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5 Things I Would Tell Myself As A New Mom

Life · Mom Stuff · June 3, 2019

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I am in my second trimester for my second pregnancy, and while so much feels familiar, this pregnancy has been COMPLETELY different than my first. Part of that is chasing a toddler around and part is just different baby different feelings. I feel as a first time mom I was filled with so much anxiety and felt like I had no idea what I was doing. I know a lot of moms feel that way. Today I want to share 5 things I would tell myself as a new mom if I could go back.

5 Things I Would Tell Myself As A New Mom

No one has any idea what they are doing: I feel like as a new mom I had this misunderstanding that everyone else knew what the heck to do. I did not. Everything was trial and error. But every first time mom feels that way. We are sent home with these tiny humans who depend on us for everything and mostly we are all just winging it.

The baby will be fine for 2 minutes: My mom would come by periodically when I first got home from the hospital and I would run to pee or shower. As if I could not do those things if someone wasn’t home. Even if Liam was asleep. It took me a bit to realize if he was sleeping safely in his crib I could shower.

Take more time for yourself: Even if it’s to go for a walk alone when your husband comes home from work just do something for yourself. New moms put SO MUCH PRESSURE on themselves to be go go go and do do do but sometimes you need to go and do for you.

Your husband is there too: He can help! He can change the diapers, and feed the baby, and do the laundry, and make the dinner. You don’t have to do it all! Let people help you and delegate. If you need a break speak up. If you need a nap speak up!

Get out more: This is something I wish we had done with Liam and just that I had done. I had such paralyzing PPA (postpartum anxiety) that the idea of leaving the house terrified me. I was fine on a walk around the neighborhood but for some reason driving somewhere scared me. I wish we had taken Liam out to dinner more or traveled more because let me tell you those things are MUCH easier with a newborn than a toddler. I also wish for that reason I had just taken Liam to the mall, or Target, or anywhere more.

If you are a first time mom or even a second or third time mom just remember we all have no idea what we are doing. We are all doing our best to raise these tiny people and keep them alive. Give yourself some grace. I sure wish I had.

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What would you tell yourself as a new mom?

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  • 17 thoughts on “5 Things I Would Tell Myself As A New Mom

    1. Stephanie

      All of this! I think the most important I would tell myself would be to get up before the last minute so I have a bit of time to myself. When my oldest was first born, my husband would get up to get ready for work and get our son going a bit, too. I would sleep until he was walking out the door. It left me frustrated not being able to eat breakfast or do anything for myself because my baby needed me the moment I got up. When I started getting up even 15 minutes earlier, it made such a difference. Now that my boys are 4 and 6 I still need that few minutes before I hit the ground running.

    2. Jessica Fuqua

      These are true and if I were able to tell myself this, I would have. There is so much pressure put on being the perfect mom that you just have to realize you go with the flow. You’ll figure it out!

    3. Di Hickman

      Great tips, and so true, Many new moms get overwhelmed and it becomes so easy to cut yourself off from the outside world. Taking time for yourself is super important.

    4. Angela Tolsma

      I have watched most of my friends have babies these past five years and it’s been interesting to watch. Moms are way to hard on themselves is definitely something I have learned.

    5. Tonya Morris

      I so needed to read this! I am in my third trimester with my first and am starting to get anxious! Thanks for the great tips!

    6. Holly

      I agree that there is definitely a freak out period where you are afraid something will happen if the baby is out of your sight for a moment. I would often put my babies in a bouncy seat in the bathroom with me while I showered.

    7. Christa

      These are all such great reminders! Sometimes it can feel difficult to ask for help or need a break, but it can make such a difference!

    8. Fran Jorgensen

      I remember those early days all too well! I remember bringing my daughter in the bathroom and always thinking that I had to watch her every minute. Getting out is definitely a must for sanity. Thanks for this great post!

    9. Djebe Laws

      Relax, everything will be okay, that is what i would tell myself..I was so anxious through pregnancy i suffered from anxiety disorder…i was worried about everything and i realize it was for naught

    10. Lauren stewart

      Oh girl! I love this so much. It’s so important to be prepared and to also help others when you’ve gone through the process already. This will be such a blessing!

    11. Courtney

      I think all new moms need to get out more!!! You get so wrapped up in the Kim world that you almost forget to have a life of your own

    12. Stefany

      All of the above plus everything will be ok.

      Take it one day at a time… breath and cry if you need to. Take pictures everyday but more importantly be in the moment and don’t get caught up in the messy moments. It’ll soon be over!


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