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9 Things For 9 Years + A Giveaway

Giveaway · Life · December 13, 2018

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9 years ago today I started my blog. Hard to believe I am about to go into my 10th year and have been blogging nearly a decade in this space. So many things have changed in that time. When I started blogging blogs were pretty plain and simple. Social media consisted of Twitter and that’s about it. The blog world is a totally different space and most of the friends I made early in blogging don’t blog anymore. But I wanted to share 9 things for 9 years, just random memories/fun facts/ etc. At the very bottom of this post is an amazing giveaway so check it out!

9 Things For 9 Years

  1. The font/color situation. When I was first blogging it was really popular to change the font and color of font in your post all the way through. It was also popular to align the post down the middle. Face palm.
  2. Blissdom was the first blog conference I went to back in 2011. The last time Blissdom was held was 2013 and it’s coming back next year. You bet your booty I’ll be there. Blissdom completely changed my life!
  3. I used to not be private about any part of my life. I feel like I naively shared TOO much on my blog early on. Once I got married I really pulled in and kept personal life personal. We don’t share Liam or much about our families because we really want to respect their privacy.
  4. Friendships. I have a really hard time trusting people and always have. Some of my greatest friendships however, are ones I made in this space. Some of them still blog. Some do not. Some I talk to daily some I do not. But these are girls I trust with my life.
  5. My husband. Did you know that not for blogging I would not have met Andrew? True story. One of my friends I made in this space made Andrew and I happen! Thanks, Sar!
  6. Travel. Some of the best travel opportunities I have had have been because of blogging. Traveling to Tampa, Chicago, New York, BVI, Bahamas, St. Marteen. So many cool places I have gotten to visit thanks to this amazing space.
  7. Support. The support I have been giving through so many hard life circumstances amazes me. People I have never met in person reaching out and being so loving, caring, and supportive. It really makes me see the good in people.
  8. Relationships with brands. Because of this space I have gotten to work with so many of my favorite brands and build amazing relationships and friendships because of it. I have gotten to see the backend of how so many brands work and develop products. For this I am forever grateful.
  9. Staying home with my boy. Because of this job that I love so much I have been able to stay home with Liam. I have gotten to see every first and not miss a moment! I am forever grateful to YOU guys reading this blog because without you all of this would not be possible.

To say a BIG thank you I am giving away two great things. I truly could not do this without you guys so this is just a very small token of my appreciation!

I am giving away a $100 gift card to ANYWHERE you want! You decide! I am also giving away THIS Chappywrap blanket! It’s worth $129 and the coziest thing ever! One of my favorite things in the world. Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter! I will announce the winner on the widget within 24 hours of the giveaway ending and email them. They will have 24 hours to claim before I pick another winner!Β 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  • 179 thoughts on “9 Things For 9 Years + A Giveaway

    1. Kimberlee Powell

      Thank you for the giveaway! I love a good snuggly blanket and gift cards are fabulous too (make mine Target) πŸ™‚

    2. Ann F. Snook-Moreau

      Wow, congratulations! It’s nice to hear a success story like yours. Here’s to 9 more years and more!

    3. Christina Gazda

      I’ve been enjoying reading this blog for the past two years.

      I would choose a gift card from Amazon. I have a lot of clothes and stuff on my wish list!

    4. Stephanie

      Oh my gosh, your first point reminds me of the early 2000s websites. I’ve been doing web design since I was just starting high school and it’s amazing how much the style has changed since then. I also have found that I am working on keeping my private life more private through my blog.

    5. Angela Cardamone

      Wow, that is wonderful that you have been blogging for 9 years! I loved learning all this about you, especially that you met your husband through your blog!!

    6. Annemarie LeBlanc

      An Amazon Gift Card. I will get the books I have so wanted to buy but were not within my budget. Congratulations on your 9th year anniversary. That is fantastic!

    7. Heath Criswell

      I can imagine that blogging has changed drastically in the last 10 years. Congratulations on starting your 10th year. I just started my blog this year.

    8. Nicole Escat

      Wow, that was such a long time. You are very consistent.. Seems like you are really passionate on being a blogger. Good job. 😘

    9. Noor

      Happy Anniversary on blogging! It’s a huge milestone for you and inspiration for us. Thanks for sharing some important facts during those years.

    10. Rachael Eberhardt

      Congratulations, that’s a very long time. It’s nice that you really love blogging. So generous of you. Thank you for the giveaway.

    11. Joanna

      Blogging is great, isn’t it? It opens so many opportunities. I remember the first blogging conference I have been to and how it changed my life as well!

    12. Tonya Morris

      Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment. I just celebrated my blog’s third birthday so I understand how huge this is!

    13. Elizabeth O

      Congratulations and smart of you to celebrate this landmark. My blog turned 10 two weeks ago and I completely forgot. Great giveaway too.

    14. Kim Pincombe-Cole

      Happy 9th Blogiversary!!! Congrats on being one of the OG’s in the blogging world!
      If I won, I’d love a Nordstrom gift card to treat myself!

    15. Audrey Stewart

      I would want it to WalMart or Target or even a pet store. I shelter elderly rescues and I would use it to buy Friskie’s canned cat food. Most of the cats are so old, they don’t have teeth. I have 12 at the moment. I did lose 4 this year.

    16. Tamra Gibson

      I love the blanket and your pics make them look even more comfy 😁 I would like a gift card to Walmart. We live in the country and only have 2 small grocery stores here so they can charge what they want but, we have a super Walmart about 50 minutes away and I’d love to go there and just splurge. I would love to be able to get some extra foods we normally cant get and have them this year around the holidays

    17. Danielle

      Congrats on 9 years! I am just finishing up year 1 and I will have to say that it can be a full time job in itself.

    18. Amanda S

      Congrats on 9 years, that’s dedication! If I had to pick a place, I’d pick Target or Amazon as there’s lots to choose from and I’m an indecisive shopper.

    19. Sally Pederson

      It is great that blogging has brought you many great things and people over the past 9 years. Who knows what the next years are going to bring you. Hopefully, they are as great as the past 9.

    20. Christa

      Congratulations on 9 years! That is such an amazing accomplishment. It shows incredible determination and creativity to continue to put out such high quality content.

    21. Nikki Wayne

      Good for you that you had that 9 things within that 9 years. It was such long time of blogging. No wonder you had it all there.

    22. Flossie McCowald

      Wow, 9 years! Congratulations!!! That is an amazing milestone. And you’re right, so many things HAVE changed over that timespan! 9 years ago at this moment I was still 4 years away from starting my blog, and pregnant with my firstborn lol…

    23. Amy C.

      I think it would be fun to have a gift card to Etsy. I buy a lot of handmade products and love supporting small businesses.

    24. Lakshmi

      Hats off for keeping up with a blog for 9 whole years… I find it sooo consuming… but just holding on to it… Congratulations on the big milestone…

    25. Kenya F

      Happy Blogversary and cheers to many more! That’s definitely a long time in the world of blogging. I’m hoping to finally launch in the new year! If I’m the lucky winner, I’ll take a gift card to Target.

    26. Preet

      Oh wow, 9 years was a milestone. I just love your travel experience. Those were really a great place to visit. Congratulations to you! love the Chappywrap blanket! giveaway.

    27. Che

      I’d like a $100 gift card for Amazon! I’m pretty busy with med school, and I buy half of the things in my household there

    28. Starla

      Congratulations, Neely! Happy 9th Blogiversary! What a milestone! We look forward to many, many more with you! I would say Target. Practical in every way for me.

    29. Christy Peeples DuBois

      Congratulations on your 9 years. That is amazing. And you continually have great content. I do not know where I would choose the gift card from. Probably Amazon or Paypal if that is an option. Thank you so much.

    30. Fairuz

      Firstly, congratulations on reaching a milestone. 9 years of blogging is a great achievement, and it sounds like your life is better and richer for it, especially when it comes to forming friendship in the blogger-sphere and of course meeting your husband! It’s great to know that blogging gives you the opportunity to travel too (umm, Bahamas…hello!). I’m yet to get to that stage, but it is something I aspire to achieve.

    31. Janet Fazio

      Happy Anniversary! It’s amazing how much the online world has changed in the past decade. I’ve had a lot of those “what were we thinking” moments myself. It will be interesting to see what the next 10 years brings.

    32. Morgan Stewart

      I would want the gift card to Walmart since that is where my parents shop the most often and I’d love to give it as a gift to them!

    33. ShootingStarsMag

      Congrats on 9 years. It’s crazy how much blogging changes…I celebrated 11 years in August, but I love it, so I’m not quitting anytime soon. I didn’t know you met your husband because you blogged…that’s so cool! Fun giveaway! If I was lucky to win, I might go with something like Target or Old Navy.


    34. Melissa Faulkner

      Save On Foods or any grocery store as I would like to donate this to my local food bank. Thanks for the chance!

    35. Laura H

      Congratulations on 9’years! I would love to get an Amazon gift card if I was lucky enough to win. Thank you for the great giveaway.

    36. Anita Duvall

      I would choose Amazon since I am pretty much home bound with my health right now. Right to my door!! Thank you!

    37. Rebecca Weiss

      I like shopping online at Amazon, and I would like to try out the prime pantry! I’d stock up on treats and gifts from my wishlist!

    38. Deboran P.

      Happy 9th Blog anniversary ! There is lots of work involved to make a blog fly.! would prefer an card or Walmart. thank you

    39. Roberta Thompson

      I would love an Amazon gift card. Not only could I use it to buy some essentials, I could also rent a movie to watch on Christmas.

    40. Celeste Herrin

      I would love a gift card to Amazon! I am unfortunately highly addicted LOL I bet my mail carrier wishes I had a different Hobby!!


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