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Weekend Reading Vol. 37

Weekend Reading · April 27, 2019

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Oh my gosh so happy it’s the weekend. This is a fun one. My in laws are in town spending time with us and Liam and we have Liam’s school auction tonight! I have been on the auction committee this year so it’s so fun to see all of our hard work paying off. Other than that we have Little Gym, grocery shopping, and usual household stuff. I know I will be exhausted come Sunday but I’m still excited. Now, weekend reading.

Weekend Reading Vol. 37

What we’ve been up to: Well it’s been tough to be able to say that I am pregnant the last several weeks because what I have been up to is feeling like crap! I did get back to the gym this week after a 7 week hiatus due to medical reasons. So I am happy to be able to work out and hoping that helps! Other than that Liam had school. Andrew and I had work. We got to see our babe at the sonogram Monday and made our big announcement!

Posts/Articles I loved:

Costco has 100 calorie vodka ice pops

I recently did a Gilmore Girls rewatch so this post really hit hard

Obsessed with Targets new outdoor line for summer

10 things all women need to know about IVF

This has been going around all week and it really resonated. What society tells working moms is insane.

These are the happy meal toys people were obsessed with the year you were born

On writing more effective to do lists

On My Wishlist:

This cute maternity shirt from Asos

Got a pair of these shorts this week and need more

I want to be able to pull these off

Posts You May Have Missed:

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Currently Loving: April 2019

Blasts From The Past:

How to make time for each other

Things I would tell my early 20s self

6 ways to stay healthy


What are you up to this weekend

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  • 2 thoughts on “Weekend Reading Vol. 37

    1. Julie

      Wow, that Gilmore Girls article was harsh. I am a latecomer to it and have just finished all the seasons plus the Year in the Life and I loved it. I watched a majority of it with my daughter and whilst I can see what they mean, it was a lovely program……I mean I probably won’t over watch it as much as it sounds like they have, but I just have fond memories of it.

      Congratulations on your happy baby news 💗 hope you feel a little better soon x


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