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6 Easy Healthy Things To Do Daily

I feel like we all know the excuse of “I’m just so busy!” It’s the excuse we use for anything having to do with bettering ourselves. One of the most important things to me is my health and wellness. There are so many easy healthy things to do daily that don’t take a TON of time and effort that you can do no matter how busy you are!

6 Easy Healthy Things To Do Daily

  • Exercise: I know that this one is tricky because sometimes there just isn’t time for a long workout! But, you can find time for 5-10 minute workouts a few times during the day. Even if it’s 5 minutes of sit-ups, or squats, then 10 minutes of something else. Something is better than nothing! Also walking counts!
  • Eat greens: I did not always love veggies. For a long time, I think, carrots are the only veggies I ate (in college). As an adult, I do LOVE veggies! I have been making big chopped salads a lot lately for lunch which I feel is a great way to get a ton of veggies into you. If you need a great salad chopper buy this and thank me later! I can’t tell you how often I use it! We also make green smoothies every day so between the two I feel like I’m getting a lot of greens. My body just feels better and functions better when I am eating more vegetables.
  • Read: This one is harder because I know a lot of us can feel so wiped at the end of the day. For me, that’s usually when I read so if I’m exhausted I may only make it a few pages before I can’t keep my eyes open. But I do find reading a little every day truly calms me.
  • Get good sleep: I recently wrote all about sleep here and what exactly I do so if you haven’t read that post you should! It talks a lot about routines which I think are really important for sleep.
  • Drink water: This is where exercise is great. I do find when I am exercising I drink TONS more water. If I do a Peloton class first thing I probably drink 40oz of water before 7 AM! I also find that if I drink from a tumbler with a straw I drink more. Who knows why.
  • Put effort into skincare: I have so many posts on skincare if you are looking for a good routine. Having healthy skin is a huge part of being healthy. So many of these things help your skin as well: eating vegetables, drinking water, sleep they all relate to your skin being healthy.

You can see how so many of these things work together for your overall health and why they are so important in tandem.

Which of these easy healthy things to do daily do you make sure to do?

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  1. Jennifer Prince wrote:

    I love this list! I think it’s so practical and doable all with good results. It’s like self care every day!

    Published 4.21.21
  2. ALI wrote:

    Lovely post I would like to share this because its very helpfull
    for me. Keep it up & please dont stop posting. Thanks for sharing such kind of information with us.

    Published 4.21.21
  3. Stephanie wrote:

    Yes! I’ve been working on all of this lately! The only one I really need to get better at is eating greens.

    Published 4.23.21
  4. Deborah wrote:

    These are all such great things to do, especially reading! I always try to read a few pages a day OR I’m also a fan of listening to audiobooks. You’re consuming the same content but in a more convenient format!

    Published 4.26.21
  5. Many people use coffee as a stimulant. Sure you can slam down a caffeine and sugar loaded mocha, but that does more harm than good.

    Consider this, stress is one of the worst things for your mind and body. Therefore, lower your stress and be healthier. One of the best things you can do to lower your stress is to make a ritual of making comfort-food-coffee.

    This means finding coffee beans that you like, grind them, brew your coffee just the way you like it, and then take the time to experience the coffee. This is “your” time out. It is your time to relax.

    And dont’ look at coffee as a vice. The health benefits of coffee have been well documented for decades. Coffee is very good for you.

    Published 6.12.21