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Current Favorite Things

Beauty · Fashion · September 12, 2016

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Recently I did a fun currently post, but I wanted to focus this post more on random current favorite things. I always love current favorite things posts because they are so fun to look back on. Plus when other bloggers post theirs I find the best stuff!

Current Favorite Things

Current Favorite Things

Beauty: About a year ago I started getting my eyebrows done at the Benefit store in Plano, TX. Well recently I was invited to go to the new Ulta store in Frisco to the Benefit brow bar there. Y’all if you have a Benefit brow bar near you or you are in the DFW area go to the Ulta in Frisco and ask for Danielle. She did AMAZING. She was so sweet and fun and we chatted the entire time. I was so happy with the result and her recs. I also snagged a few things while in the store, including the Lorac palette I mentioned in this post. I also snagged a new brow pencil by Benefit and I really have been loving it! One of my favorite parts of ordering from Sephora is getting samples. DUH! Recently I got a sample of Replica beach walk perfume. I used it twice and then immediately ordered a bottle. This stuff is my absolute favorite perfume right now. It’s so perfect for this time of year. I wanted to grab a new lip gloss for fall that would be easy to throw on for any occasion. I splurged on Chanel gloss in Wild Rose and I am so happy with this purchase. It’s the perfect pinky mauve for fall and I have worn it a ton already.

Random: As you all know, I love me some Starbucks. I was sent a few new products to test out and I wanted to share with you guys how much I am loving them! They are all perfect for at home or on the go and require no fuss. My kind of drinks. First of all the double shot energy in spiced vanilla has such a yummy flavor to it. The white chocolate mocha frappachino has been perfect for morningsย where I feel like I am dragging and need something a little extra. It really tastes so much better than I even thought it would. Andrew has been loving the refreshers with coconut water in them. The one that appeals the most is the peach passion fruit! Another random favorite is my iPad mini. I got the iPad mini last year and I love it so much. It’s the perfect size to throw in my purse, take on a plane, take to dr appts (I go to a lot of them) and keep by my bed. It’s been such a great investment.

Fashion: I recently snagged this jacket for my two trips this fall. It was in the H&M maternity section, which I did not know existed. It’s now my fav place online to shop for cute maternity stuff. It’s lightweight but is going to be so great layered over long sleeves or a light sweater. I also love the color. I have been using my Louis Vuitton neverfull bag nonstop lately. It’s so great for this time of year with the dark colors. It also holds EVERYTHING and never feels heavy. I am so glad I invested in this bag over 3 years ago. Plus it still looks brand new. When relaxing around the house or sleeping I really prefer super soft shorts. I found these at Target and sized up a size to give me a looser fit while pregnant. Y’all go buy these now! They are the most comfy shorts EVER. I have about 6 pairs.

I would love to know some of your current favorite things! Share below!

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  • 36 thoughts on “Current Favorite Things

    1. Tawni

      Love this post! Thanks for sharing! I’ve been eyeing an iPad mini for awhile now. I have the new iPad Pro which I use for work and blogging, but I never let my kids touch it, lol, and my old iPad 2 is dying a slow death. It’s probably time to give up on the old iPad 2, and I think a mini would be a great replacement, and if I found a durable case I’d even let the kids use it!! Also, YES to soft comfy shorts around the house. Or leggings!!

    2. cait

      my current favorites are all things PSL ( of course ha ) comfy sweatshirts, scarves and cute boots–it’s sadly not fall yet here in Atlanta but im praying for those cooler temps!

    3. Erin

      I like those Starbucks Refreshers. Have you tried the Bai carbonated drinks? They are slightly less sweet and still have carbonation. They are a current fave in our house. I’m also loving that fall tv will be back in full swing soon!

    4. melanie

      That jacket is super cute. I have a similar one except mine has fur hoodie. White chocolate mocha is my absolute favorite starbucks drink of all time!!! It’s so hard to find that flavor too…guess it’s that good. LOL

    5. Beverley Golden

      Love all things ‘rose’, so the wild rose lip gloss looks amazing! As a Starbucks fan, I love all the new taste treats you shared too. Sounds like fall is a favourite season of yours too and you are already having fun with all your new favourite things! Enjoy!

    6. Rebecca Hicks

      Thanks for the beauty recommendations! I need to start upping my makeup game haha. And I didn’t realize Starbucks had Refreshers with coconut water!! I love them already, and I know this will only make me love them more. I have to keep an eye out for them.

    7. Eileen

      I am a work at home mom/grandmom so I am always in my business attire – that means shorts and a tee. LOL. Those shorts you got at Target look like they would be really comfy! I’ve got to get some of them too. Although I am not one who purchases brand name stuff, I still think that LV bag looks lovely!

    8. Carrie

      I loved my iPad mini as well! It was the perfect size to toss in my bag and go! Although I passed it down to my son and got myself a new full size iPad.


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