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10 Ways To Save Money For The Holidays (Why To Start Now)

Finances · Sponsored Post · October 16, 2019

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I know, I know—the holidays aren’t on your radar yet, but hear me out. We are deep into October, meaning Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner. For us, that means family functions, class parties, events with neighbors, etc. Next thing you know, it’s Christmas, and you’ve blown through your budget. You’ll tell yourself “OK next year I’m going to plan and save better.” To that I say, why not start this year with my ten tips to save money for the holidays. Because really, you should start now (if you haven’t already).

10 Ways To Save Money for The Holidays

  1. Sell clothes/shoes you aren’t using:
    This is my favorite way to save money because let’s be honest, we all have stuff in our closets we aren’t using. Do you have sunglasses from three years ago that are in great shape but you just don’t wear them? Sell them. What about all those workout clothes you no longer use? Sell them. You could easily come away with $300-$400 if you want to. Pro tip: sell in local garage sale groups over resale stores. You make way more money.
  2. Cash in gift cards:
    Have you ever received a gift card to a place you’d never shop? You can cash them in at a gift card exchange, or even sell them online.
  3. Take on odd jobs:
    Dog walking, babysitting, house sitting, etc. These things pay well, and you can do them in your spare time.
  4. Work on your side hustle:
    Do you knit? Bake? Sew? Craft? This is a great time to start selling. People are always looking for unique gift ideas. Cash in on that!
  5. Work on your credit:
    If you aren’t working to improve your credit, there’s a chance it could head in the wrong direction, which is practically like throwing away money in higher interest rates. Lexington Law can help you understand what your credit is and how you can work to improve it. With credit coaching, credit monitoring, credit repair and more, they can help you get the credit you deserve—which could save you a lot of money in the long term.
  6. Have a set amount go to a holiday savings account:
    This is one of the easiest ways to budget. Send a little money every month to a savings account and BOOM! You’ve saved all your holiday money without having to do anything.
  7. Stop buying water/coffee:
    Use reusable mugs/bottles and stop overpaying for bottled water and coffee. Doing this can potentially save $50 a week, which is $200 every month!
  8. Utilize free services:
    Your library is a great free service to use. Books, movies, even magazines can be found there. You could save a ton that way.
  9. Cut a few subscriptions:
    Auditing your subscriptions (which I have talked about before) is a great way to cut expenses and save money. Cutting even one or two subscriptions will give you plenty of extra money to put toward your holiday spending.
  10. Coupons:
    If you aren’t using coupons for everything you can you are basically just wasting money! From online shopping, to grocery stores, to craft stores, etc. Pretty much everywhere has a coupon. Most websites even have a coupon for first purchases. Heck, even Amazon has coupons on some items. I repeat—if you aren’t using coupons for everything you are wasting money!

If you haven’t noticed, we are all about saving. Having a toddler and a baby on the way our expenses are about to increase a TON! Plus, we bought a new house a few months ago. So any time we can save a few bucks we are all about it. I have been working with Lexington Law the past few months, showing you all sorts of things about saving money, improving your credit and more. When it comes to credit repair, no one knows more than Lexington Law. Going through your credit reports with someone who knows what it takes to address questionable items on your credit can make a huge difference in your life.

If you have any questions, you should call them a free credit report consultation. They’ll provide you with your FICO® score and show you up to five negative items hurting your score, all free. These types of things can be crucial to you during holiday time especially when money can be tighter.

What is something you do to save money for the holidays?

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  • 18 thoughts on “10 Ways To Save Money For The Holidays (Why To Start Now)

    1. Joline

      The holidays are definitely already in our radar. This way whenever sales come around we’re already buying gifts instead of having to buy them in bulk as a last-minute thing.

    2. Aurora Azon

      Great post girl! I should start saving my money for some Black Friday shopping (I take advantage of the good deals so I can buy my friends and family great gifts)!

    3. Stephanie

      So many great tips here! I already do most of them, especially using the library and I never buy coffee/water or anything else while I am out. I also have plans to go through all of our closets, including the playroom toy closet, to see what we can sell or donate.

    4. Marjie Mare

      These are all great tips that I can definitely benefit from. I am saving your post and I will make sure to follow these tips

    5. Christa

      My husband and I were just talking about our holiday budget! I try to work extra around this time and the extra money goes towards gifts.

    6. Flossie McCowald

      LOL my side hustle IS getting rid of stuff we no longer need!!! I participate in 6 seasonal children’s resale events/year in our area (3 fall, 3 spring) and I didn’t have as much time as usual to price/tag things for my first 2 fall sales, so I am gonna have a TON to bring to our beginning-of-November sale #3!

    7. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      These are all great ideas to have some extra cash this Christmas. We usually set up a garage sale to sell clothes, shoes, and small kitchen appliances we no longer use. My sons do some odd jobs around the neighborhood to save for an item they really want to purchase. I will have to look about cashing in those gift cards. That’s a good idea too.

    8. Melanie williams

      There are some really top tips here. Selling things you do not use is a great way to clear up and make cash x

    9. Marysa

      This is such a tough time of year with the holidays coming up. Thanks for the tips when it comes to saving. We are juggling extra bills like my daughter’s braces.


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