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7 Ways To Stay Productive

Inspire · Life · January 31, 2018

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Now that we are about a month into the new year I have been thinking a lot about productivity. I feel like I am super productive sometimes and other times I just space out. Anyone else? When I get on productivity kicks I want to accomplish all the things. Other days I feel like I accomplish NOTHING. I wanted to share the tips I use for productivity when I really need a kick in the pants. Here are 7 ways to stay productive that will really help you!

7 Ways To Stay Productive

Set A Schedule: If you are someone who’s super unproductive, then a schedule will be great for you! I try to schedule every single day to ensure I am as productive as possible. Once nap time rolls around I hate not knowing what I need to do or what’s next.

Have a Task List: This can be a daily to do list, a weekly to do list, or just a list of certain things that need to get done. I have a few. I have one for blog things that need to get done, house things, personal errands, things for Liam etc. This is SUPER helpful in scheduling my day.

Keep Expectations Realistic: If you have a ton to do don’t kill yourself to get it done in one day. Instead prioritize the most important to least important and keep your expectations realistic. Don’t cut corners.

Don’t Over Commit: This kind of goes with the one above. You can’t overcommit. I am notorious for doing this but be realistic. If something is due a certain day and you feel like it can’t get done ask if there is wiggle room for the due date. I would rather something be done a little late and done well than rush and have it be less than my best work.

Take Breaks: I try to take a few 10 minute breaks a day. Sometimes I will fold laundry, or listen to a bit of a podcast, or even indulge in 10 minutes of silly TV.

Find A Great Work Space: Everyone has a different idea of what their ideal workspace is. I need a less is more environment. I work from Starbucks A LOT when we have childcare and having just a coffee and my laptop is all I need. Sometimes I work at our kitchen island which I love as well. We have a home office but honestly I rarely work in it. It tends to be more of my blog HQ for props, photography gear, etc.

Remove Clutter: One of the reasons I don’t work in our office a ton is because there is so much stuff in it. The island is great because its almost always empty. I love having a space to work that is clutter free.

I hope these 7 ways to stay productive can help you achieve some of your goals this year. What would you add to this list?

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  • 39 thoughts on “7 Ways To Stay Productive

    1. Anna

      Those are such a great tips – as always! Especially the last one (and one before it, haha) – I cannot ever focus if my workspace is a mess. x

    2. Yesenia S.

      I love all of these tips!Take breaks is one that I have been working on. I am a workaholic and tend to dive in with no breaks. I feel burnt out and less creative. Taking a break has helped a lot.

    3. Krysten

      Clutter is HUGE for me. I get super stressed when things are messy and can’t seem to get everything done. I remember when I waitressed and things would be busy and a huge mess – it made it SO hard for me to concentrate on my job!

    4. Tracie

      I use the Pomodoro technique if I have a big project that I am working on. I tend to get bored if I sit too long so I have to do things in small increments. These are all great techniques that I will begin to incorporate as well.

    5. Ashley

      YES! These are all so great. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it all doesn’t have to be done in one day.

      Ashley @ A Cute Angle //

    6. Marcie W.

      Excellent suggestions! Creating a to-do list works wonders for me! I usually organize tasks by importance and cross them off as I go along. It makes me feel extra accomplished.

    7. Jessica Dowd

      These are some great ideas! I always find that I am stretching myself way too thin trying to get things rolling with a blog and small business and staying organized is always the hardest for me! Also ironically I tend to spend more time working in our office than at our island for the exact opposite reason!

    8. Kaitlin

      Girl, this post is beyond relatable this week. Monday, I accomplished literally everything on my to-do list for the day (plus some!) and had time at the end of the day to watch the Bachelor, kick back with a treat and use a face mask. Other days this week I’ve struggled to get anything done. It’s so strange how productivity ebbs and flows! I’ll try out these tips next week and see if they help me harness the power of my Monday state of mind haha 🙂 Thanks for a lovely post!

      Kaitlin ||

    9. Liz

      Ooh yes, I’ve been taking time to stop and reflect on how the year’s been going so far since we’re wrapping up January now. Nice list! I find having a schedule is really helpful to keep me on track, and I’ll put tasks to the schedule to make sure I’m getting the little to-do items done that contribute to checking off bigger to-do items and goals 🙂

    10. Zoë

      Great tips on staying productive! I feel like I also go through stages of being really productive, and then not at all haha! Im being really productive at the moment, but we will have to see how long that lasts for! Love the removing clutter, and having a good workspace tips! Definitely a must! xx

    11. Zoë

      Great tips on staying productive! I feel like I also go through stages of being really productive, and then not at all haha! Im being really productive at the moment, but we will have to see how long that lasts for! Love the removing clutter, and having a good workspace tips! Definitely a must! xx

    12. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I am more efficient if I don’t see clutter. I make sure my home office is free from junk and almost paperless. It makes it very conducive to write when my area is clean and organized.

    13. Jillian

      These are all great tips! When I start feeling overwhelmed, it doesn’t take long for me to realize I’ve added too much to my to-do list. I then work non-stop to compensate for these unrealistic expectations. So, setting realistic expectations and taking breaks are the two I really need to focus on. Thanks for the reminder, Neely!

    14. Tami

      My biggest hangup is overcommitting. Next, I’d say my desk is a huge problem. I tend to clutter it up, then procrastinate doing any work because it’s such a mess.

    15. CourtneyLynne

      Great tips!!! I’m always the most productive when I like my surroundings!!! The more decluttered and clean the better


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