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3 Ways To Step Up Your Pinterest Game

Blogging · March 29, 2016

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Pinterest is something people love or they do not use. I don’t really know anyone in the middle. I personally have loved Pinterest from day one. I remember when my non-blogger friends started using Pinterest I found it so strange! Now it’s almost second nature for most people to consult Pinterest before their weddings, decorating their homes, or even trying a new recipe. Today I am sharing 3 ways to step up your Pinterest game so that you can rock it along with your other social media.



Join Group Boards: I am a part of a few Facebook groups dedicated to Pinterest. I highly suggest joining this one which is a great place to be added on to group board. Why are group boards good? Well think of it this way: A group board that has 25 bloggers on it all with different audiences means that if you pin something to a board anyone that follows any of those bloggers will see your pin. This can get you TONS of new followers. Plus there are great boards for anything: Blogging Advice, Fitness, Recipes, Parties, Holidays, etc. Since joining group boards, I have seen my followers increase by over 1,500 in just a few months!

Use a Scheduler: I use both Board Booster and Buffer. Board Booster which I have talked about before is great for scheduling pins at any time of day. They let you make some of your boards secret as well as public (it replicates the boards). Then you pin to your boards and it repins it publicly at the time you designate. This is free up until a certain point. So what has this helped me with?  I tend to pin things on Sundays or first thing in the morning. Well not everyone is on Pinterest at 6 AM. So I pin all the things I want to pin and Board Booster repins it at a time later in the day more people are on Pinterest and likely to see the pins. When I started doing this I saw a huge increase in my repins. Another great thing is that Board Booster sends you weekly updates with stats and analytics. I’ve also written about Buffer in detail before on a previous post.

Clean Up Your Profile: There are a lot of elements to this so let me break it down for you. First apply for Pinterest Rich Pins. Just go here! Next, make sure your profile matches your blog (Name, website URL, and the about goes with your blog). Then order your boards in the order you think make the most sense FOR your blog. For me, I have a board I pin every single post to called “From My Blog”, then I have the topics I blog about most: Fitness, Beauty, Blog Advice. Then I have other boards in an order that makes sense for my blog. That is a personal preference. Once that is done every few months I change the cover photo for each board so they all kind of match or flow well together. Again, this is a personal preference but I think it looks better and more professional when people do this. I also think it’s important to use the same profile picture on Pinterest as you do on your other social media accounts. Again a personal preference, but when brands and other bloggers are looking for you they will recognize the picture if it’s similar. So what do doing these things do? As I said they make things look more professional and have a better flow. If your boards are jumbled and don’t make sense people wont want to follow you.

So tell me what are you going to do to step up your Pinterest game?

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  • 55 thoughts on “3 Ways To Step Up Your Pinterest Game

    1. Kate

      My Pinterest game is so inconsistent – I’ll do great for several weeks, and then fall off, and then get back on track, and then slack off. It’s the one social platform I tend to forget about when I really should make a more conscious effort. In the past it’s made a huge difference in my traffic. Thanks for these tips! Will definitely save this away for reference. 🙂

    2. Trish

      I love Pinterest and use it all the time but have never used a scheduler … yet! I will certainly check out the ones you linked. Thanks so much!

    3. molly

      You mention you use both BoardBooster and Buffer – but don’t explain how you use Buffer or what it offers that you can’t get with BoardBooster. Are both critical to your workflow? Can you elaborate?

    4. leah herring

      I switched to Tailwind from Board Booster and honestly miss the functionality of BB but have seen better results with TW. Totally agree with all of these tips! I also move my boards around so that current holidays or trendy boards are at the top of my profile.

    5. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

      Great tips! I’m slowly but surely upping my Pinterest game this year and definitely seeing the payoff already! Scheduling has been HUGE for me, I use Tailwind for that and absolutely LOVE IT! Next on my list is to work on cleaning up my boards, which I hope to do in the coming weeks!

    6. Christine

      I heard that Board Booster is the way to go for scheduling on Pinterest. I have not had the chance yet to look more into it but plan on it. I try to be as consistent with pinning as I can. I heard that makes a big difference. These are some awesome tips and will also pin to my board. I always enjoy your posts.

    7. Katy

      Thank you for these tips! I can never understand how to use Pinterest, so I think I’ll have to set aside some time and figure out how it actually works!

    8. Naomi

      I’ve been focusing less on Pinterest lately. I definitely need to clean up my profile! I wasn’t really blogging when I first started using it and I had no strategy, but now its time to clean it up!

    9. Kristin Cook

      Pinterest is by-far my favorite social media. It doesn’t feel like “work
      the way other social medias do for blogging. I like smaller group board. I am not a huge fan of large ones. But I am attempting to use them more.

    10. Rebecca

      I just recently joined the blogging community, and managing all my social media accounts on top of writing blog posts feels pretty overwhelming. Pinterest is probably last on my list of priorities, even after i’ve heard all these great things about it. Thank you for writing this post. Although I still have a lot of work to do on my pinterest account now, I’ll look back on this article when i’ve got more pins.

    11. Leigh

      This is definitely helpful! I’m trying to start my blog now and am trying to figure out how to use pinterest to best promote it and get it out there. Thank you! Very helpful!

    12. Aryn

      These are great tips! I haven’t been very consistent with pinterest in the past, and have not hardly touched it the last few weeks. Inspired to get back into it after this post!

    13. michelle mink

      i see pinterest working so well for other bloggers but i get less than 10 clicks per month from pinterest

    14. christine

      I also saw an increase when I started using a scheduler. I’m confused at the new algorithm though, it almost seems like scheduling won’t matter as much. Have you heard this? I am in the middle of trying to research it.

    15. Lindsay

      Thanks for these tips! Since I have been focusing on Facebook and Instagram lately, I could use a refresh and push to up my Pinterest game.

    16. Mayra Murillo

      Pinterest is always on my to-do list for my blog. I am first to admit I am not on it when it comes to this part of my social networks. I really need to look into all these tips that you put out. I had no idea about rich pins.

    17. Olivia

      Thank you so much for this advice! I am new to blogging and am trying to be truly engaged on Pinterest. This is great advice!

    18. Kim S

      Can you tell me what the advantage is to scheduling pins on Pinterest? I totally don’t understand all of the ins and outs of it just yet.
      These are great tips, I’m going to apply for Pinterest rich pins for sure!

    19. Christine

      You’ve provided some genuinely interesting and informative tips about using resources that help boost Pinterest followers and repins. I am quite the novice at Pinterest, so I appreciate this helpful information.

    20. Brittany Bergman

      I FINALLY cleaned up and consolidated my boards, and I’m so much happier with them! I don’t do enough with group boards, so that’s definitely something for me to prioritize.

    21. Jenn

      These are great tips! Board booster has been a game changer for me. I’m always working on making my profile work well, and my boards neat and nice-looking.

    22. Emma

      Pinterest is one area that I’m really working on getting better at – these tips are awesome! So so helpful as I start making my way in the Pinterest world.

    23. Keating

      Pinned! I love this! I feel like I’m so horrible with Pinterest. I really need to clean it up and focus on it a bit more. Thanks for the tips!!

    24. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I used to be so active in Pinterest, however, I have fallen off and now I need to get back on track. Until recently, I found out that Pinterest is a powerful social media tool that can bring tons of traffic to your blog. Thanks for this eye-opener. I will start pinning like crazy again.

    25. Claire

      I’ve just started trying to grow my Pinterest! I’ve cleaned up my boards, and made sure to add the cover image for each board to be one that stands out and doesn’t have text. Now I’m just trying to find ways to get more followers!

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