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Best Of 2021: Books, Podcasts, Movies, and TV

I hope everyone is having a great first week of 2022! I feel like I consumed a LOT of media in 2021. I listen to a ton of Podcasts, watched a lot of movies and TV shows, and read a lot of books. I wanted to share my favorites in each category with you all. It’s a great time to round up the best of 2021 and give you some ideas if you’re in a rut in any of these categories!

best of 2021

Best Of 2021: Books, Podcasts, Movies, and TV


Best Books of 2021:

I read A LOT of books this year so I narrowed it down to the ones I still think about all the time! 

The Certainty of Chance: Super cute story about a VERY meet cute in London and also timing.

Beautiful World, Where Are You: 4 Young friends going through life, sex, friendships, etc.

The Love Hypothesis: I love a good ” this is my fake boyfriend” until he isn’t story.

The People We Met On Vacation: This story of Poppy and Alex, their friendship and their last vacation together.

It Happened One Summer: Big city girl, small town, local guy….

Always In December: Max and Josie keep being brought together by fate even if they try not to be.

One Night On The Island: Romance about 2 strangers who double book the same hotel room, what could possibly happen?

Heard It In A Love Song: Layla is divorced and Josh is the dad of one of her students, can they overcome their past and have a future?

Best TV Shows of 2021:

I probably watched more TV this year than I am proud of but these shows were just so good! 

Summer House: Honestly my favorite Bravo show.

Ted Lasso: Pretty much everyone has watched it and it’s wonderful!

Maid: Kind of a hard watch but worth it.

Bridgerton: Watched it and then read all the books!

The Morning Show: I love Jennifer Aniston and I will watch anything she’s in.

Below Deck Med: The best of all the Below Deck shows.

You: The most recent season was SUPER slow till the end.

Dexter New Blood: The season we all deserved after the TERRIBLE finale.

And Just Like That: Not so much good but just nostalgic if you loved it when it was originally on.

Best Movies of 2021:

Truth be told I did not watch many movies this year. I have watched a FEW Oscar buzz movies but so far I haven’t loved them all.

The Hating Game: I have watched this 5 times in 3 weeks. No shame. I loved it.

Tick Tick Boom: One of the best performances of the year is Andrew Garfield in this movie.

In The Heights: A true delight.

Spencer: I don’t love Kristen Stewart but she’s very good.

Best Podcasts of 2021:

I love listening to Podcasts and these were the ones I loved most this year. 

Beck and Call: I really love Merrit Beck’s new podcast.

The Daily: A great way to get news.

Nice White Parents: Super fascinating story.

The Lazy Genius: My friend Diana got me hooked on this and she has the best tips!

How Did This Get Made: Truly hysterical podcast about bad movies.

Asked By Ayana: I love her blog and Instagram and her podcast is wonderful. She interviews really inspiring people.

Off The Gram: Really great motivational podcast.

You’re Wrong About: Truly fascinating.


I would love to know what some of your best of 2021 was in these categories! Share below! 

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  1. Definitely saving this for reference. Such great recomendations. Thank you!!!

    Published 1.5.22
  2. Ebony wrote:

    This was such a great recap! Bridgerton was definitely one of my favorite shows! So much so my girls and I went back and watched it twice! Can’t wait for the new series!

    Published 1.5.22
  3. Gervin Khan wrote:

    Great lists. Now, I know what to watch and listen to during my free day. I’ll save this, thank you!

    Published 1.6.22
  4. These are some great choices of all books, movies and podcast. I love it.

    Published 1.6.22
  5. Love love love this post. I took a ton of notes. I too am an avid reader and podcast listener. It was so good to learn of a bunch I have never heard of. I can’t wait to dig in.

    Also, bookmark for later.

    Published 1.6.22
  6. Great list! I really want to read “It Happened One Summer” as it sounds so interesting. I will check it out.

    Published 1.6.22
  7. Deborah wrote:

    Yas to Below Deck Med – that show is addicting!!
    Great list!

    Published 1.6.22
  8. I love your list. I will be watching more movies this year!

    Published 1.6.22
  9. I don’t really listen to podcasts but I watch a lot of movies. I love Spencer too.

    Published 1.6.22
  10. I did not read much in 2021 but I know some of these books.

    Published 1.6.22
  11. I love Off The Gram. Truly Inspiring

    Published 1.6.22
  12. Thena Franssen wrote:

    Great list! I”ll have to add some of these to my see an read lists this year!

    Published 1.6.22
  13. This is awesome! I will check them out. Some of them didn’t get the chance to read them .

    Published 1.8.22
  14. Stephanie wrote:

    I absolutely loved People We Meet on Vacation and while One Night on the Island doesn’t come out until this year, I enjoyed my ARC as well! I’m really glad you loved tick, tick… BOOM! It instantly became a favorite for me and my husband. We can’t stop listening to the soundtrack. It’s so phenomenal.

    Published 1.9.22
  15. This is such a great round up. I loved the book People We Meet On Vacation! Emily Henry is definitely such a good author.
    I also discovered Ted Lasso this year and cannot wait for the next season already!

    Published 1.10.22
  16. Its a significant and decent Info. Exceptionally scrumptious I am intrigued to peruse these substance.

    Published 1.11.22