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Travel Essentials

Beauty · Fashion · Travel · April 6, 2016

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Who doesn’t love travel? I think planning vacations may be one of my favorite things to do. Andrew and I are both huge traveling fans, and when we started dating we had our first vacation together planned before we hit the one month mark! Since we travel pretty often, I wanted to share my travel essentials that I do not think I could live without! A lot of these are warm weather specific, since you know it’s April.


    • A Great Bag:Β I swear by Madewell totes for travel. The Transport Tote and Transport Zip Tote are my go to’s and this charcoal color is calling my name. Seriously, if you named my closet it would be called 50 shades of gray because 75% of my clothing and accessories are gray. Also BOTH Madewell Totes are on 25% off sale if you use the code INTHEFAM here
    • Skincare Must Haves: When I travel my skin gets super dry. This When Travel Mask is my holy grail. I usually do one before and after a trip, and I am telling you, you can’t beat the price and the result. I also swear by the First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller. Not only do I use it on flights but every single morning in my non-travel life.
    • Easy Basics: I discovered these soft shorts at Target before our cruise and I now own them in four colors. But what I love is you could wear them over a swimsuit to the pool. You could also wear them casually out and about or dress them up with a silk top, heels, and a great bag for a night time look. These are also great for travel because the material makes them take up hardly any space in a suit case. WIN! These basic tees from Madewell are great too. You can find them on sale a lot of the time and usually a few colors will be on sale if you go into the store. They are super versatile and I have them in six or seven colors. Β In fact select colors are on sale NOW! Hurry!
    • Comfortable Shoes: Comfort is key for travel. Not only for city exploring, but for airports, cruise ship walking, hotel exploring, or venturing to the pool. These super cute slide on sandals from Old Navy are the best. (ON SALE NOW!) I have them in brown and black and you really can’t beat the price. Plus they are BEYOND comfy. No breaking in at all. Just easy, comfortable and stylish. I am also obsessed with Tieks. I have two pairs, light pink and navy, and I always travel with at least one. They are great all year round and because they fold and take up very little packing space.
    • Keep Warm: I have to travel with a Lululemon Scarf. They are massive and they can double as a blanket on flights. Since I am always freezing on flights they are perfect. They fold easily into a carry on tote and the material is fantastic. They come in a ton of colors. This spring color combo is my current favorite.

Of course these aren’t my ONLY travel essentials. If you want to know what my carry on essentials are check this post out. I plan to share a lot more travel centered posts in the coming months so get excited and please comment below with anything you’d like to see!

What are your travel essentials?

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  • 50 thoughts on “Travel Essentials

    1. Lindsay

      That eye roller looks so nice, but I’m most excited about those Madewell tees!! Thanks for posting about it – heading there to buy 1…or 7 : )

    2. Katie

      YES YES YES YES YES!!! I LOVE to travel! For me it’s definitely all about the layers, you never know if your plane will be hot or freezing!

    3. Jaime

      Those shorts look amazingly comfortable (and I may need them for more than traveling.) Comfortable shoes that I can slide on easily are a necessity of mine when traveling. (As are running shoes. I always, always have running shoes and clothes if I’m traveling.)

    4. Ashley

      I have been thinking about getting a pair of Tieks. The more I see people raving about them the more I just want to take the plunge and grab a pair!

    5. Jaz

      I’ve wanted a pair of Tieks for a while now, but couldn’t justify the purchase…well now I can. I always forget how much space flats can take up in a suitcase until it’s time to start packing. I could throw a few pairs of Tieks in my carry on and call it a day. Thanks

    6. Cori

      For me, travel essentials aren’t clothes. I’m pretty much fine with whatever I bring, but for me, I HAVE to bring my knitting, my journal, and whatever book I’m reading.

    7. Grady

      My husband and I are planning a summer trip right now so this post is very appropos (although, of course, the trip itself isn’t for ages, but hey! I’m a planner!)

      I’ve never been able to bite the bullet on getting a pair of tieks – I’ve heard they’re worth it but I’m just so skeptical! It sounds like you like them, though, with two pairs? Hmm… maybe I’ll have to check them out πŸ™‚ Also YES to First Aid Beauty! Love them!

      Have a great trip!!!

    8. Hannah

      Yes to Madewell bags!! I’ve had my unzipped for years (they changed the monograms and I’m bummed about it) and just got the zipped mini about a year ago. I swear by a zipped purse traveling. One of my best friends had her passport nabbed out of an unzipped bag in Paris. Great post!

    9. Roslyn Tanner Evans

      Great post for basic travel essentials. for daytime wear. I assume you will or have done going out travel clothes. As jewelry designers, we have written a few blogs about what jewelry to pack. It is so helpful to our readers to get ideas from experienced travelers. Sometimes it comes thru trial & error. We cruise a lot so I do bring dinner clothes, black pants with great tops.

    10. Chrissy

      I love that tote and I think I might need a pair of Tieks! I have been seeing them all over the internet lately and they just look so comfy!

    11. Aishwarya S

      Definitely true! I don’t understand how some people travel with glittery clothes and heels! I’m just in an over-sized t-shirt and shoes! Worth reading piece! πŸ™‚

    12. Emily Smith

      Tieks are literally the most amazing flats ever! I love that you can squish them in your purse and they are always there for you. Terrific round up of essentials for travel, will be saving this!

    13. Catherine Short

      My favorite sandals are saltwater sandals as they look good dressed up or down and can get wet. But since I’ll be traveling quite a bit in the next month and I recently invested in a pair of cute but more supportive trainers.

    14. Mistle

      I love to travel. I go on vacation at least twice a year typically. Yes to a good travel bag! That is one of my essentials when it comes to traveling. Comfortable clothes are also a must and so are comfortable shoes. All great picks for your travel essentials!

    15. Naomi

      I would love a pair of tieks! So cute. Comfortable shoes are super important when you travel, but of course you want them to be cute too!

    16. Sheryl

      I’m traveling next week and this post came at the right time. I’ve been debating on a pair of Tieks. I’m a heel girl and flats are often not comfortable to me but everyone swears they are great. I may just break down and get some.

    17. Sarah

      I love shorts like that! They are so comfy but you are able to look trendy! I have been eyeing a few of the Madewell bags but haven’t yet pulled the trigger on buying one. I am torn between the light brown shade and the grey! These are great picks!

    18. Rachael Yerkes

      We travel all the time and I have to agree with some of your choices, especially the shoes. A comfortable pair is key for happy travel for me. Great list of must-haves.

    19. Siniciliya

      I love your list of travel essentials. I always take a lot of skincare products with me and I heard so many people disagreeing with me, but I prefer to look good than not to πŸ˜‰ you know what I mean

    20. Dana

      I always travel with a blanket scarf too because I am freezing on planes! I also bring my Kindle and a few magazines πŸ™‚

    21. Emily

      I love those sandals! I’ve had my eye on them for a while, so it’s good to know that they’re comfortable. I’ve been hearing a lot about Tieks lately. It’s cool that they fold up!

    22. Laura

      Great list! I actually just bought a pair of soft shorts because I’m off to the BVIs in two weeks and can only bring what I can fit into my lululemon backpack (yikes).

      My travel essentials definitely include a wear-with-all cardigan. I have it on on the plane and it can go with any of my outfits for keeping warm (which is so important!)

      xxox Laura @

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    24. Charlotte

      Awesome stuff! I’m leaving for 9 days in Amsterdam soon so have been checking out a lot of “what to bring” posts — and am excited to debut a new blanket scarf that I won recently in a blogger giveaway πŸ™‚

      Have a great week!

    25. Natural skin care by Revitol

      Traveling is stressful. Trying to look good while you’re traveling is pretty much on the top of the stress-o-meter. Thats why I am always using my anti aging moisturizer serum from revitol,its very effective for my skin:-)


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