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11 Happy Habits

Inspire · Life · March 28, 2018

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Habits are something I am a huge fan of. Especially when they are happy habits. Today I am sharing 11 happy habits you should really make a part of your daily life.

11 Happy Habits

  • Say please and thank you: Something we all learned early on but I see fade as we get older. I love when people say it as adults. Says so much about them!
  • Say “bless you” when someone sneezes: It amazes me how much people don’t do it! Do it!
  • Open doors for people: It will make their day.
  • Smile at strangers: Same as above because you never know who needs a smile.
  • Buy flowers for someone: Your mom, sister, a friend. Just show them you care.
  • Leave your significant other a sweet note: It really shows how much you love them by making such a small effort.
  • Do the chores you hate: I hate taking out the trash but I know on the rare occasion I do it so Andrew doesn’t have to it means a lot.
  • Text a friend: Just to say hi and that you are thinking of them.
  • Call your parents: Like above, just to say hi and that you are thinking of them.
  • Feed your body well: The right foods, exercise, lots of water, it’s not only a happy habit but a healthy one.
  • Be nice to yourself: We can all be so down on ourselves. The best happy habit you can get into is to be nicer to yourself. Negative self talk will not help you ever!

These 11 happy habits when done often will seriously lift your mood and make others see how much you appreciate them, and how much you value yourself.

What happy habit would you add?

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  • 30 thoughts on “11 Happy Habits

    1. Krystin

      These are some great habits, I feel like I smile at strangers quite a lot lately but it’s not always reciprocated (Vancouver is like that) but thanks for sharing! I’m still going to smile 🙂

    2. Peter

      It’s crazy how the littlest things can mean so much and bring yourself or the one you care about so much joy. Great daily havits

    3. brianne

      This is such a great list of things to do on a daily. Even something to show your children as well. I am taking notes on this one for sure!

    4. Tami

      I often perform happy habits for other people; not so much myself. I think I will intentionally set out to feed my body well today.

    5. Jessica

      Great ideas that are simple, yet have a big impact! I am happy to report that I do most of these things, but think I could be better about leaving notes for loved ones, and buying flowers just because for friends or family!

    6. Clair

      Great list!! I love the smiling at strangers one. Not only are you making yourself happier by smiling, but you are sharing that same happiness with someone else. It is crazy how much one smile can change your entire mood and day! 💕

    7. CourtneyLynne

      What a great list!!! So many idea that are so simple to do. I will have to start doing a few of these more often


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