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February 2018 Goals

Inspire · Life · February 1, 2018

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Happy February friends! It’s hard for me to believe it’s February because it’s Liams birthday month. This means I have an almost one year old! Anyways, before I start crying about that I am here today to share my February 2018 goals. But first let’s see how I did in January!

February 2018 Goals

In January I wanted to….

  • Read 4 books: Yep I read 4 exactly. I can’t wait to share some favorites.
  • Start mediating daily: I started but not till mid January. But I am really really loving it. I am using Headspace if you’re curious! Super easy to follow!
  • Work on Pinterest growth: Yes going well but I really want to concentrate heavily on it this year.
  • Have blog posts written through February: I have about 2/3 of February done.
  • Get everything organized for Liam’s birthday party (WHAT!?): Mostly! It’s this weekend so we are ready! Just a few final touches!
  • Figure out my NYC business trip plans: Working on it! Excited for the opportunities.
  • Have 2 date nights with Andrew (we’ve gotten so much better): I was sick for half the month as was Liam but we managed to get out for the Katy Perry concert and then the Killers concert (thanks dad for the tickets!) We aren’t usually 2 concerts in one month people but yay!
  • See at least one award nominated movie (I rarely see movies): I saw I, Tonya and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MO. Both movies were fantastic. I saw Lady Bird in December.
  • Organize my closet and donate items (a January favorite activity): Organized, yes. I have to drop the items off still!

In February I want to…

  • Write thank you notes for Liam’s bday gifts
  • Organize Liam’s toys and purge/put in storage
  • Read 4 books
  • Have at least one date night with Andrew (Not Valentine’s related)
  • Take Liam on a fun birthday day adventure
  • Get my summer editorial calendar started
  • Do something special for my parents even if it’s small
  • Focus more on daily meditation
  • Continue to up my water intake
  • Focus more on yoga practice and consistently attend a class weekly at my gym

One thing I plan to add each month is how I did with my word of the year, balance.  This month I started doing a few things for just me. I started BBG (y’all I will do an entire post on this once I have done it for a bit). I started daily meditating before Liam wakes up in the morning. I also started doing at least 10-15 minutes of yoga. I do this at home in our playroom usually before Liam is up or while he takes a nap. I feel like these things are giving me a lot more balance. I am also trying to unplug more on weekends. Unless I have work that HAS to get done I am trying to let weekends be for our family, and for Andrew and I to both have our own time as well as couple time.

I also want to note that I participated in dry January (aka not drinking alcohol in January) for no reason actually just more of a reset.

I would love to know what some of your February 2018 goals are!

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  • 23 thoughts on “February 2018 Goals

    1. Zoë

      I love this post idea! It is so lovely to set goals month by month, and then reflect on them! That way you don’t forget or disregard your goals! So interesting to see what you have been achieving throughout January, best of luck with February! Can’t wait to see what you achieve by the end of the month! xx

    2. Krysten

      Dang, your summer editorial calendar!? I’m still worrying about spring!

      Do you use a water app? I downloaded one and it tells me how much water I need for my weight, and then reminds me throughout the day to drink water. I haven’t missed a day in almost a month!

    3. ShootingStarsMag

      I want February to be more of a healthy month. I need to keep upping my water, I want to be more active, and try and meal plan/prep a bit more instead of never knowing what to eat for dinner. LOL Great job on your January goals and I hope all of your February ones will be equally successful!!


    4. Katie

      The boy and I watched Mudbound the other night and it was SO good!! I definitely suggest seeing that…especially since it’s on Netflix. It makes for a great date night in. 🙂

    5. Ruth Epstein

      I just want February to be a stress free month with as little negativity as possible so that I can get myself more balanced as January was not a good month for me, although with it all I am proud to say I never broke my diet 🙂 Your goals are amazing and a wonderful way to plan a month, I think I must learn some from you

    6. Liz

      Looks like you had a great January and you’re all set for a great February! Definitely let us know about some book favorites that you’ve read recently 🙂 And happy early birthday to Liam!

    7. Brandy

      I love that you set all of these goals each month and share them with us! Look at you rockin’ January too! I am so happy for you. I don’t have any goals this month except perhaps to organize things a bit and then, of course, work on accounting for taxes.

    8. Erica Schwarz

      Such nice goals! I especially love that you add the datenight with your husband as a goal – I need to do that, we don’t do it nearly enough (and I’m talking, rare).

    9. Carrie | The Lavender Hytta

      That is a great list of goals! I did well on my January goals as well. I’m sitting down tonight to work on my February goals but I am also starting 12 week years on Monday so my goals will be slightly altered because of that.

    10. Lynn Winter

      Still cannot believe Liam is almost 1. Blows my mind. Jason uses headspace and loves it, best thing he has done since starting to see his therapist. Editorial calender, love your professional blogger lingo, I am lucky if I blog. lol Love you, date soon promise.

    11. Heather

      I’m so jealous that your 2/3 of the way done with February! I would love to be that far along with next week! You’re going to rock the month.


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