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Why We Prioritize Travel

Life · Sponsored Post · Travel · June 29, 2016

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When Andrew and I met nearly four years ago one of the first things we bonded on was our love of travel. We had both been lucky enough to do quite a bit of traveling before we met. Within a few weeks of dating we were planning our first vacation together. Since our birthdays are only one day apart it seemed like a no brainer of when we would go on our first trip.


Since then we have always prioritized travel. Why do we prioritize travel you wonder? Growing up I was a bit materialistic. I liked things. New handbags, new clothes, etc. Andrew has always been someone who loved experiences. I guess you could say over the past four years that has rubbed off on me a lot. Now for anniversaries, birthdays, etc I would much rather go on a trip than open a present. Partly because I work, so I anything I want to buy I usually just buy. I don’t need to wait around for a holiday to do so.

Our second wedding anniversary is this October and you better believe we are well underway in our trip planning. I do not want to disclose the location quite yet as there are a few details we have yet to finalize, but it’s a little different of a vacation than we have done before. Less go go go, more relaxing. Last year for our first anniversary we went to San Francisco, Napa, and LA.

Earlier this year we got an amazing opportunity to go to The Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Marteen with Princess Cruises. It was an experience of a lifetime that I will not soon forget! Anytime we get an opportunity to travel, no matter if it’s close by to Austin, or out of the country, we try to take it!



I know that eventually kids, and more and more responsibilities will make these travel opportunities less, so we prioritize travel now because we don’t want to have any regrets. We don’t want to look back and say “I wish we had gone to _____ while we could.” I have mentioned in a few posts about LISTERINE and their Bring Out The Bold campaign. To me there are very few things more bold than travel and adventure. Having those bold adventures with my husband is one of my favorite things about marriage.

A few items that help us prioritize travel and make it easier are:

  • Our joint finances spread sheet where we record all of our monthly expenses so that we can put money aside for travel.
  • Portable chargers, which guys if you do not have a portable charger, you are doing life wrong.
  • LISTERINE Pocket Packs because who wants to get off a long flight without fresh breath? These have been in my life for years and I keep them in every suitcase, purse, and even in my car console.
  • Great luggage: We actually found ours on Amazon before our honeymoon and it has been amazing!
  • Great home security so we can keep an eye on our house at all times!

There are other things too, but these are my favorites.

Do you prioritize travel? If not, what is something that is a huge priority to you in your life?

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  • 42 thoughts on “Why We Prioritize Travel

    1. Lindsay

      I’m lucky that my family prioritized travelling, as I have been able to travel all over the world and study abroad. Now that I’m having babies, it’s on a halt for now, but I can’t wait to bring my love of travel to my kiddos.

    2. Ashley

      We love to travel as well! We have been to California, Mexico a few times and the Bahamas together! We have a cruise planned in December as well! We also love our weekend getaways to the lake or beach.

    3. Alexis Luu

      Growing up, I never really had the chance to travel, but I recently went to Europe this past summer and it was absolutely amazing. I definitely want to travel more. Thank you for the travel tips!

    4. Ashley LaMar

      We do this too. My husband and I actually plan at least a long weekend trip every 3 months to get away and enjoy somewhere new. We are planning to go out to Cali in September.

    5. Cori

      Wonderful! I’m getting to be that way as well. I want experiences, not gifts. I’ll buy whatever I want/need when I want it, but saving up for an experience can take some time!

    6. Cassandra

      I loved this post! My husband and I bonded over our love of travel too – and even now, we won’t buy each other gifts for our birthdays or anniversaries and will choose to experiences and travel instead. Travel something that you have to make a priority if it’s important to you, it takes work, but it’s so worth it!

    7. Annie

      We love traveling! It’s something we definitely prioritize but lately we are slowing down and going on less trips in an effort to pay down debt and be grateful with our own lives here at home! (:

    8. Katie

      There are so many reasons to travel and see the world and experience other places and cultures (whether domestic or international) so I always think travel is some of the best money spent!

    9. MomJonz

      We are a family that loves to travel as well. We have kids, so it’s a family of 5. We always make sure to plan at least 2 trips per year. We want our kids to have experiences and see the world. My husband is a Naval Officer and we recently stationed in Japan. We explored and went to almost every port visit to meet him and explore even more. Travel is a must for us!

    10. Kelsie

      Yes, yes, yes! I am so pumped that you also want to travel over have material items. We are the same way. Adventures are fun and I love having this opportunity with my husband. Happy travels!

    11. Tia

      I definitely prioritize travel! Luckily my boyfriend and I have found some awesome deals! That plus credit card points have made traveling a breeze.

    12. Anne @

      We prioritize travel as well. I believe in collecting experiences and memories and not just “stuff”. I hope you’ll keep on prioritizing travel once you have kids as well. We travel a LOT with our kids and it contributes to our very special bond with them .

    13. Tina

      When we decided to have kids we agreed that we would always continue traveling…and share our love of travel with our kids. 9 years later and my kids have enjoyed Greece, London, Portugal, and many islands. It’s such a gift.

    14. Carmen Baguio

      I’m the planner and the hubs is more go with the flow. Between the two of us we have a good mix of trips, some detailed and some spur of the moment. We go overseas at least once a year and camp at least once a month. You’re right about it making for the best presents!

    15. Jeanine

      I love to travel! However we decided to have our family and then hope to do some traveling! It sounds like so much fun and I’m excited to experience it someday when the littles are grown!

    16. Breharne

      I love this post! Travel is definitely a priority in mine and my husbands relationship – I travelled a bit before we married and he is from another country. Now that we have kids travel is very high on our priority list, got to keep my in laws happy and visit once or twice a year! haha. And don’t worry travel doesn’t have to stop when kids come along, it just changes.

    17. Catherine Short

      My husband and I are the same way. Even when we haven’t had a lot of money we’ve found ways to explore nearby cities. We’ve been married 8 years and just replaced our first 32 inch TV…I always thought, that could be plane tickets!

    18. Kelly

      I totally agree with you. My husband and mine’s birthday are just 4 days apart too, so we always go somewhere to celebrate our birthdays. I love traveling, even if it means giving up the fancy things to gain experiences.

    19. Mistle

      Seeing that my boyfriend and I aren’t married yet and don’t have any kids, we also believe that traveling is very important to do. I believe that once we have kids vacationing as often as we want,etc won’t be as easy. Having good luggage is key for traveling! Of course also having a portable charger is key!

    20. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

      I have told my youngest that people should do things like travel when they’re young and the opportunity presents. I’d love to travel more but with kids, work and finances it just isn’t something we can prioritize.

    21. Chelsea

      I’m SO with you girl. We prioritize travel and we never feel like we can afford it, but it’s always worth it!! Memories last a lifetime- THINGS don’t.

    22. jamie

      We have always loved to travel, though having to purchase 4 plane tickets instead of just two, makes it a lot harder to g very often.

    23. Casey Oakley

      Travel is so important to us. My husband is French and I’m American and we’ve always been passionate about seeing the world. We’re lucky in that we’ve been able to travel all over the world with his job, but I’m hoping we can start traveling more with the kids now that they’re older.


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