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Beauty · Fashion · Life · May 16, 2016

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currently loving

I really love to read blogger’s posts when they talk about things they are currently reading, listening to, watching, etc. So today, to start off this mid-May week, I am going to play a little game called currently loving. I would love if you played along too!

Currently Loving…

Food: Anything cold! Fruit, Peach Green Tea Lemonade from Starbucks, the Starbucks brew k-cups of peach black tea, iced coffee (recipe coming later this week), and pretzels!

Music: Old Dominion is on constant replay in my car. I am also loving the new Lumineers Album and the Spotify playlist Hot Country. Also my fav podcasts ladies, The Shipping Room, have 2 awesome playlists on Spotify that I lurve.

TV: Nashville got canceled so I’ll be crying in the corner. Grey’s Anatomy has honestly been amazing this season. We love Survivor, which ends this week. We watch a lot of guilty pleasure TV like Real World, The Challenge, etc. I also started rewatching Revenge on Netflix. Bloodline season 2 is out this month YAAAAS!

Movies: I watched Mona Lisa Smile over the weekend for the first time in possibly a decade. It’s pretty great. I also won Deadpool at a friend’s birthday party game night and we haven’t seen it, so that’s on our list this week.

Podcasts: I listed my favorite Podcasts here and since then I have added Shondaland revealed a weekly podcast about the Shonda Rhimes shows.

Clothing: Yogi Racerbacks from Lululemon, Nike Tempo shorts, Energy Sports bras, and soft shorts from Target. Guys it’s getting hot out and I just want to be comfy! I also found the best jean shorts EVER from Old Navy recently and I am obsessed.

Makeup: Kat Von D eyeliner, Urban Decay Vice Palette, Urban Decay Lip Gloss, my new Clarisonic (takes makeup off so it counts) and all of the Essie gel polish!

Books: I got advanced reader copies of Bethany Chase and Emily Giffins new books and they are both FANTASTIC! Seriously go pre-order them now!

What are you currently loving? I would LOVE to know! 

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  • 41 thoughts on “Currently Loving

    1. Michele

      I would be hard pressed to say which book is my current favorite–I have even been switching genres lately. I think I have been reading a lot of cozy mysteries so maybe I am loving them the most right now. Sandals with totally adjustable straps (in case my feet swell) are my absolute favorite shoe.

    2. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I love working in my pajamas! I do not have any particular music genre that I could call a “favorite.” I listen to songs depending on my mood. Coffee for me is love, and traveling is akin to breathing.

    3. Chelsea

      Mona Lisa Smile!!!! I havne’t watched that in a while either. Last night we watched Forest Gump and it just made me smile. One of those movies that I’ll never get sick of!

    4. Erin Cusack

      I fell off my chair when I found out Nashville is cancelled. WTF. Also, we have the same taste in TV shows. Yay for Bloodlines season 2. Can’t wait. And Grace & Frankie season 2 just came out as well! Do you watch The Affiar- if not, you would love!

    5. Katie

      This may sounds weird but I’m loving my workouts and getting less sleep! Learning that I do best with 6-6 1/2 hours has been so empowering, especially when I get a little more and end up taking a nap at 6pm just to make sure I can stay awake until 9:30 (coughYESTERDAYcough)!

    6. Trish

      I am right there with you about Nashville. My favorite show! I am so sad that it was cancelled. I do agree that Grey’s Anatomy has been really good this season. I wondered how they would handle this year, after Patrick Dempsey’s departure, but they have done a great job.

    7. Jenn

      Great list, especially tor makeup faves! Im into Urban Decay these days too, I am loving decorating my revamped office space!

    8. Chrissy

      I really like these type of posts as well and have a similar one on the blog today as well.
      I must admit that I never really got into Nashville, but have been hearing so much about it lately, I might have to give it another try.

    9. Nellwyn

      I keep hearing that Grey’s Anatomy is great this season but I can’t bring myself to get back on that emotional rollercoaster! I’m really enjoying reading this month’s Vanity Fair and I just picked up a new under-eye concealer by Tarte that I’m obsessed with!

      Nellwyn |

    10. Dana

      I’ve never read anything by Bethany Chase. Does she write similarly to any other writers? I love Emily Giffins’ books as well 🙂

    11. Shannon

      Heading to checkout your podcast recommendation…I’m dying to get more into podcasts! I’m always shocked to hear Grey’s is still airing, I haven’t watched since the first few seasons , but I feel like it’s been forever. Good to know it’s still worth it!

      Clothes & Quotes

    12. Jill @ RunEatSnap

      I am ok with Nashville being over. It was going downhill and starting to annoy me a bit. I love drama (obviously because I watch shows like Nashville) but there needs to be some happiness in the mix! I am still loving Grey’s as well! And I love both Bethany Chase and Emily Giffin so I can’t wait for their new books!

    13. Kelsie

      That’s such a pretty vase with the flowers in it! I started watching Nashville in the first season and then couldn’t keep up. The only good thing I can think of about it ending is that maybe I’ll have the chance to go back and watch it. Sorry for your loss!

    14. Stefan

      Currently reading a book called the millionaire next door and it is amazing! Would highly recommend it is a personal finance book.

    15. Liz Mays

      I almost gave up Grey’s after watching that musical episode a while back. My daughter convinced me to start watching again and you are right. This season is great!

    16. Ari

      Great list! I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy but I always hear great things about it. Iced coffee is one of my weaknesses!

    17. Mistle

      I love the twist you did with this! I am currently loving “Thank You” by Meghan Trainor and Pillow Talk by Zayn. As far as shows are concerned I am loving The Catch. It’s addicting but then again it is all Shonda Rhimes. For make up I am loving all things ColourPop and Tarte. I also just purchased Jaclyn Hill’s new palette from Becca and I can not wait to get it.

    18. Sierra

      Mona Lisa Smile is possible m favorite movie ever, right after Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It really helps me get into focus on my life goals and not letting what everyone thinks get in the way.


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