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August 2018 Goals

Inspire · Life · August 1, 2018

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August you guys! WHAT!? I can’t believe summer is winding down (so to speak) and school will be starting soon FOR LIAM!!! Today I am sharing my August 2018 goals and look back at July!

august 2018 goals

August 2018 Goals


In July I wanted to…

  • Read 4 books: I read 3!
  • Get July and August content finished and scheduled. These are two really busy months for us! I am about half done with August and I hope to be done shortly! I have the posts started just need to finish some things up.
  • Work on Twitter and Instagram growth: Yes I feel like my focus on Instagram has really paid off!
  • Write something very personal: I wrote a coffee date post with some personal tidbits in it! Check it out!
  • Get Liam ready for school in August-read more school related books, and talk about it more. He starts Mother’s Day Out! We tell him all the time he’s going to big boy school and I found some great books at Marshalls about starting pre school so hopefully he will love it and feel prepared.
  • Go on at least one date with Andrew: We didn’t go on a date date but we traveled to DC with Liam and did things as a family.
  • Do something with my mom just us: Ugh another fail. Hopefully we can do that this month!
  • Organize our linen closet… AGAIN! Why does this keep happening? Yes and I think it will stay organized. I did a TON of purging and I think that will help.

In August I want to…

  • Read 4 books
  • Work on Twitter more
  • Work on Q4 blog content plans
  • Have 2 dates with Andrew
  • Organize Liam’s toys and put some in storage-he has way too much
  • Clean out my closet/purge/donate
  • Spend quality time with my parents
  • Have at least one, one-on-one date with a friend
  • Take Liam to the pool more

I feel like I accomplished so much of what I wanted to in July. It wasn’t perfect but I feel good about it!

What are some of your August 2018 goals?

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  • 12 thoughts on “August 2018 Goals

    1. ShootingStarsMag

      Great job on your July goals; I think you did an awesome job, and I hope August is even more successful!! I want to try and read more this month – I feel like July wasn’t that great. Sigh.


    2. Karin Rambo

      My goals for August are to pick away at my to do list… I feel like there are things on that list that have been there all summer! We also started painting our living area, and it’s been sitting half finished for months! I’d really like to get that done this month so we can just enjoy the fall weather once it hits.

    3. Catherine Sargent

      You have been busy and you accomplished a lot of your goals for July. I should really start setting monthly goals, I bet it would help motivate me to get more done.

    4. Annemarie LeBlanc

      My primary goal for August is to be more consistent with my blogging. Sometimes I feel I have dropped off the radar or something and I am left with waiting for some inspiration or motivation to write. Congratulations on your achievements last July and wishing you all the best this August.

    5. Kate

      Great goals! When you say you read 3 books, do you actually mean you read them or do you listen to audiobooks, too? If you actually read all of your books, then that’s impressive! I would have to carve out some serious time to read 3 or 4 books in a month!

      Good luck this month!


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