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10 Things To Do When You’re Stressed

Life · May 24, 2019

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I am not someone who deals with stress well. Last Friday I had a really stressful day. My business credit card was compromised (always a hassle), I hit a neighbors trashcan with my car, and just in general one annoyance after another. That’s what gave me the idea for this post. I want to share 10 things to do when you’re stressed that you can stop and easily do!

10 Things To Do When You’re Stressed

Vent: I usually vent to my mom or Andrew. When I am stressed I need to just get it out. Thank god I have two of the most understanding people in my life. Andrew’s first response is always “how can I help?” Ladies never settle, find a man who asks how he can help.

Meditate/Yoga: I love using the Headspace app to meditate to calm myself down or doing a 10 minute Yoga workout. My favorite on YouTube are from SarahbethYoga. Her channel is fantastic.

Go workout: If you are able to just say screw it and go to the gym. Running, or lifting will definitely get you de-stressed.

Eat something comforting: I’m sure not everyone will agree with this but you know what made me feel better last Friday? French fries. Sometimes you just have to have the fries, or the pizza, or whatever it is.

Listen to a song you love: Having a great playlist of songs that get you in a great mood is so helpful! For me right now that’s ANYTHING by Lizzo.

Listen to a podcast that will uplift you: You can find a bunch of podcast posts here. I love to listen to an uplifting podcast when I am stressed. Or even just a really funny one!

Read: I love to escape in a great book. Nothing is better than finding a new book to love. If you need some book suggestions I have tons here.

Go for a walk: Fresh air, birds, sun. A long walk or even a short walk can help! Even if you can’t go outside sometimes walking around your office building, or even around your kitchen island (yep been there done that) can help!

Cry: Cry it out! Feel your feelings. Emotions are important and they must be recognized. Sometimes our stress can be so great that crying is the only thing that will help and thats ok!

Let it go: You have to find a way to let it go and move on from the stress or find a way to work through it. If all of these things did their job that should help!

How do you alleviate stress?

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  • 18 thoughts on “10 Things To Do When You’re Stressed

    1. Stephanie

      I have been really stressed lately, too. I find that reading or going for a walk to clear my head helps a lot. And, of course, the comfort food!

    2. Tami

      Although I don’t like pausing life to do it, walking actually helps me. It gives me white space to think and a surge to get through what I’m facing upon return to my house.

    3. Bree

      Reading is always how I unwind when I am super stressed. I feel like it distracts me from all my stress and works really well.

    4. Christa

      There are so many great suggestions here. I love to workout when I’m stressed but sometimes I can’t make it to the gym. I’ve been trying to find something (other than eating) to do when I’m at home and stressed. But if some Ben & Jerry’s helps, them I’m grabbing a spoon!

    5. Clarice

      I think this post was meant for me because I am so stressed right now. (Haha!) So far, I have been listening to my fave songs and thinking of what to eat. Thank you for sharing these tips.

    6. Nikita dikshit

      Hi there,

      firstly, bunch of thanks to share your valuable knowledge with us.
      Actually i was looking for some health tips to manage stressed
      and eventually i came across your articel it was so descriptive & it was really awesome

      Thank you

    7. Courtney

      Ooooo so many great tips!!! I hate feeling all stressed out’nn Absolutely the worst feeling. I love doing something positive like working out when I’m feeling under pressure


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