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Currently August 2018

Life · August 3, 2018

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I love the kinds of posts where I just see what people are up to, what podcasts they can’t get enough of, TV shows are on their DVR’s, items on their wish list, etc. So today I will be sharing all that in more in my Currently August 2018 roundup!

currently august 2018

Currently August 2018

Reading: I am rereading the new Colleen Hoover book, All Your Perfects which I read when I got an ARC back in March! I am also reading The Intermission.

Podcasts: Still loving Grace Atwoods podcast, Young Adulting. I also really love the true crime podcast, Getting Off.

Watching: All the summer shows! I am loving Younger, and The Bold Type. Bachelor in Paradise starts next week I think! I am also into the new season of the Challenge. Other than that I am rewatching Big Little Lies AGAIN! Can’t stop!

Snacking On: Frozen fruit, pretzel crisps, and Ice Breakers mints (can those be considered a snack)?

On My Wishlist: SO MANY THINGS! This handbag that I do not need. Lululemon leggings for fall which I for sure do not need. I love these travel cases.

Wearing: Lululemon tracker shorts and Lululemon tank tops 24/7 it’s hot as a mofo in Dallas! I also can’t stop wearing pajamas whenever I am home and know I am not going anywhere.

Beauty I’m Using: I haven’t been wearing a ton of makeup, but check out my 5 minute makeup routine and the beauty products I love posts to see what I am rotating through. I also really love the Nooni applebutter lip mask!

Looking Forward To: Liam starting school and being a room mom for his class, going to Charleston, eventually the weather cooling off, football starting up again, a few movies coming out soon I am dying to see!

I would love to know if you are into any of the things in my Currently August 2018 roundup? What would be on your list?

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  • 19 thoughts on “Currently August 2018

    1. Peter

      The two oldest girls are waiting for bachelor in seaside, J would for sure love that handbag and I love my pj’s too.

    2. Tami

      Oh, I enjoy frozen fruit, especially blueberries. I have been looking for some worthy podcasts to listen to while doing housework. I’ll give these a listen.

    3. Melissa

      It’s random but I love those pretzel crisps with hummus. I did a similar post about my favorites for July. In July, I read and really liked the book 22 Britannia Road. I recommend it!

    4. Johanne

      Oooh, there’s a new Colleen Hoover book? I recently read It ends with us and I’m in love with her style. Definitely going to check this one out!

    5. Heather

      I have been thinking about doing a post similar to this, sort of like a journal! Mine would definitely have to include “new places I’ve visited” and “upcoming travel plans I’m dreaming about”. Thanks for sharing yours!

    6. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I would want to read that book “All Your Perfects.” It sure looks like a perfect book to read while on a long haul flight, or when I am relaxing by a beach somewhere. I got to get a copy of that soon.

    7. Bailey

      We’re really loving The Good Place right now at my house! My husband hadn’t seen the first season so we’re catching up on that before moving to season 2.


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