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10 Beauty Products I Swear By

Beauty · March 30, 2020

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Today I am starting a fun mini-series on the blog! I am sharing products I swear by in several different categories: baby, beauty, books, podcasts, Amazon, athleisure, and more. The first one is the beauty products I swear by. These are ones I use pretty much every day and have for quite a while.

10 Beauty Products I Swear By

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask: If I had to pick one product on this list and only use that one forever it would be this mask. It’s a bit pricy but one will last you a long while. I use this 1-2 times a week and my face legit feels like I have had a facial. I use the Tata Harper exfoliating cleanser before.

Glossier Boy Brow: I have probably purchased this over 30 times. It’s the brow product I have used the most and recommend the most. It’s VERY price friendly and works great.

Alba Shaving Cream: This I somewhat stumbled upon. The first time I ordered from Grove Collaborative I added it to my cart and I haven’t looked back. It’s a clean product, leaves my skin soft, and is VERY price friendly.

Slip silk hair ties/pillowcase: I have talked about Slip silk hair ties and pillowcases a zillion times on here. I love them. I have used the pillowcase for well over a year every single night and the hair ties are the ONLY ones I use. I have a lot of them. They don’t crease my hair and my hair and skin have never been better.

Love, Beauty, and Planet body wash: This is the most recent find on here. A few months ago I was at Target and I needed body wash. I have used the deodorant from this brand before and I grabbed the body wash. Not only does it smell AMAZING but my skin is so so so soft after. I also love that it makes our entire bathroom smell like the beach.

Wander beauty mascara: I love a good mascara! I probably rotate through 12 at least. But this is my favorite. I go back to it over and over. It comes off easy too which is so good. I hate it when I can’t get mascara off.

Ilia True Serum Concealer: In an attempt to switch as many of my beauty products over to clean products I have tried several clean concealers. This is the best one. It’s VERY comparable to the NARS creamy concealer. It goes on very smooth and stays on. It also doesn’t crease.

Farmacy Eye Cream: I actually put this under the concealer for more of a smooth application. But even alone it brightens up my under eyes and it’s been a long while since I have had a full night’s sleep.

Naturopathica Gel Cleanser: I have been using this cleanser for nearly a year and it’s worth every single penny. It’s the best clean cleanser I have used. Note that I have normal to dry skin and it works great for me.

Ursa Major Vitamin C Serum: I have also been using this serum for a year almost and it’s my favorite vitamin C serum I have used. I noticed a difference in my skin almost immediately when I started using it each day.

I use a lot more products than just this but if someone came up to me and asked me which 10 products to buy I would say these. They are all so high quality and worth the money!  I am also linking some other favorite beauty products below!

Have you tried any of the beauty products I swear by? What’s one that you swear by?


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  • 17 thoughts on “10 Beauty Products I Swear By

    1. Shana

      I am definitely interested in trying out more Farmacy products. I also just got into loving Wander Beauty. I use their Nude Illusion foundation so I think it would be a good idea for me to put the mascara on my list.

    2. Holly

      I have been thinking about trying the Farmacy Eye Cream. Sad to say I’ve reached a point in my life when eye cream is something I am looking for!

    3. Stephanie

      I’ve never tried any of these, but could probably use a few! I don’t have much of a routine, especially right now. But I am trying to do better for myself lately so will be looking into a few of these.

    4. Maysz

      I love skin care products and I’m so interested to try the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask I would love to check this skin care product!

    5. Christa

      All of these products are new to me! I love treating myself to new skincare. Now is the perfect time to pamper myself with some of these.

    6. Elizabeth O

      I love trying new things even though I still have my favorites. It’s fun to discover new and effective products.

    7. pooja Malkani

      It is great that you have found what suits you! I think with beauty products, it is important that they suit your skin type. All these look amazing and I would really like to try them especially the Vitamin C serum

    8. Jennifer

      For Vitamin C, have you ever used Drunk Elephant’s serum? If you have, I would be curious how you would compare the two. Thanks!!


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