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35 Blog Post Ideas For Moms/Pregnancy

Blogging · February 28, 2018

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When I was pregnant with Liam I loved reading other pregnancy and new mom blog posts. Since then I have written so many fun ones and I wanted to share some blog post ideas for moms/pregnancy if you want some new things to write about!

35 Blog Post Ideas for Moms/Pregnancy

  1. Weekly/Monthly pregnancy updates
  2. Weekly/Monthly baby updates
  3. Items you registered for
  4. Items you wish you had registered for
  5. Favorite newborn products
  6. Favorite baby products 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months
  7. Diaper bag essentials
  8. Most used baby gear
  9. Favorite maternity clothes
  10. Favorite pregnancy/baby books
  11. Tips on any baby topic (sleeping, breastfeeding etc)
  12. Pregnancy favorites by trimester
  13. Advice on PPD/PPA if you dealt with it
  14. Pregnancy snack ideas
  15. Marriage advice you find helpful for pregnancy/new baby
  16. Gender reveal
  17. Baby announcement ideas
  18. How you told your husband/family you were pregnant
  19. Your fertility journey if you have one
  20. Experience with infertility if you have one
  21. How you came up with your baby’s name
  22. Share about your baby shower/registry
  23. Share your nursery
  24. The best/worst parts of pregnancy
  25. A letter to your baby
  26. Yearly letters on their birthday
  27. Baby milestones
  28. Baby travel essentials
  29. Tips for traveling with a baby at _____ age
  30. A day in the life with your new baby/kids
  31. Seasonal bucket lists with your kiddos
  32. Favorite books to read to your baby/kids
  33. Helpful apps for pregnancy/baby/toddler
  34. Best baby gift you received
  35. A gift guide for babies/new moms

Well there you have it, 35 blog posts ideas for moms/pregnancy! Honestly I could have listen tons more so many I will do a follow up post! But if you are pregnant or a new mom you have tons of ideas of things to blog about now!

Is there anything you would add to this list?

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  • 21 thoughts on “35 Blog Post Ideas For Moms/Pregnancy

    1. Brooke

      Day in the life posts with kids at any age are always so interesting to read. Everyone has basically the same structure, all racing home for that mid day nap, but what other moms do with those waking hours fascinates me.

    2. Kristin Dennis

      Great ideas! I am currently pregnant with two others at home so I constantly have mom things on the brain but wasn’t sure if I would mostly be writing for me or others if I shared. These are some great topics that I know I would read if others wrote them!

    3. Jessica

      Thanks for all of the ideas! My kids are 2, 9 and 11, so I really like the suggestions about seasonal bucket lists, travel and gifts. Could use those ideas for my blog as well!

    4. Catherine Sargent

      These is a great list of blog post ideas and is a great resource for moms. I think you covered just about everything.

    5. Liz

      What a great list! Honestly, #34 is useful for anyone to read regardless of if they are pregnant or not 🙂 I always want to know new mommas’ favorite gifts so I can show up with some awesome and unique gifts at baby showers for my friends 😉

    6. Erica Ardali

      This is really good information for mom bloggers. It is easy to fall into a writing rut and not feeling motivated to write anything. I really feel like writing prompts help bloggers recharge their batteries.

    7. CourtneyLynne

      Oooo so many great blog post topics for expecting mamas! I didn’t blog when I was pregnant. It wasn’t until my daughter was 6mo old that I started

    8. Julie

      Thanks for the all the great ideas for blog posts about motherhood. I enjoy writing about my journey in motherhood/parenthood and love finding me ideas and inspirations.


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