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Weekend Reading Vol. 6

Weekend Reading · September 1, 2018

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Well I should be saying hi from South Carolina but we had to last minute cancel a trip! I am super sick with a sinus infection and Liam with his 3rd ear infection since June!  But I wanted to pop in and share this weekend reading for those that may be reading blogs this holiday weekend. I wanted to take the long weekend off mostly so that’s why I haven’t had posts the last 2 days and I don’t intend to Monday! See you all Tuesday!


What We’ve Been Up To: As I mentioned about Liam and I were sick this week. Thankfully he felt well enough to go to school since he wasn’t contagious. The most exciting thing I did this week was get a haircut and watch the season finale of Younger! Hoping for a relaxing and restful weekend and getting to finish a book I am loving!

Articles/Posts I Loved This Week: 

Interesting Article on How Daniel Wellington built their Empire

These tweets were so good

If its hard for you to only buy one thing at Target you may relate

Have you tried any of these products?

This article really resonated

I can’t even explain how excited I am about The Hills

On My Wishlist:

Super cute everyday purse from Nordstrom Rack Love this color for fall

Adorable PJs

Cutest Pullover Under $20

Love these leggings for 40% off!

What You May Have Missed:

10 Baby Gifts We Used Most

Why Your Kids Should Drink Horizon Organic Milk

10 Ways To Make Your Day Better

What is on your weekend reading list?

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