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April 2020 Goals

Inspire · Life · April 1, 2020

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Happy April Fool’s Day and happy April! It’s not only a new month, but it’s both Andrew and my birthday weeks! My birthday is Friday, and while we can’t do what we had originally planned I am enjoying a day at home with my favorite people. Obviously my March goals were written and posted before social distancing and shelter in place so some things were just not possible to do.  But I do want to share my April 2020 goals as well as how I did in March.

April 2020 Goals

In March I wanted too…

  • Continue with my workouts, WW, and daily 10K steps: Yep I feel like I did really great this month and lost weight even with everything going on.
  • Read 3 books: Yes I read 4. Not much else to do haha.
  • Have a date night with Andrew: No we really couldn’t have any dates with closures and staying at home.
  • Finish April blog content: Yep that’s done.
  • Sign Liam up for swim lessons for summer: No because we don’t really know what summer will look like with the current state of things.
  • Do more activities during the week with Charlotte: Charlotte and I were supposed to start music class this month but we weren’t able to with closures.
  • Work on Instagram story-ing more and sharing more about my day to day life: I do feel like I have done better here.
  • Work on plans for our summer trips: We still have our trips booked but will cancel them closer to depending on whats going on. So we haven’t done much in the way of planning activities on them.
  • Have more focused 1:1 time with Liam: YES! One great thing that has come out of being at home is the time I am spending with Liam.

In April I want to…

  • Continue workouts, WW and 10K steps daily
  • Read 4 books (now that Charlotte isn’t up at night I don’t feel as tired)
  • Work on having a date night at home once a week with Andrew
  • Post more to Instagram
  • Work on Pinterest growth and scheduling
  • Work on May blog content and get it scheduled
  • Go through my closet and purge clothes/shoes
  • Re-organize Liams clothes and purge
  • Try to find an online music class I can do with Charlotte
  • Work on Liam’s homeschool work in a more organized way

What is one of your April 2020 goals?

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  • 14 thoughts on “April 2020 Goals

    1. Mechelle

      Your list is so relatable! As a blogger, I can identify with having to schedule content and get more familiar with all the different aspects of social media platforms. I wish you happy writing and more date/1:1 time 😃😄

    2. Stephanie

      It’s amazing how quickly everyone’s plans changed in the last few weeks! I’ve also had to cancel soooo many things. Just yesterday I canceled a flight I had to go to Florida by myself for girl’s weekend with my family since I was going in 3 weeks. I just really hope that we can start to get back to normal in May and let the kids go back to school if even for a week or two to get closure on the school year. It sounds like you have some great monthly goals that still work while staying home.

    3. Holly Lasha

      I might steal a couple of your goals. Reading 3 books and having more 1:1 time with my older kids sounds like a great plan to me!

    4. Stephanie Parrell

      I used to do a post like this every month and I found it was a great way to keep me accountable! Planning my blog content ahead of time is a great way to get content organized!

    5. aisasami

      Awesome goals. I think my main goal is just living life one day at a time. It sounds so basic but in the world we live in right now, it Is the best thing we can do.

    6. Md Redoy Hossain

      Hi Neely,
      I really appreciate your goals. I think pre-planned is a great way to succeed. Thanks for sharing your lifestyle. thanks


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