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December 2021 Goals

The last month of 2021! I can’t believe it, although I can. I will have a full post later this month with my 2022 goals and a look back at my 2021 goals. But first I have to share my December 2021 goals and see how I did in November.


December 2021 goals

In November I wanted to…

  • Read 4 books: Yes and yes
  • Secure 5 new brand partnerships: YES! Really grateful for the work lately!
  • Finish all my gift guides: Yes all done and a few of them have been posted! Check here.
  • Finish my Christmas shopping for everyone else: Pretty much done! I have a couple random things to grab but mostly done.
  • Get all our decor up so we can enjoy it: Yep we put it up pretty fast because it makes us happy and who cares!
  • Celebrate Charlotte’s 2nd birthday big since we had to do a small 1st birthday #Covid: She had a super fun party with her class a few weeks ago and a few family friends! She is so loved!
  • Work on my Instagram and Pinterest growth: Yes but not as much as I would like
  • Clean out closet and donate/purge: YES I have been slowly pre Christmas purging our house!

In December I want to…

  • Above all else enjoy the holidays with my family
  • Be on my phone less
  • Read 6 books
  • Secure 2 new brand partnerships
  • Take 10 days off the blog (I do this every year)
  • Have 2 date nights with Andrew
  • Donate toys the kids don’t play with or need
  • End the year grateful

I really don’t set a ton of big goals in December because I feel like it’s a month to rest, and get ready for the next year! But I’d love to know if you have any December 2021 goals???


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  1. nancy wrote:

    what a great way to keep yourself accountable with your goals!

    Published 12.1.21
  2. Just Juan wrote:

    Like you, I tend to go light in December. I work so hard during the rest of the year and I usually end up having to take anywhere from 15-20 days off work in the month so I just put everything in cruise control and kind of drift through to the new year. Those date nights are a great idea. For me, I get so consumed with making sure my wife, son, nieces and other family are taken care of for Christmas that I don’t really think about the one-on-one time with my wife. I, too, try to intentionally date in December…at least to see holiday lights. That’s what I’ll aim for this year.

    Published 12.1.21
  3. Malia Reed wrote:

    Congrats on your new brand partnerships! Also, wow! I’m still in college, so I can imagine finishing 4 leisure books in a month! Go you!!

    Published 12.2.21
  4. Sounds like you are crushing those goals, girl!! Have a great December!

    Published 12.2.21
  5. Stephanie wrote:

    Well, I absolutely love these goals! It makes me happy every time I see someone else who doesn’t mind putting up Christmas decorations a little “early.” We usually decorate during the first weekend of November to enjoy things as long as possible – but even my family is like, “why so early?” And I just laugh. I love Christmas too much to wait! Hope your holiday season is wonderful!

    Published 12.2.21
  6. Deborah wrote:

    Look at you, crossing off items on your goals list like a boss!!
    Good luck with your December goals!

    Published 12.2.21
  7. Stephanie wrote:

    What an awesome list! I’d love to chat sometime about what you do to secure brand partnerships. This is one of my goals for 2022 since I am having a major issue with my ads and may be losing that income next year 🙁

    Published 12.2.21
  8. Way to accomplish your November goals! It’s always a good feeling to get things done. I hope you have a great December and holiday season.

    Published 12.2.21