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10 Great Podcasts For Women

Inspire · Life · May 20, 2019

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One of my favorite things to do is listen to podcasts. I talk about them A LOT! In fact I have tons of podcast related posts here. Today I am going to share 10 great podcasts for women. A lot of these have been mentioned, but I am telling you why I think these are specifically great for women to listen to.

10 Great Podcasts For Women

Be There In Five: This podcast is new to me but I’ve been binging! Kate Kennedy is hilarious! I also highly suggest following her just as great Instagram account! She interviews influencers, and all sorts of people, has great Taylor Swift theories and more. She’s a true boss!

The Glossy Podcast: This is one I found about a year or so ago. I love the interviews with really brilliant people in all areas of the fashion business. Interviews with the founders of companies, Influencers, and more.

Girlboss Radio: This is Sophia Amoruso’s podcast and it is so uplifting. I love hearing the stories of people in the girl boss arena. If you are a woman entrepreneur this is for you.

Asking For A Friend: This is Lauren Conrad’s new podcast. So far there have only been two episodes but I highly suggest any working mom especially, listen to this one.

Influencer Radio: This is a new show where Amber Venz Box Founder or Rewardstyle interviews influencers in the space. She is so smart and I am loving the interviews so far. I think this is a great podcast for influencers who really want to grow.

Girls Gotta Eat: Where have I been? This podcast is NOT new but I am a new listener. I have been binging it and Ashley and Raina are so funny, smart, and wise. They talk about dating, relationships, female friendships, sex and more. It’s empowering.

Along For The Ride: I have loved Jessica Sturdy’s blog for years and I love her Podcast even more! She is so so open and honest about life, influencer world, and I love the interviews she’s done.

Bad On Paper: If you love Grace Atwood’s blog and Instagram you will love this. Once a month they have a book club and the other weeks it’s interviews with people from Indie Lee, to authors, to other podcasters and more. She and Becca are so fun!

Long Story Short: This is one of my very very very favorite podcasts. Bobbi Brown interviews amazing people like Andre Leon Talley and Lauren Bush Lauren about their life, their work, and more.

The Balanced Blonde: If you need a podcast that really makes you look inward this is for you! I love following The Balanced Blonde and her podcast is so raw.

I would love to know what podcasts you find inspirational! Leave some suggestions for everyone below!Β 

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  • 23 thoughts on “10 Great Podcasts For Women

    1. Sheqo

      This is very informative, I’m working on some podcasts and its good to listen to some great ones for polishing up. thanks for sharing ❀

    2. Tiffany Meiter

      I never really considered listening to podcasts before, I sometimes get bored with music or its too early in the AM for it. These sound very entertaining to listen to.

    3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I have honestly not listened to any podcasts yet. I must be living under a rock or something! I guess I just don’t know where to start and how to start. Thanks for this list. I think they are really interesting. Once I free up some time, I will listen to Girls Gotta Eat first.

    4. Bree

      These all sound like great podcasts! I think my fav is the Long Story Short. I need to add that to my list!

    5. Fran Jorgensen

      I am a podcast addict! Thank you so much for sharing your favorite shows! Do you do Audible? I would love to know what’s on your reading list!

    6. Shannon Mahaney

      I’ll have to add these to my podcast list! I love listening to Skimm’d From The Couch by the founders of The Skimm. They interview female entrepreneurs about their careers. It’s pretty inspirational!

    7. Taci

      I just recently got in to podcasts. They are so cool! I have been listing to the do it scared podcast. It’s really interesting and she interviews cool people.

    8. Christa

      Yay! I listen to podcasts when I’m at the gym and have been wanting to try some new ones. This is perfect!


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