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10 Ways To Make Your Day Better

Fitness and Health · August 29, 2018

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I think being anxious or waking up on the wrong side of the bed is so common. I know that with me, suffering from anxiety can mean my days start off on the wrong foot. For those of you like me or maybe if you have a day where traffic is rough, and you are just in a bleh mood I think these 10 ways to make your day better are JUST for you!

ways to make your day better

10 Ways To Make Your Day Better

Write down why it’s not a good day: Sometimes just writing down your feelings and letting them go can make you feel better.

Take a walk: If you are in an office setting especially just going outside for a few minutes and walking around or walking around your neighborhood and getting fresh air makes a huge difference.

Treat yourself to a good morning drink: It may be a Starbucks coffee, or just a warm tea at home. Whatever it is just enjoy it!

Stop and meditate: I have mentioned meditation about a billion times. But I can’t stress enough how much it can really help any kind of stress, anxiety, bad moods. I use Headspace and highly suggest using the free trial!

Put On Some Makeup: I don’t wear makeup everyday but sometimes even just a little makeup can make your day better because it may make you feel better!

Call your mom/best friend: Talking to my mom or best friend even via text can make such a huge difference. I know that venting usually makes me feel good just stating whatever was wrong even if it’s silly.

Look at a website/article that makes you smile: I have a few things bookmarked and a few blogs I read that always put me in a good mood. I also love Real Simple and their website is full of great articles!

Do something for someone else: How can you not be happy when doing for others? It will for sure make your day better!

Make the decision early on: “Today is a good day to have a good day!” Just repeat that to yourself!

Smile often/But cry if you need to: The more you smile and tell yourself it’s going to be a good day the better it will be! But if you need to cry that also may make you feel better!

What are some ways to make your day better that you use?

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  • 32 thoughts on “10 Ways To Make Your Day Better

    1. candy

      Get up 1/2 hour early and do something just for you. Think about something you can do for someone else. Might just be a phone call or email. Love all your ideas.

    2. Sarah Meh

      Thank you for your such a nice post. Anxiety is common and we should deal with it before getting late. After adding walk and sports in my routine I feel a great difference in my life. We should look for our happiness and do things that make us happy.
      I like your point of making a list of things that make our day bad so that we can work out on issues and solve it.

    3. Sara | mshealthesteem

      These are all such wonderful pieces of advice! And I appreciate that you shared the importance of acknowledging and working through any negative feelings. We can’t be happy every second of every day. It’s ok to have negative feelings sometimes and they deserve to be acknowledged and worked through. It’s good for our health (and really not good for us if we bottle them up).

      Once we get it out when can continue to focus on our positive mindset and move forward with awesome tips and advice like this 😊. I love it!

    4. Andrea

      I’ve just recently started taking a 2-mile walk in the mornings. It wakes me up and gets me motivated. It also gives me quiet time to think. And it forces me to get out of bed and get the day started!

    5. Kaitlyn

      These are really amazing tips for me to do the next time something bad happens that drags my entire day into the gutter. Hopefully I’ll be able to bounce back more quickly!

    6. Iris

      I like your to-the-point blog! These are great and simple ideas. I do a lot of them, but I never thought of the write down why it’s a bad day idea. I agree that sometimes we just need an explanation or to see it in writing. Wish I had seen this yesterday, haha.

    7. Hillary

      These are awesome! Putting on makeup really helps me if I’m having a bad day. Even some bright red lipstick. There’s just something about it 🙂 thanks for these! I also like the first one about writing down why it’s not a good day. What a great way to process things.

    8. Honeycomb Moms

      When my 8-month-old gets whiny, I’ve started just sitting in the grass with him. It helps me switch up his environment, and it definitely makes my time less stressful. Going for a walk is a good one too.

    9. karen

      these tips are great and manageable. I will definitely work my best to implement these. calling my best friend to vent always does the trick

    10. marie

      What a great list. I work in the office at a greenhouse, so whenever I need a pick me up — I do a lap out there and it’s amazing how seeing the growing plants can lift my spirit and clear the negativity or heaviness away.

    11. Dogvills

      When I feel sad anxious or depressed, my instant mood lifter is watching a funny movie. That really works for me. I will try these other suggestions you listed next time.


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