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6 Ways To Stay Healthy

Fitness and Health · July 17, 2018

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I try to lead as healthy of a life as possible. I am in no ways perfect and every day is a new day to get it right! I want to share 6 ways to stay healthy so that if you are on any kind of healthy journey these can help you.

ways to stay healthy

6 Ways To Stay Healthy

Keep Track: I’m not saying to be obsessive about tracking food but just keep track. Did you eat a ton of pizza last night? Maybe have a salad today. Balance is important too! Keep track of your water intake too! I LOVE the Fitbit app because I keep track of my weight, steps, water intake, and exercise all in one place.

Try New Things:  New classes, new foods, new programs if you are trying to accomplish a certain goal like toning up or losing body fat.

Move Your Body: Walk, do some yoga, go for a quick run. Try to move your body every single day. It can be so easy to get complacent and not move around much. I like that my Fitbit reminds me to do 250 steps an hour. I try to do 10K steps a day and some days it happens and some days it doesn’t but I do try!

Drink Lemon Water: I have been on the biggest lemon water kick lately! I make a big Yeti full in the morning, at lunch, and mid way through the afternoon! So I have nearly around 90 oz of it a day! I have noticed my skin has been clearer and my digestion tons better!

Meditate: You may be asking why I included this a you wouldn’t immediately think of this when you think of staying healthy. But as someone who struggles a lot with anxiety I can tell you that meditation does help with your health. Mental health is health too!

Give Yourself Time: Time to make mistakes. Time for self care. Time for self reflection. Just time in general. Nothing happens overnight and we are all different and require different things.

Staying healthy is SO important. I know for me effects my physical, mental, and emotional well being. I make it a priority.

What are some ways to stay healthy you use?

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  • 17 thoughts on “6 Ways To Stay Healthy

    1. Sophia

      I just started a health coach certification program and I have been doing so much research on healthy habits and practices. I love this article! Bookmarking it to show future clients 🙂

    2. kaitertott

      I am always looking to add in healthier habits, while also embracing the pizza eating side of myself! Recently I have started taking a probiotic, and have really felt it makes a difference with my problematic stomach!

    3. Erica Schwarz

      I am in the middle of losing weight and trying to get my cholesterol down, so these are helpful tips. I find tracking food (I agree, not obsessively) and especially monitoring portion sizes works wonders.

    4. Leah

      I’m doing lemon water too. I found a pitcher on amazon that hold the fruit down the center. It’s worked great and I can refill throughout the day.

    5. Alyssa

      Lemon water is something I’ve been meaning to try, and your tip about the yeti is just what I needed to get me started! Thanks for sharing!

    6. Marie Altenor

      Very helpful tips. When i track my food i also track my mood. My mood always affects my eating habits.

    7. Sara |

      It’s absolutely incredible how much meditation can help to support your well-being. It’s so helpful when dealing with anxiety. It helped me a ton after my Graves Disease diagnosis and I continue to enjoy it to this day. I’m so happy you included it on your list! Thanks for sharing ♡

    8. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I am a firm believer in giving my body enough rest. Last week was too stressful for me and I wasn’t able to sleep well. I suffered from that with a nasty belly ache. My husband told me to drop all my work and get some rest. I had a full 9 hour sleep. Woke up and no more belly ache!


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