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March 2018 Goals

Inspire · Life · March 1, 2018

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Happy Happy March! I feel like the year is FLYING by! Liam is one year old now, and we are hopefully on our way to spring! Before I get to my March 2018 Goals I want to share how I did in February.

March 2018 Goals

In February I wanted to…

  • Write thank you notes for Liam’s bday gifts– Yes I had this done 2 days after!
  • Organize Liam’s toys and purge/put in storage– Yes and no. Toys are organized but I am having a hard time purging.
  • Read 4 books. I read 7! I have no idea what got into me but I hardly watched TV and honestly just read for like 2 hours every night.
  • Have at least one date night with Andrew (Not Valentine’s related)– Liam got sick early in the month and sadly we did not get a date night in.
  • Take Liam on a fun birthday day adventure– we took him to the Aquarium and out to lunch!
  • Get my summer editorial calendar started– Yes I have so many great posts coming!
  • Do something special for my parents even if it’s small– I have something planned for my mom’s birthday next month!
  • Focus more on daily meditation– Yes I meditated ALMOST every day in February!
  • Continue to up my water intake– Yes doing so much better!
  • Focus more on yoga practice and consistently attend a class weekly at my gym– I found a class called ROOT and I have been going every Saturday this month!

In March I want to…

  • Read 5 books
  • Go on two dates with Andrew
  • Figure something special out for Andrew’s birthday
  • Celebrate my grandfather turning 94!
  • Work on Summer post ideas more
  • Reach 22K Pinterest followers
  • Purge/put in storage Liam’s baby toys
  • Wean Liam off of bottles completely
  • Go to Yoga 4 times, Barre 4 times
  • Go on more walks when the weather permits

What are some of your March 2018 goals?

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  • 24 thoughts on “March 2018 Goals

    1. Judy Dove

      Very simple and inspiring. I don’t write my goals for the month, I try to focus on weekly goals, and really I just like to put stuff on my calendar. Nothing more. I think I might start though. I’m becoming more goal oriented as I get older.
      I also think it’s more motivating to put it out there on your blog because you’ll put forth bigger effort. Nice job and good luck.
      Judy @sensibledove

    2. Tracie

      I’m sorry Liam got sick, but I’m glad he’s better. My birthday is this month so one of my goals is to relax and enjoy myself.

    3. ShootingStarsMag

      Great job on your February goals, and for reading 7 books! I really want to get more active this month – hopefully the weather will have some nicer days so I can get outside, but I’m also planning on joining the gym at my alma mater because it’s not too pricey and it’s month to month, which I LOVE.


    4. Alicia

      These are some great goals to have!

      March goals for me are:
      – Make more money
      – Celebrate our daughter’s 1st birthday
      – Celebrate our 10 year anniversary

    5. Monica

      Id really like to start meditating more. I worry about making it a goal because then Ill stress about it but it could also help me do it!

    6. Katie

      Have you attended barre before? I won a free month long membership to a studio around here and I went twice and just didn’t love it enough to keep going. It didn’t help that it was a 45 minute drive from me and if I was going to make that drive, I’d rather go to my yoga studio.

    7. Tami

      Okay, I have been setting 90-day goals and breaking them down into monthly and weekly mini-goals. However, I am falling short, so maybe sharing them on my blog will help me be more accountable. Thanks for the inspiration.

    8. Liz

      Great job on your February goals! I’m sorry to hear Liam got sick so you didn’t have your date night, but it sounds like Liam had a fun birthday at the aquarium 🙂 And I’m super impressed you read 7 books in February, awesome! Here’s to March being a great month – I can’t wait for beautiful spring weather for lots of walking and hiking!

    9. Claudia

      I am trying to get back to the gym everyday (I had foot surgery before Christmas and just got cleared by my doc to start sweating again!) and clear out my closet for spring!! Love these types of posts, I put my feb review/march goals up yesterday! 🙂

      Claudia |

    10. Clair

      These are awesome goals! I have some pretty similar ones as well 💕 Hopefully I can be more intentional this month and drink more water and enjoy my kids more on play dates!

    11. CourtneyLynne

      Ooooo awesome goals!!!!! I need to work on my Pinterest numbers too! I feel like it’s the one platform that grows at snail speed these days

    12. Jeanine

      What a fun idea. I need to sit down and write up some goals. I’d love to read a couple of books this month. Hopefully pass the time!

    13. Rosey

      I love to just sit down and read. It’s been awhile since I found a book I love, but I have a break coming up soon and will be shopping around.


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