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45 Holiday Blog Post Ideas

Blogging · November 14, 2016

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Well it’s mid November and those Holiday blog posts are starting to churn out. For those who may run out of ideas I am here to help! I am giving you 45 holiday blog post ideas today so that you can make it through the holiday season without having to scramble for posts!

holiday blog post ideas

45 Holiday Blog Post Ideas

  1. Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions
  2. Favorite Christmas Traditions
  3. What Holidays Do You Celebrate?
  4. New Years Eve Outfit Ideas
  5. Stocking Stuffer Ideas
  6. Christmas Wish List
  7. 2017 Goals
  8. Year In Review/Reflection
  9. Show us your holiday decor
  10. Share a Thanksgiving recipe
  11. Do you do an advent calendar? If so share it!
  12. Favorite holiday movies
  13. Favorite holiday TV specials
  14. Favorite holiday songs
  15. Favorite holiday activities
  16. Share a holiday dessert recipe
  17. Share a favorite ornament and the story behind it
  18. Do you send holiday cards? Share them with us!
  19. Christmas outfit ideas
  20. Thanksgiving outfit ideas
  21. Gift ideas for kids
  22. Gift ideas for friends
  23. Gift ideas for your significant other
  24. Share a holiday bucket list
  25. Share a new tradition you want to try
  26. Share a funny holiday story
  27. Share about your favorite New Years Eve
  28. Tell us your black Friday plans
  29. Share a memory from your favorite holiday as a child
  30. Do you shop online or in stores? Share!
  31. What is your favorite holiday dresses?
  32. Best gift you’ve ever gotten and why
  33. What kind of volunteering do you do during the holiday season? Tell us!
  34. Tell us about your holiday travel plans
  35. What are some local holiday things to do in your city/town?
  36. Do you celebrate anything extra special around holiday time?
  37. Share a holiday top 10 list
  38. Favorite Slow Cooker Recipe
  39. If you could invite 5 random people to a holiday party who and why?
  40. Write a letter to Santa
  41. Your go to gift ideas
  42. Best ways to stay calm and happy this holiday season
  43. Best kids holiday craft
  44. Best adults holiday craft
  45. Favorite holiday sales and steals

So there are 45 holiday blog post ideas! You will surely not run out of things to blog about from now until the end of the year!

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Will you be using any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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  • 64 thoughts on “45 Holiday Blog Post Ideas

    1. Lani

      I do love a good list. As an American expat living in Cambodia, I must confess the holidays really snuck up on me. I’m boiling over here! So thanks for the reminder and the good ideas 🙂

    2. Ali

      What a great list! I’ll confess that I’ve been scrambling to figure out what I’m going to write for my blog in the next month and how to time posts so they might actually be helpful.

    3. Leanna

      Yessss this is such a great list. I always have so many ideas months in advance and now that it’s almost the holidays i’m drawing a blank. You’re the bomb sharing all these great ideas!

    4. Keating | Why Hello Lovely

      So many great ideas!! I’ve been feeling so stuck with my holiday content lately. I went to create a holiday brainstorm and MAYBE came up with 5 holiday-related posts. It was so horrible. I was completely lacking in creativity for some reason. This is super helpful!!

    5. Thabina

      I am definitely going to be using some of these, I have been having bloggers block recently and this definitely helped!! So glad I found your blog too btw it’s so cute! Giving you a follow on Bloglovin’ 😉

    6. Carrie

      Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! The holidays are definitely upon us and all the stores here even in Norway are getting ready for Black Friday and Christmas.

    7. Lexi

      These are all great topic ideas! I actually have quite a few of these lined up for the next coming weeks. Can’t wait to see all of your holiday posts!


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