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Current Favorites June 2018

Life · June 4, 2018

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I have really been loving these posts and you guys respond great to them so I shall keep them coming! Today I am sharing some current favorites June 2018 and just random stuff I am loving!

Current Favorites June 2018

Beauty: First Aid Beauty Moisturizer with SPF. I really wanted a daily moisturizer with a high SPF that wasn’t sticky and didn’t smell like sunscreen. This is it y’all. This stuff is super moisturizing and has an SPF of 40!!! I am obsessed with This Works products. When I was in New York I received a ton to try out and my favorites are the Deep Sleep pillow spray, deep sleep shower gel, and the deep sleep bath soak. Can you tell I’ve been sleeping well? Lastly, hydrofacials! I go to Fresh Faces in Dallas and the hydrofacials have been amazing for my skin. Especially in these summer months when my skin has been acting a little nutty.

Books: I read A LOT of Renne Carlino. If you haven’t read Before We Were Strangers or Wish You Were Here read them now! Both books had me staying up late and crying my eyes out.

TV: Most of my shows ended, and by shows I mean the 3 I watch on network TV. But Younger and The Bold Type come back soon and The Bachelorette started last week. Yay for summer TV!

Podcasts: As you know by my list of podcasts I listen to about a million. Currently still binging my way through How I Built This and True Crime Garage.

Fashion: Mostly living in Luluelmon Tracker shorts and Outdoor Voices crops. But Also loving these tanks from Terez. I pretty much wear my rose gold Birkenstocks daily when I don’t have sneakers on. I treated myself to a pair of Lake Pajamas for Mother’s Day and I am obsessed!

What are some of your current favorites June 2018?

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  • 29 thoughts on “Current Favorites June 2018

    1. Joline

      Yeah, I love these kinds of posts 🙂 I’d love to try that non-sticky moisturizer. And lately I’ve been experimenting on all kinds of homemade ice cream!

    2. Abbie

      I love First Aid Beauty! I am also obsessed with watching the Bachelorette every week (Becca is great!!!) I’m trying to get into The Bold Type but I have a lot of different showsim watching! I can’t wakt to see what you love for July!

    3. Nellwyn

      I’ve never read anything by Renne Carlino so I’ll have to add those titles to my list. I’m currently obsessed with homemade Iced Tea, which isn’t really as popular a drink here in Canada, but now I understand why so many Americans love it!

    4. Katie

      There are so many things that I’m loving right now, where do I even start? I’m loving my new jobs + coworkers. I’m loving Lole clothing. I’m loving the fact that the bachelorette is back on. But mostly, I’m loving that I leave for iceland on friday!!

    5. brianne

      What a great list of favorites! I so need to check out those books! Currently I am loving this Sumac Spritz drink in Chobani!

    6. Julie

      I love finding a good beauty mask. I always love the way they make my skin feel afterwards. I’ve been watching shows on Netflix. I finished watching season 2 of Riverdale. Now I’m watch the new season of The Flash. Next will be The Green Arrow.

    7. Marie Altenor

      I have not picked up a book to read in 2 years. Maybe I will try one of the books to get back in the saddle.


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