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10 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Life · May 13, 2019

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I love reading about the things people are into at the moment. I think it’s so fun to get a glimpse into someone’s head about the things they love. Today I am sharing 10 things I’m loving right now, and maybe you’ll find something new to love too!

10 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Follain: A few weeks ago I was invited to the Follain Dallas store and I got to meet the Founder + CEO of Follain Tara Foley. First let me preface by saying I am under NO obligation to post about this! I just really had an amazing experience and I want to share it. So if you are not familiar with Follain, Follain is a clean beauty store. There is a great website and happens to be a store here in Dallas. When I went Tara and I went over my current skincare routine and swapped a bunch of products out while still keeping some of the ones I was using. I plan to do an updated skincare routine post after I have used the products a little longer. BUT, I love that at Follain you can have them walk through your entire routine for skincare, body care, and makeup and find products that not only are good clean swaps but also work for your skincare goals.

Pineapple: So this is 100% a pregnancy thing but I tend to really want cold fruity things most of the time. Or I want complete crap, but lately I have been eating SO MUCH PINEAPPLE! Seriously I blame the sample I had at Central Market when we were grocery shopping.

The Challenge: So we don’t have cable and I tend to forget when shows are on now. So I missed an entire two seasons of the challenge. So now I am watching on the app and I love that there are people from so many shows now. Here for it.

Purging: We have been majorly purging and cleaning out the house getting ready for baby girl to join us this fall. I am LOVING getting rid of stuff. I have ZERO attachment to material items, so purging is not hard for me.

Barre: Being pregnant I am trying to listen to my body as far as working out goes, and my body is craving more barre. I am so happy to be back doing barre a few times a week and remembering why I fell in love with it almost 10 years ago!

Fabletics Sports Bra: I recently worked with Fabletics on a sponsored Instagram campaign, however this blurb is NOT sponsored! I fell in love with a sports bra I got and I have since purchased 2 more with my own money!

Amazon Prime TV Shows: I have had Amazon Prime for going on 9 years! I rarely take advantage of Amazon Prime Video. Lately though I have been. I rewatched Newsroom and now I am rewatching Big Love. They also have Dawson’s Creek. So many great shows on there!

Popsicles: Another pregnancy thing. Andrew bought some amazing strawberry popsicles and I am obsessed. I need to try the other flavors he raves about.

Succulents: This has been a something I am loving for a really long time but I am loving decorating with succulents. I picked up a few more recently and I love how they look it our kitchen.

Lauren Conrad’s New Podcast: Lauren Conrad’s new podcast made it’s debut last week and I am LOVING IT! It’s called asking for a friend and it’s so great.

What is one thing you are loving right now?

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  • 17 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Loving Right Now

    1. Shannon

      Succulents are great but hard work, I have had one for a while that I was sure it was dying. I decided to up its water and see if it helped. Turns out it growing little versions of itself. Moral of the story donโ€™t throw them out unless you are really sure they are gone, because they could just be having babies.

    2. Bree

      Pineapple is always so good in the spring and summer! Have you ever grilled it and put teriyaki sauce on it? It is literally better than candy!

    3. Stephanie

      I love pineapple, and it’s not a pregnancy thing for me! I just started watching the show How To Get Away with Murder on Netflix and I am really enjoying it so far. I already watch all the other Shonda shows, so decided to start this one now, too! I tend to forget to look on Amazon Prime video too, but did recently watch all of Downton Abbey on there for the first time!

    4. Jessica

      We are always into Amazon Prime! We can always find something to watch on there. Not a huge fan of pineapple but I can’t resist a pineapple upside down cake!

    5. Snehal

      Heyyy congrats on being pregnant! By the way i enjoy amazon prime tv shows too! I literally binge watch some shows sometimes! ๐Ÿ˜€

    6. Becca Wilson

      I have definitely been purging so much in my household. We have rented the same space now for five years and it seems like we just keep accumulating more and more stuff.

    7. Christa

      There are so many great things here for me
      To try! Going to grab a popsicle and listen to LCโ€™s new podcast. ๐Ÿ˜€

    8. Fran Jorgensen

      I am currently looking for a good sports bra so I love the fact that you have chared about your experience with fabletics! Too often bras claim to be sports ones but have no support whatsoever.


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