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Things To Keep In Your Car

Life · June 6, 2018

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I’m very “better safe than sorry” when it comes to keeping things in my car or purse. There are just certain things I can’t seem to not carry and almost always they come in handy. So today I am sharing things to keep in your car that you will want to make sure you have!

Things To Keep In Your Car

  • Hand Sanitizer: After I pump gas or go anywhere I tend sanitize my hands. Having a one year old also yields a lot of times to sanitize.
  • Wet Wipes: These are SO useful for spills, or cleaning up tiny hands.
  • Mints: I am addicted to Ice Breakers Mints and always have a few containers in my car.
  • Deodorant: In case your forget or just really need a refresher. This is my favorite one to keep in the car.
  • Hand Lotion: My hands get dry a lot so I like to have one handy.
  • Collagen: You know my love for Collagen and my favorite kind makes handy packets! I keep them in my car to have in my coffee when I’m out.
  • Plastic Bags: Because you will always need them when you don’t have them.
  • Extra Umbrella: What if one breaks or gets left somewhere.
  • Snacks: Usually a pack of pretzels or an RX bar in case I get stuck somewhere and don’t want to be tempted for drive-thru food.
  • Bottles Of Water: We keep tons in the car in case we get thirsty or for any kind of emergency.
  • Microfiber Cloth: I hate having my screen dusty so I keep one in my glove compartment to wipe everything down.

What are some things to keep in your car I missed?

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  • 26 thoughts on “Things To Keep In Your Car

    1. Brooke

      I loved all your suggestions and they all make perfect sense to have in your car! I also like to keep a bottle of Fabreez (in case someone spills something and makes the car smell or if someone steps in dog poo), also a carpet cleaner for spills and stains (I get one with a little brush on the end of a bottle that works great).

    2. An Historian

      I always keep an entire spare outfit in my car (that’s season appropriate), including socks and underwear. In the winter, I could very easily get stuck on the highway in -40 degree Celsius weather, so the clothing usually comes in handy! I’ve also had some mishaps in the summer, like the time my brother’s dog pulled me into a mud puddle and I was soaked haha. It’s nothing fancy, just a shirt and leggings (plus underthings), but it’s come in handy several times! It just lives in my trunk in a tiny tote bag in case of emergencies.

    3. JLyn

      I keep most of these things in my car too. I also carry spare fluids such as oil and antifreeze. You never know when you’ll need them!

    4. Catherine Sargent

      This is a great list of items to keep in your car. Not that summer is here, I need to start keeping some sunscreen in the car.

    5. Christina K Rambo

      Yes to all of this… and let me just say that I never knew the amazingness of baby wipes until I had children. Now, I use them for SO MUCH. I don’t know what I did without them!!

    6. Katie

      These are great ideas! I always keep water, my re-useable grocery bags, snacks, a blanket (for picnics/park dates in the summer and safety in the winter), and an extra umbrella!

    7. Brandy

      I love your list of things to keep in your car! You’re very smart to have this list, I don’t have half of your list in my car but now I am going to!

    8. Mary Varville-Rodriguez at World of Writer Mom

      Awesome list! I definitely have the hand sanitizer in the driver’s side door. I also have a small first aid kit that fits in the console between the fronts seats. (I ended up needing this in March on our return trip from Georgia when my son got a nosebleed that was difficult to stop! The gauze packing and wipes came in handy.) When I travel we also carry a roll of paper towels and one roll of toilet paper. I recently became an affiliate for “Justin Case” because I have a kit in my car for mechanical emergencies and love the variety of items. It includes jumper cables. (Which I have also had to use for myself or to help someone else.) It’s especially important to have aspirin in case of heart attack symptoms, benedryl for unexpected allergic reactions, ibuprophen, a bottle of saline solution to use as a rinse for eyes or wounds, and a snack with real sugar in case of low blood sugar/hunger due to unexpected detours and traffic. I add these to my first aid kits and/or keep in my purse when away from home. It’s time for me to check and restock since we’ve used a few items recently. (Probably a good idea to check at least quarterly to make sure everything is up to date.) Thanks for this list! There are definitely a few things I need to add.

    9. Dogvills

      Great list! What I have in my car are mostly work related – extra batteries, pens, paper/notebook, chargers. I also have emergency medicines, a first aid kit, a whistle and a heavy duty all weather flashlight.

    10. Hey Sharonoox

      I’ve most of the things in this list and I’d like to add sunscreen, pen, swiss army knife and spare change just in case. Plastic bags and wipes are always handy to have. Great list!


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