6 lbs
  • Read 5 books
  • Work on reorganizing my Pinterest boards and deleting boards that are no longer relevant
  • Figure out summer at-home activities for the kids (my assumption is we won’t have camps)
  • Try to find a swim class for Liam and Charlotte once it’s safe
  • Work on summer blog content
  • Do something special for my mom for Mothers Day
  • Have at least 2 at-home dates with Andrew (without phones)

What is one of your May 2020 goals?


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  1. Happy May! I’m so excited for you – you’re going to hit your goal weight soon! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 5.1.20
  2. chelf wrote:

    Ah, the goal is to survive the month hahaha kidding! My goal is to keep up the good habits I got during quarantine and finish my book 🙂

    Published 5.1.20
  3. Jessa wrote:

    I need to organize my pinterest boards and delete some of them too. This has been on my to do list forever.

    Published 5.1.20
  4. Stephanie wrote:

    I think you did well on your goals considering everything going on. For my boys, we had to get in a school routine to get everything done. By 7:45 we are watching the “school news” that they send out every day then sit down, focus, and have our school work done by about 9am. The rest of the day we have a loose schedule, but school is always first thing in the morning here.

    Published 5.1.20
  5. Thank you for sharing your inspiring goals. April went by fast and our “new normal” put a spanner in the works of whatever we have planned out.
    Hopefully, we plan to do better in May especially in the workout and diet area.

    Published 5.1.20
  6. Maysz wrote:

    Wow sounds you made your goals last month. May is my anniversary month and my plan is gain more traffic and improve more

    Published 5.1.20
  7. Melanie williams wrote:

    Wow you are busy and clearly really organised to have all your May content done which is great…go you xx

    Published 5.3.20
  8. Bree wrote:

    I wish I could read 4 books in a month. So far it takes me about a month per book if I am really into it.

    Published 5.3.20
  9. I love these ideas. I’m going to make Pinterest one of my May goals too. I really want to delete pins and boards that aren’t relevant anymore, as well as clean up all my computer files. Especially get rid of photos that are blurry.

    Published 5.4.20
  10. Elizabeth O wrote:

    Frankly, I need more sleep. Battling bacterial pneumonia for 3 weeks kept me up. Thank God I’m better now and I’m doing fine on everything else. Kudos for your accomplishments. One of my goals for May is stay grateful.

    Published 5.6.20