Weekend Reading

After a busy last weekend and week I am looking forward to a nothing weekend. We don’t really have anything on the agenda and I am happy about it. Summer is definitely coming to an end soon – school starts a month from Sunday so we are savoring this non busy time. But first, weekend reading.

weekend reading

Weekend Reading

What we’ve been up to: Last weekend was really fun! We had a birthday party to go to, I had a really fun girls day out Saturday. We went to a new restaurant, bopped around some shops, and got drinks! Plus we were all home by 7PM. Win all around. Sunday I decided last minute to take Liam to his first movie in a theater. It’s been way too hot to do anything outside so this was a great solution. He was so thrilled to get popcorn and skittles and we saw Lightyear which was honestly pretty cute! It was such a special time. This week was pretty standard but I had a procedure done Thursday which I will get the results of hopefully this next week.

Articles I loved this week:

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The most anticipated books of July 

A beginners guide to practicing meditation

This show, Maggie, on Hulu looks so cute!

24 meals perfect for hot days

25 new releases over the next 2 weeks

A map of the world’s best restaurants

Amsterdam looks so good and I always LOVE David O’Russell movies

Great tips for dining out with kids

19 amazing books on Kindle unlimited

Sunburn relief

Great interview with Shannon Watts of moms demand action on fighting gun violence

Things on my wish list:

Not on my wishlist anymore because I ordered this week but this Stoney Clover Lane white belt-bag

LOVE the pink color of these sneakers

Blog posts you might have missed:

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What are you up to this weekend?

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